20 Best Similes for Arrogant (With Meanings & Examples)

Exploring the complex trait of arrogance through similes provides a deeper insight into its nature. Similes, by drawing parallels between seemingly unrelated entities, offer a unique way to understand and convey the essence of arrogance.

Here are 20 similes that vividly depict the nuances of being arrogant, each accompanied by a concise explanation and an example sentence.

Similes for Arrogant

1. Arrogant as a Peacock

Meaning: Proud and showy

Example: He walked in, arrogant as a peacock, flaunting his achievements.

2. Arrogant like a King

Meaning: Behaving as if superior

Example: She spoke to everyone, arrogant like a king, expecting reverence.

3. Arrogant as a Cat

Meaning: Aloof and self-important

Example: Strolling through the office, he was arrogant as a cat, ignoring his colleagues.

4. Arrogant like a Skyscraper

Meaning: Towering and imposing

Example: His stature was arrogant like a skyscraper, dominating the room.

5. Arrogant as a Lion

Meaning: Fiercely proud

Example: In the meeting, he roared his opinions, arrogant as a lion.

6. Arrogant like a Sun

Meaning: Blindingly self-centered

Example: She shone with confidence, arrogant like the sun, eclipsing others.

7. Arrogant as a Diamond

Meaning: Flashy and unyielding

Example: Her words were arrogant as a diamond, hard and cutting.

8. Arrogant like a Tower

Meaning: Tall and overbearing

Example: He loomed over the conversation, arrogant like a tower.

9. Arrogant as a Mirror

Meaning: Focused only on oneself

Example: She gazed at her achievements, arrogant as a mirror, seeing only herself.

10. Arrogant like a Storm

Meaning: Overpowering and destructive

Example: His attitude was arrogant like a storm, wreaking havoc.

11. Arrogant as a Hawk

Meaning: Predatory and self-assured

Example: He eyed his competition, arrogant as a hawk, ready to swoop.

12. Arrogant like a Celebrity

Meaning: Entitled and self-absorbed

Example: She behaved arrogant like a celebrity, expecting special treatment.

13. Arrogant as a Mountain

Meaning: Imposing and unmovable

Example: His stance was arrogant as a mountain, firm and imposing.

14. Arrogant like a Judge

Meaning: Authoritative and dismissive

Example: He delivered his opinions, arrogant like a judge, without appeal.

15. Arrogant as a Dragon

Meaning: Fearsomely proud and powerful

Example: In his presence, he was arrogant as a dragon, commanding awe.

16. Arrogant like a Tycoon

Meaning: Wealthy and domineering

Example: He negotiated, was arrogant like a tycoon, in total control.

17. Arrogant as a Noble

Meaning: Haughty and superior

Example: She treated others, arrogant as a noble, beneath her status.

18. Arrogant like a Statue

Meaning: Stoic and unapproachable

Example: He stood there, arrogant like a statue, unyielding in his beliefs.

19. Arrogant as a Towering Tree

Meaning: Lofty and overlooking

Example: He viewed his peers, arrogant as a towering tree, from above.

20. Arrogant like a Crown

Meaning: Regal and self-important

Example: She carried herself, arrogant like a crown, with an air of royalty.


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