What Does Cosign Mean In Rap? (Origin & Usage)

The term “cosign” has become a significant part of the rap vernacular, symbolizing endorsement and support within the music industry. This blog post explores the meaning of “cosign” in the context of rap, and its origins, and illustrates its use through example sentences.

Cosign Mean In Rap

In rap, a cosign refers to an endorsement or support from an established artist or figure in the industry. This backing can significantly boost an emerging artist’s credibility and exposure, often being a pivotal factor in their career development.

Origin of Cosign

“Cosign” stems from the financial term used to describe a person who agrees to pay off a loan if the primary borrower defaults. In rap, it took on a metaphorical meaning, where an established artist vouches for an up-and-coming one, essentially backing their talent and potential.

Example Sentences Using Cosign

  1. Getting a cosign from him skyrocketed my career.
  2. Her cosign meant more to me than any award.
  3. That big cosign put me on the map instantly.
  4. Everyone’s waiting for his next big cosign.
  5. A cosign from a legend is a rare honor.
  6. My first major cosign came unexpectedly.
  7. He’s picky with whom he gives a cosign to.
  8. That album got a cosign from several top artists.
  9. A cosign can change your life in this industry.
  10. I never imagined getting a cosign from her.

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