What Does Blue Cheese Mean In Rap? Origin and Usage!

Rap music is renowned for its creative use of slang, often incorporating terms that take on unique meanings within the genre. “Blue cheese” is one such term that has surfaced in rap lyrics. This post will delve into what “blue cheese” means in rap, its origins, and how it’s typically used.

Blue Cheese Mean In Rap

In rap, “blue cheese” refers to money, specifically hundred-dollar bills, which feature a blue stripe. The term plays on the color association, using “blue cheese” as a metaphor for wealth, affluence, and the pursuit of high-value currency.

Origin of Blue Cheese

The term “blue cheese” in the context of money likely emerged from street slang, evolving as newer currency designs were introduced. As rap often reflects and amplifies street culture, this term was adopted into lyrics to symbolize wealth and the flashy lifestyle associated with financial success.

Example Sentences Using Blue Cheese

  1. Stacks of blue cheese, that’s how we roll.
  2. Counting all this blue cheese, feeling on top.
  3. Dreams of blue cheese in his eyes.
  4. His wallet’s full of nothing but blue cheese.
  5. Grinding hard for that blue cheese.
  6. Every deal he makes ends with blue cheese.
  7. Luxury and blue cheese, are symbols of success.
  8. Flashing blue cheese, he’s living the life.
  9. That blue cheese didn’t come easy.
  10. It’s all about the blue cheese in this game.


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