10 Types of Pronouns with Examples PDF – Pronouns chart and Images

The Words which can be used at the place of a noun are known as Pronouns. Such as he, who, it, etc. Some Important types of pronouns are described below. (Indefinite Pronoun, Personal Pronoun, Impersonal Pronoun, Reflexive Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun, Demonstrative Pronoun, Emphatic pronoun, Distributive Pronoun, Compound Relative Pronoun, Relative Pronoun.)   Download a List of Pronouns in PDF.

Definition of Pronoun

The Words which can be used at the place of a noun are known as Pronouns. Such as he, who, it, etc.

Types of pronoun – Video

There are 10 most important types of pronouns. Let us discuss them one by one.

types of pronouns

1. Indefinite Pronoun

It is a word that gives indefinite information about a pronoun e.g. one has to be honest.

2. Personal Pronoun

These are the pronouns used for persons e.g. We, You, He, She, They.

3. Impersonal Pronoun

It is a word used for a thing. e.g. it e.g. it is true. I found it on the sea-shore.

4. Reflexive Pronoun

When “Self or selves” is added to my, our, your, him, her, them, it makes a reflexive pronoun e.g. I saw myself.

5. Interrogative Pronoun

It is a word that asks questions about a noun, e.g. who, what, etc. Who told you this? What is your name?

6. Relative Pronoun

In a sentence, if a pronoun introduces a relative or dependent clause then it is known as a Relative Pronoun.

For Example; whom, who, whoever, etc.

7. Compound Relative Pronoun

Pronouns formed by adding ever, so, with how what…. are called compound relative pronouns. E.g. whose, whosever, whatsoever more precisely (whatever you take).

8. Distributive Pronoun

This is a word that refers to one thing at a time. e.g. each of the boys is ready.

9. Emphatic Pronoun

This is a word used in order to emphasize something e.g. she herself wanted to study.

10. Demonstrative Pronoun

This is a word that points out a noun. E.g. This, these, that, those.

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Pronoun Chart

  Subject Pronoun Object pronoun Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns Reflexive pronoun
1st person I Me My Mine Myself
2nd person You You your Yours Yourself
3rd person He Him His His Himself
3rd person (Female) She Her Her Hers Herself
3rd thing It It Its (Not used) Itself
1st person We Us Our Ours Ourselves
2nd person You You Your Yours yourselves
3rd person and Thing (Plural) they them their theirs themselves


Indefinite Pronoun

types of pronouns
Reflexive Pronoun

Relative Pronoun

Types of Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronoun

Emphatic Pronoun

Distributive Pronoun

types of pronouns

types of pronouns