20 Best Similes for Absorbed (with Meanings and Examples)

When we delve into the world of similes for the term “absorbed,” we uncover a rich tapestry of expressions that vividly illustrate deep engagement and concentration. Each simile here is designed to not only define but also bring to life the essence of being wholly immersed or absorbed in something.

These similes, complete with meanings and example sentences, showcase the depth and intensity of absorption.

Similes for Absorbed

1. Absorbed like a Sponge

Meaning: Highly receptive and soaking up information

Example: He was absorbed like a sponge, learning everything he could about the new project.

2. Absorbed as the Desert Sand

Meaning: Thoroughly taking in information

Example: Her mind was absorbed as the desert sand, taking in every detail of the lecture.

3. Absorbed like Roots in Water

Meaning: Deeply engrossed and soaking up

Example: She was absorbed like roots in water when reading her favorite book.

4. Absorbed as a Black Hole

Meaning: Completely engulfing and encompassing

Example: His attention was absorbed as a black hole, focused entirely on the task at hand.

5. Absorbed like Ink on Paper

Meaning: Fully assimilating information

Example: The students were absorbed like ink on paper, understanding every concept taught.

6. Absorbed as a Seed in Soil

Meaning: Taking in everything needed to grow

Example: In her new job, she was absorbed as a seed in the soil, gathering all the necessary skills.

7. Absorbed like a Moth to Flame

Meaning: Drawn in and completely captivated

Example: He was absorbed like a moth to a flame by the intricate art exhibit.

8. Absorbed as a Magnet to Metal

Meaning: Strongly attracted and held

Example: Her interest was absorbed as a magnet to metal by the complex puzzle.

9. Absorbed like a Plant to Sunlight

Meaning: Seeking and fully utilizing

Example: The researcher was absorbed like a plant to sunlight, thriving on new data.

10. Absorbed as a Mirror in Light

Meaning: Reflecting and taking in fully

Example: His mind was absorbed as a mirror in light, reflecting on the philosophical theories.

11. Absorbed like a Bird in Song

Meaning: Completely involved and immersed

Example: She was absorbed like a bird in song while composing her music.

12. Absorbed as a Bear in Hibernation

Meaning: Deeply engrossed and undisturbed

Example: He was absorbed as a bear in hibernation while working on his novel.

13. Absorbed like a Fish in Water

Meaning: Naturally and effortlessly taking in surroundings

Example: In the new environment, she was absorbed like a fish in water, quickly adapting and learning.

14. