10 Homophones with Meaning and Examples

10 Homophones with Meaning and Examples

10 Homophones With Meaning and Example

  1. Aunt – Aren’t
  • Aunt is the sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle.

Example: My aunt won the gold medal in chess competition.

  • Aren’t is the short form of ‘are not’.

Example: We aren’t going to play cricket this Sunday.

  1. Bait – Bate

Bait is something that is used to lure or attract someone in order to catch them.

Example: The robbers put bait of money in the trap.

Bate is the act of beating someone or something.

Example: He was bated with a stick.

  1. Bane or Bane

Bane is an agent that causes harm, death, or destruction.

Example: The most harmful bane for the environment is air pollution.

Bane is also a word meaning ‘something that ruins everything’.

Example: His jealousy was the bane of their relationship.

  1. Bein or Bean

Bein is an old word meaning ‘been’.

Example: I bein here for hours.

Bean is a type of legume that is grown for its seed or pod.

Example: He grows a variety of beans in his garden.

  1. Board or Bored

Board is a thin, flat piece of wood, plastic, or metal.

Example: She nailed the board to the wall.

Bored means ‘to be tired of something’.

Example: I’m bored of this game. Let’s play something else.

  1. Buy or Bye

Buy means to purchase something with money.

Example: I bought a new car.

Bye is a word used to say goodbye.

Example: Bye, see you later.

  1. Cell or Sell

Cell is the smallest unit of a living organism.

Example: Each cell has its own DNA.

Sell means to give something in exchange for money.

Example: I sell flowers in the market.

  1. Clue or Cluedo

Clue is information that helps one to solve a problem or understand something better.

Example: He gave her a few clues about the password.

Cluedo is a board game where players try to solve a murder mystery.

Example: I was playing cluedo with my friends last night.

  1. Die or Dye

Die is to stop living.

Example: He died of cancer.

Dye is to change the colour of something by adding a dye.

Example: I dyed my hair red.

  1. Doe or Dough

Doe is the female of a deer.

Example: The doe was very shy and ran away as soon as she saw us.

Dough is a type of flour that is used to make bread, cakes, etc.

Example: I’m going to make some doughnuts for breakfast.