50 Toys that Start With L

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Ρ50 Toys that Start With L

Here’s a list of toys that start with the letter “L”:

  • LEGO sets
  • Learning tablets (toy)
  • Labyrinth board game
  • Laser tag set
  • Lion plush toy
  • Little doctor playset
  • Lite-Brite art kit
  • Leapfrog educational toys
  • Llama stuffed animal
  • Light-up yo-yo
  • Life-size cardboard cutouts (of characters)
  • Little builder toolset
  • Lawn dart game (toy version)
  • Lighthouse puzzle
  • Lullaby musical toy
  • Lion finger puppet
  • Little chef playset
  • Lightning McQueen toy (from Cars)
  • Laser maze game
  • Little farmer playset
  • Log cabin building set
  • Loom band kit
  • Looney Tunes character plushies
  • LEGO Friends sets
  • Lamb puppet
  • Letter and number blocks
  • Luxury dollhouse
  • Little scientist kit
  • Light drawing board
  • Life-size doll
  • Leopard print dress-up costume
  • Locomotive train toy
  • Lunar landing playset
  • Little artist set
  • Light saber toy (from Star Wars)
  • LEGO Technic sets
  • Ladybug ride-on toy
  • Llama finger puppet
  • Leapfrog reading system
  • Lifelike baby doll
  • Lighthouse playset
  • Laugh and learn puppy (toy)
  • Learning laptop (toy)
  • Light-up building blocks
  • Lullaby projector
  • Lion ride-on toy
  • Little musician kit
  • Landmark puzzle
  • Little astronaut playset
  • Light-up globe (toy)

Toys That Start With l

Show and Tell Letter with L

Here’s a list of 10 Show and Tell toys that start with the letter L:

  1. Lego: Interlocking plastic bricks for building structures.
  2. Lion: A large, wild cat known for its mane.
  3. Laptop: A portable computer that sits on your lap.
  4. Lighthouse: A tall tower with a light to guide ships.
  5. Ladybug: A small, spotted insect that’s beneficial to gardens.
  6. Llama: A domesticated mammal with a long neck and fur.
  7. Leaf: A flat, green structure on a plant.
  8. Lollipop: A sweet treat on a stick.
  9. Lock: A device to secure doors or containers.
  10. Lizard: A reptile with four legs and a long tail.

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