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All the questions that we came across in job interview preparation, Important tips, Unique rules, Common mistakes, and a sample for introduction are described below.

How to crack an interview?

  1. Important tips
  2. Rules
  3. Common Mistakes
  4. Pass Phrases
  5. Sample introduction

By following these steps you can complete Job interview preparation in just 10 minutes.

How to answer ‘’ Tell me About Yourself”?

Actually, they know everything about us as mentioned in the resume, but they are trying to judge us by;

  • Testing our attitude
  • Either we are fit for that place

So, what should we do? We should talk with them with a positive attitude and assure them that only I’m the best person for this job.

Important Tips for a job interview

  • The first step is Greetings, it involves formal greetings like (Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening).
  1. Smile, Be confident, Eye contact
  2. We should avoid hey! Hello! Etc.
  3. We should not be confused between Good morning or Good afternoon or something else speak confidently whatever the greeting is according to the time.
  • Secondly, say Thank you for shortlisting me or thanks for this opportunity
  • Thirdly, speak your full name and pronounce it in a clear voice, your voice should neither below nor loud.
  • Avoid calling you as Mr./Mrs.
  • If you have work Experience tell them about your Position, company, awards, experience, and worth.

For Example

For the last two years, I have been a manager and leading a team of 50 people, our team was awarded the best team, we have been able to increase our productivity by 6% during this period I worked closely with the clients and built some key relations.

  • Impress them with your Qualifications.

I have completed my bachelor’s in engineering from XYZ University with a final year project XYZ. I was a part of the research project “how modern technologies change the way of teaching in the future” where we worked with XYZ company.

  • Additional Qualifications, Such as outside courses, skills, awards, etc.
  • Use some adjectives about yourself to impress the interviewer like I’m creative minded, determined, enjoy working with others, etc.
  • Tell them about your future plans and connect them with the company
  • Why you are applying for that job?
  • Why you are fit for that job?

Rules for job interview preparation

  • Read the job description
  • Sound enthusiastic about the position
  • Write your introduction and top-selling points
  • Tell them about yourself in a storytelling mode
  • Stay happy, confident
  • Can use hand gestures (limited)

Sample Introduction for job interview preparation

  • Good afternoon
  • My name is Tahir Nadeem.
  • I’m a sales team leader at QPR for the past 5 years making significant inroads into new territories with our products.
  • I have worked in both rural and semi-urban markets and built key relations with customers.
  • I’m an MBA from XYZ with a strong background in marketing.
  • During work breaks, I enjoy mountaineering it makes my determination.
  • I’m a person who thrives in a fast-paced environment.
  • Right now I’m looking for an opportunity to apply my marketing skills.
  • You can add relevant content

Jobs Vocabulary Words – Video Lesson

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Job interview preparation Questions
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