What Does Co-Sign Mean In Rap? Origin and Usage!

In the dynamic world of rap music, certain terms take on specific meanings that go beyond their conventional use. “Co-sign” is one of these terms, often heard within the industry. This post will explain what “co-sign” means in the context of rap, its origins, and how it’s used.

Co-Sign Mean In Rap

In rap, a “co-sign” refers to an endorsement or support given by an established artist to an up-and-coming artist. This act of support can significantly boost the newcomer’s credibility and exposure in the industry.

Origin of Co-Sign

Originally from the business and financial world, where “co-signing” means to endorse or guarantee a loan or agreement, the term has been adopted into the rap industry. It signifies a more experienced artist vouching for a newer artist’s talent and potential, often leading to greater opportunities and recognition.

Example Sentences Using Co-Sign

  1. His career took off after a co-sign from a major artist.
  2. She earned a co-sign from the industry’s top producer.
  3. That co-sign opened doors in the rap game.
  4. He’s looking for a co-sign to boost his profile.
  5. Her co-sign meant more than any record deal.
  6. A co-sign from him is like a golden ticket.
  7. They knew they made it after getting that co-sign.
  8. His co-sign brought her into the spotlight.
  9. Every upcoming rapper dreams of such a co-sign.
  10. That co-sign bridged her from underground to mainstream.


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