Traffic Symbol Signs and Road Symbols

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Traffic symbol signs and road symbols PDF! Traffic signs are quite confusing if you are a new driver. So you have to be well aware of some very important traffic signs to avoid any trouble.

List of Common Traffic Signs, Signals, and Symbols

Here is the list of some common traffic signs: –

– 2 way traffic

– animal prohibited

– area closed

– barrier ahead

– bend to left

– bend to right

– bicycle crossing

– cattle

– cell phones prohibited

– crossroad

– crossroads ahead

– cycles prohibited

– dangerous dip

– eating place

– falling rocks

– falling rocks

– ferry

– first aid post

– for all types of vehicles

– give way

– give way

– greenlight

– height limit

– horn prohibited

– hospital

– hump

– hump ahead

– hump or rough

– intersecting sign

– left hairpin bend

– left reverse bend

– left-hand curve

– length limit

– light refreshment

– line merge ahead

– load limit

– loose gravel

– marina

– max speed

– maximum speed

– medical

– men at work

– merge

– minimum speed

– minimum speed

– narrow bridge

– narrow road ahead

– no car

– no cycling

– no left turn

– no left turn

– no motor vehicles

– no overtaking

– no overtaking

– no parking

– no parking

– no right turn

– no right turn

– no smoking

– no stopping/standing

– no u-turn

– no waiting

– no-parking bus stop

– one way traffic

– park and go

– park this side

– parking lot

– parking lot cars

– parking lot cycles

– parking lot scooter and motorcycles

– pedestrian crossing

– pedestrian prohibited

– petrol pump/ fuel station

– police

– public telephone

– push carts prohibited

– railroad

– red light

– resting place

– right hairpin bend

– right reverse bend

– right-hand curve


– road left

– road right

– road wideness ahead

– road work

– roundabout

– roundabout

– school ahead

– school bus stop

– slippery road

– slippery road

– soft verges

– speed limit

– steep ascent

– steep descent

– stop

– stop & give way

– straight prohibitor no entry

– thorough road

– thorough side road

– t-junction

– traffic lights

– train station

– tricycle prohibited

– turn left ahead

– turn right ahead

– two way traffic

– uneven road

– vip parking

– width limit

– wild animals

– yellow light

– yield

– y-intersection

– zebra crossing

Road Signs with Pictures and Examples

No parking: –

no parking

No parking means do not park the car at that place. Car parking is not allowed.

Speed limit: –

speed limit

This sign or board has a limit of speed mentioned on it, and we have to keep our vehicle speed under that mentioned speed.

Max speed: –

It is a highway sign and it tells us about the maximum allowed speed on the highway.

Stop: –


Stop Sign indicates a stop.

Give way: –

give way

Give way as the name shows is used to give way to the coming vehicles.

Left hairpin bend: –

Left hairpin bend

It show that after a drive of few meter there is a deep curve at left hand.

Right hairpin bend: –

right hairpin bend

It show that after a drive of few meter there is a deep curve at right hand.

Left-hand curve: –

left hand curve

It show that after a drive of few meters there is a curve at left hand.

Right-hand curve: –

right hand curve

It show that after a drive of few meters there is a curve at right hand.

Narrow bridge: –

narrow bridge

The narrow bridge sign indicates that there is a less wide or narrow bridge ahead.

No left turn: –

no left turn

No left turn indicates that there is no turn at left.

No right turn: –

no right turn

No right turn indicates that there is no turning at right.

2-way traffic: –

2 way traffic

It is for the road that is single and vehicles are allowed to pass from both sides

U-Turn: –

U Turn indicates a U-turn ahead.

No U-turn: –

It indicates that for some meters there is no U-turn, you have to travel long.

No overtaking: –


It indicates that overtaking another vehicle is not allow. It is the sign of high traffic areas.

Road wideness ahead: –

This sign indicates that there is a wide road ahead.

Narrow road ahead: –

narrow road ahead

It show that after a drive of few meter there is a narrow road.

Horn prohibited: –

horn prohibited

You will find this sign in sensitives places like hospitals, and emergencies. Horn prohibited means that horn is not allow on the track.

Line merge ahead: –

Line merge ahead

It indicates that the lane is merging ahead.

Bicycle crossing: –

bicycle crossing

It is used to give way to bicycles when other vehicles have to stop and wait.

Men at work: –

men at work

Symbol for construction.

Red light: –

red light

It indicates to stop.

Yellow light: –

yellow light

It indicates to slow down the vehicle.

Greenlight: –

green light

When the signal turns green it means you are good to go.

Zebra crossing: –

It is a lined track for people on foot to walk on.

zebra crossing


This indicates an inclined path.


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