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Similar Words with Different meanings! Some words are similar in pronunciation and some are similar in meaning, all such words are known as similar words with different meanings.

Vocabulary is not easy, there are millions of vocabulary words and for a non-native speaker, every other word looks similar to the next word. So what to do in this situation. I am providing you a very simple solution to your problem. A List of most common words that looks similar but are different in meaning.

What are Similar Words in English?

Similar Words are basically words with similar meanings. Similar words can be homophones, homonyms and, heteronyms. So depending on the type of similar word you have to evaluate it. Most confusing are the homophones, homophones are the words with a similar sound, but different spellings. So homophones can trouble some beginner ESL students.

List of Similar Words with Different Meanings

similar words in english

Similar Words


1 1
Object Purpose
Abject Hateful
2 2
Adapt Make according
Adopt Take on, Accept
3 3
Admit Got admission
Confess Accept mistake
4 4
Affect Mask, show something else
Effect Result
5 5
Oar a pole with a flat blade
Ore Ore is a rock that contains minerals like iron
6 6
Lessen Reduce something
Lesson tutorial
7 7
Lion Tiger
Loin Human back
8 8
Loath Not Agreed
Loathe Hate for
9 9
Lose Left
Loose Not fixed in place
10 10
Marry Join together(Husband wife relation)
Merry Happy, joy
11 11
Mare Female horse
Mere Just, bit
12 12
Miner Digger
Minor Tint, small
13 13
Feat Exercise for other fun
Feet paw, forepaw, hind paw, hoof
14 14
Float Hover, slide, flow
Swim Dip, Dive
15 15
Foul Wrong play
Fowl Bird
16 16
Heal Cure, remedy, restore
Heel Shoe base
17 17
Industrial Related to factory and manufacturing
Industrious Hardworking
18 18
Sore Painful
Soar Lift, zoom, moving upwards
19 19
Stair Lift
Stare Look, gaze
20 20
Steal Act of thief, swipe, sneak
Steel Metal
21 21
Vain Proudly, egocentric
Vein Rug, skin tube, blood vessels
22 22
Waist The midsection of human body (Kamar)
Waste Garbage
23 23
Calendar Date teller
Calendar A machine that can smooth cloth
24 24
Casual Effort less
Causal Lesson giving, creative
25 25
Artist Actor
Artiste Related to singing


Similar Words with Phases

Cemetery: The dead are buried in the cemetery.

Symmetry: The symmetry of the building makes it wonderful.


Cite: can you cite a verse from the holy Quran.

Site: this site is suitable for our office.

Sight: she fainted at the sight of blood.


Complement: This essay is a complement to this book.

Compliment: I gave her a charming compliment on her painting.


Continuous: continuous work is necessary to pass the examination

Continual: Last month, the continual rains were of great benefit to the crops.


Council: The council agreed on the issue.

Counsel: You should act upon my counsel.


Course: I have completed my course of studies.

Coarse: He likes coarse clothes.


Dairy: There is a dairy farm in our city.

Diary: She lost her diary yesterday.


Dew: Dewdrops are lying on the grass.

Due: she had paid her dues.


Hole: There was a big hole in the road.

Whole: she spent to pass the examination.


Hope: She hopes to pass the exam.

Hop: I saw the little girl hopping and jumping.


Ice: she slipped on the ice and fell.

Snow: Outside it is snowing heavily.


Knotty: I love to solve naughty problems.

Naughty: She punished the naughty boy.


Later: I will think about the matter later tonight.

Latter: he fell ill in the latter part of his life.


Tale: She likes fairy tales.

Tail: The dog wags his tail before its master.


Waist: She has a 26-inch waist.

Waste: Good students never wastes their time.


Weak: Shahid is weak in English.

Week: There are seven days in a week.


Calendar: She hung the calendar on the wall.

Calender: A calendar presses the papers and cloth.


Casual: Raj has a casual attitude to life

Causal: There is a causal link between unemployment and crime


Ensure: This book ensures success.

Insure: This house is insured by 50 thousand dollars.


Ability: she does have the ability to teach English.

Capacity: The hotel has a large capacity.


Abolish: Cruel laws should be abolished.

Demolish: They demolish their old house.

Destroy: The flood Destroyed the whole village.


Among: He was sitting among his friends.

Between: A road Runs between the School and the house.


Amount: I spent a large amount of time writing books.

Number: A number of people were killed in the accident.


Accident: The accident happened when her car slid on a patch of ice.

Incident: Maybe that incident inspired her dream that night.


Ancient: We visit an ancient city.

Old: He is an old man of 72.


Breeze: A cool breeze was blowing in the morning.

Wind:  The wind pushed her hair across her face.


Ceiling: A fan is hanging from the ceiling.

Roof: The house has a flat roof.

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similar words with different meaning

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similar words in english

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