What is a Farewell Speech? Farewell Speech Examples PDF

What is a farewell speech? Farewell speech refers to saying goodbye when you are leaving any formal setting. In other words, it is the last term that you speak when leaving any occupation. Here you can remember those days when you conducted a speech at the end of your school’s farewell party. Similar to that – the concept of farewell speech goes the same everywhere.

In general, delivering a farewell speech when you get retired or leave your position to seek other career possibilities can be a professional time in the best situation. A farewell speech enables you to say goodbye to your co-workers and openly support their association. Besides, it lets you declare your appreciation for the time you have been employed there. This article will present the basics of a farewell speech and how you can write to conduct it. So, let’s get into it!

Farewell Speech: What is it in General?

Well, you have already grabbed the context of what a farewell speech is. But now, it is time to learn it in-depth. So, in plain speak, a farewell speech is a professional posture that a user may deliver to associates – when they leave a particular workplace. You might give a goodbye speech when you retire from your job, leaving an organization to pursue other possibilities. Besides, a farewell speech also works best when you are promoting to higher school. Many people sometimes deliver farewell speeches in their official settings on their ultimate day with the fellowship.

Farewell speeches are not fundamentally suitable in all circumstances and environments. So, consider your background with the business, and take the right step by determining the positions. These speeches get typically booked for people that made an essential and strong impact on the organization. Also, the people who have worked hard to bring good things to a foundation deserve to give a farewell speech.

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How to Write a Farewell Speech? – Thriving Tips!

It is time to jump into the section where you will learn: how to write an appealing and memorable farewell speech without any hassles. Today, many people say that writing a farewell speech is a hectic and time-consuming process. Well, in a sense, they are a bit right. But overall, it is not a big deal once you know the steps of doing it right.

You might be wondering what these tips are. That is exactly what we will discuss below. Here we have gathered some of the best and simple tricks that will help you know everything about the basics of writing a Farewell Speech. So, without further ado. Let’s get straight into it!

#1: Define Your Audience

A farewell speech refers to a memorable goodbye speech that you give in front of an audience. Now, here you should know about your audience! Each time settings will not be the same. Sometimes, it can be retirement, office placement, school last day, and so on. Here you need to know that the words you use will not go the same for every sphere. You have to define your audience and pitch accordingly. There is no need to rush the process! Sit back and brainstorm after analyzing such points.

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#2: Determine What You Desire to Say

Sometimes, expressing the same thing that you feel is hard. Today, many people make their farewell speeches a lot formal. Also, they don’t take it as an undertaking when it comes to sprinkling your emotions. After all, it is your last day in that place. You should make sure that you deliver what you feel and how you feel – while working or accomplishing your duties. So, try to add details that you want to say by heart and mind.

#3: Create a Framework

Without a doubt, talking in a flow is crucial. But sometimes, you plan everything right but forget when it comes to jotting down. Well, it is human nature that we forget slight details too early. In this context, you have to make sure that you convey your messages precisely. We suggest you take time and create a framework in which you can add introductory sections and highlight major parts by giving them an order. This outline will help you a lot while writing your farewell speech.

#4: Be Direct and Honest

There is no need to make it formal or fancy. Just be honest. Sometimes, people add irrelevant details that can make the listeners frustrated. They try to seem professional and COOL. But they won’t know how annoying their farewell speech can sound to the audience. So, don’t do that! Just speak that you think sounds good to the people who are listening to you.

Be direct! There is no need to give any reference as this is your last day and you are giving this speech. Never skip the beat. You can also render credits to those who helped and supported you in the particular field. You can stretch the pinpoints and set an air of emotional drama by offering 1-2 lines on the things – you will miss a lot.

#5: Keep it Concise

No one likes to listen extra, and again we will say the same thing that it can annoy your audience. So, try to be consistent over here. Don’t stretch your words, and never add too many details that make your audience feel irritated. You can start with an intro, add ear-catchy info, a brief of your accomplishments, credits to the supporters, and a simple wrap-up. Don’t add references of other people or advertise them. It may sound awkward.

#6: Practice

Now, it is time to level up your confidence! And it is only possible if you practice speaking freely. Here you might be thinking: Why do I Practice as I have to follow and read the paper – I have written? Well, there is a lot of difference between giving a speech and reading. In a farewell speech, you have to hold an eye on your audience. Also, you have to deliver expressions with the terms you are speaking. So, practicing can help you a lot to do it right!

