10 Homophone Words List

10 Homophone Words List

10 Homophones Words

  1. ail – ale
  2. airs – heirs
  3. dew – due
  4. dew – due
  5. done – dun
  6. done – dun
  7. draft – draught
  8. earns – urns
  9. rest – wrest
  10. review – revue

Homophone List Examples

ail – ale

  • She was in such a foul mood, I thought her head might ail.
  • Her ale was quite foul.

airs – heirs

  • Heirs to the throne are often in the public eye.
  • The heir apparent is always in the public eye.

dew – due

  • The dew was so heavy this morning, the grass was wet.
  • He had to leave due to the dew.

done – dun

  • After he caught the ball, he quickly ran to first base.
  • It was a done deal.

draft – draught

  • I can’t open this window – there’s too much of a draft.
  • There’s too much of a draught in here.

earns – urns

  • He earns a lot of money, but he spends it all on alcohol.
  • His wealth just seems to disappear into his urns.

rest – wrest

  • She was able to rest after she won the election.
  • After winning the election, she finally was able to rest.

review – revue

  • I’m going to review that movie for my blog.
  • I’m going to write a review of that movie for my blog.