20 Best Similes for Atrocious (With Meanings & Examples)

Using similes to describe something atrocious offers a vivid and impactful way to convey the severity and unpleasantness of a situation or behavior. These similes help paint a clearer picture of the extent of the atrocity. Below are 20 similes, each with a concise meaning and an example, that encapsulate the essence of the term atrocious.

Similes for Atrocious

1. Atrocious as a Storm

Meaning: Violently destructive and harsh

Example: The conflict was atrocious as a storm, leaving devastation in its wake.

2. Atrocious like a Wildfire

Meaning: Rapidly destructive and uncontrollable

Example: The scandal spread atrocious like a wildfire, causing widespread damage.

3. Atrocious as a Venomous Snake

Meaning: Dangerous and harmful

Example: His words were atrocious as a venomous snake, poisoning every conversation.

4. Atrocious like a Plague

Meaning: Destructively pervasive and widespread

Example: The disease was atrocious like a plague, affecting countless lives.

5. Atrocious as a Monster

Meaning: Frightening and cruel

Example: The crime was atrocious as a monster, horrifying the community.

6. Atrocious like a Thorn Bush

Meaning: Causing pain and discomfort

Example: Their attitude was atrocious like a thorn bush, prickly and hurtful.

7. Atrocious as a Wasteland

Meaning: Barren and devoid of positivity

Example: The aftermath was atrocious as a wasteland, with no hope in sight.

8. Atrocious like a Tornado

Meaning: Chaotic and destructive

Example: The situation was atrocious like a tornado, leaving chaos wherever it went.

9. Atrocious as a Poison

Meaning: Toxic and deadly

Example: The pollution was atrocious as a poison, contaminating the environment.

10. Atrocious like a Dark Cloud

Meaning: Ominous and foreboding

Example: The news cast an atrocious like a dark cloud over the day.

11. Atrocious as a Vulture

Meaning: Merciless and predatory

Example: Their business tactics were atrocious as a vulture, preying on the vulnerable.

12. Atrocious like a Nightmare

Meaning: Terrifying and distressing

Example: The ordeal was atrocious like a nightmare, haunting him for days.

13. Atrocious as a Tsunami

Meaning: Overwhelmingly destructive

Example: The impact of the disaster was atrocious as a tsunami, sweeping away everything in its path.

14. Atrocious like a Volcano

Meaning: Explosive and devastating

Example: The eruption of anger was atrocious like a volcano, causing irreparable damage.

15. Atrocious as a War

Meaning: Involving widespread suffering and destruction

Example: The conflict was atrocious as a war, with no end in sight.

16. Atrocious like a Beast

Meaning: Savage and brutal

Example: The treatment of the prisoners was atrocious like a beast, utterly inhumane.

17. Atrocious as a Flood

Meaning: Engulfing and destructive

Example: The wave of misinformation was atrocious as a flood, overwhelming the truth.

18. Atrocious like a Blizzard

Meaning: Harsh and unrelenting

Example: The winter storm was atrocious like a blizzard, relentless and unforgiving.

19. Atrocious as a Maelstrom

Meaning: Turbulent and chaotic

Example: The political landscape was atrocious as a maelstrom, full of turmoil and unrest.

20. Atrocious like a Ghoul

Meaning: Horrifying and repugnant

Example: The corruption in the system was atrocious like a ghoul, deeply disturbing and offensive.


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