Pro Tips: Must use some action verbs in your farewell speech as they will leave a lasting effect on the listeners.

Some Examples of Farewell Speeches:

Now, it is time to take you to some of the examples of writing farewell speeches. Below we have dropped a few sample farewell speeches that will help you know what a farewell speech is and how it looks like! So, without stretching the points. Let’s get straight into it!

-Farewell Speech Example for saying goodbye at work or retirement!

“Over the past thirty years, I’ve witnessed this company develop from six people to over six hundred. But the building has transformed a lot over the years. Well, some things will always remain the same and that is the bond of working together. I want to say that we all are like a family here and will always be. We will always support each other through thick and thin.

But only because I’m retiring and will not be present over here, it doesn’t mean that I don’t worry about you. I’m here and will always put effort if needed. It is a promise that I never stop being a family only because I’m moving away. Also, I want to give credit to those who become my arm and support me when I have lost my hope. In the end, I want to say that no matter what just ping me, I’ll be there! Thank you!

-Farewell Speech Example at the last moments of Someone’s life

“Life is a journey and I have gone through almost every up and down that comes on the way. Well, one thing that always makes me anxious and curious is the verge of death. Today, my life journey is coming to an end and finally, I’m close to my destination. It was a journey from God to God. And I’m the one whose time has come. I must say that I’ve attended a large number of funerals in the past. It is the first time I will attend on my own, I don’t regret it though!

I was determined to have an existing funeral after concealing so many of my other buddies who also had illnesses. Many people don’t get a chance to celebrate the ultimate moments with their loved ones. I’m lucky that I had a chance to say these words that I felt by the heart. I want to say that I love you all. I know you guys will miss me. But, whenever you feel lonely or in my space, just look up at the sky and smile… Because I’ll be there! Maybe selfishly, I require to hear all of you speak about how wonderful I am.

But you know what more than that I wanted to take this chance to honor you, too. If you are here, it’s because I have never expressed how much your assistance has been offered to me. You are the one whom I love, and I guess I will never say that to you. So, I guess it is enough for now. I make you feel emotional. Isn’t it? So, please enjoy the food and this music. And share your honest opinions on how good or bad I am because I want to hear them!

-Farewell Speech Example for someone who’s moving away!

“I’m good at saying goodbyes to my friends. I can say that without any hurdles. But believe me, this one is so hard to say that I’m moving away. Walking away from loved ones isn’t exactly new for me. With a companion in the military, I come up having to pack up every rare year to leave. I know that you all know how it feels. But this one is so difficult, I’ve never had to prepare to move.

You guys are so supportive and positive. It makes me feel like heaven. That is one of the prime flashes I don’t want to leave and take out the risk of settling in a new place. You don’t always meet a lot of different civilian partners existing on base. It has been exciting to have a support system with others. Additionally, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me through thick and thin. Every word today that my mouth is spitting is from my heart directly. I must say that I will miss having your families all get together for picnics on the weekends. Thanks Again. I love you All!”

-Farewell Speech Example for students/teachers

“In the last six years, I believed that school life was one of the hectic times we spent. But, today I want to say that I will miss those days that I have spent with my mates. Every slight detail in which will make me smile. In the first three years, I have to make a lot of friends and meet people that I hated a lot at the beginning. But, now, I will regret why I wasted time battling with them. I desire we’ve always come through it closer than ever. Perhaps it is because we are such a modest school.

No matter what, now that we are all going off to university, several of us will be on our own for the primary time. It is bound to be a huge challenge for me and some. But I have confidence in every single one of us that we will make it. We are graduating from a highly ambitious school.

And I’m grateful for everything that my teachers have taught me. I also want to thank my teachers and give them credits to make us able to face anything in life. I want to spice my speech with some tiny moments that we have spent together. In the end, I want to thank you guys from all of my heart.


Life is all about walking away and leaving people behind. It’s hard to know how to say goodbye. Right? But, you should throw these worries away as it is a part of your life. However, you should pay attention to tiny things that can make your loved ones feel special. And farewell speech is one of the best ways to express what the physiques in your life have proposed to you. We hope after reading this article, you will learn how to deliver a farewell speech without hassles!