30+ Unique Ways to Say What Are You Doing

Unique Ways to Say What Are You Doing!

1- What be you up to?

2- What have you been occupied with?

3- What mischief are you getting into?

4- How have you been filling your time?

5- What’s going on in your world?

6- How are things progressing for you?

7- What task are you currently undertaking?

8- What are you preoccupied with?

9- How have you been spending your hours?

10- What projects are you working on?

11- What activity catches your attention right now?

12- How can I help you out with what you’re doing?

13- What grand scheme are you concocting?

14- What are you getting up to?

15- What sorts of things occupy your time?

16- How are you whiling away the hours?

17- What have you got going on right now?

18- Are you doing something interesting at the moment?

19- Busy with some task I should know about?

20- What have you been doing of late?

21- How are you filling your day?

22- What’s on your agenda right now?

23- What chore is demanding your attention?

24- Are you up to something exciting?

25- Anything captivating grabbing your interest lately?

26- How have you been occupying yourself?

27- What sort of project are you immersed in?

28- What kind of activity keeps you busy?

29- What is taking up your time these days?

30- What creative pursuit has caught your eye recently?

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unique ways to say what are you doing