10 Examples of Absolute Phrases

An absolute phrase is a grammatical construct consisting of a noun or pronoun, often followed by a participial phrase, that modifies the entire sentence. An absolute phrase is called “absolute” because it is independent of the rest of the sentence, and it functions as a separate unit. Here are 10 examples of absolute phrases:

  1. Weather permitting, we will have a picnic in the park.
  2. His hands trembling, the old man slowly opened the letter.
  3. The sun had set, and we started to light the campfire.
  4. Her eyes closed, and she listened to the sound of the ocean.
  5. The wind howled, and the trees swayed in the storm.
  6. Our mission accomplished, we headed back to base camp.
  7. His face was covered in sweat, and he looked exhausted after the workout.
  8. The clock ticking, the students rushed to finish the exam.
  9. Their stomachs were full, and the diners left the restaurant.
  10. The game was over, and the players shook hands and left the field.

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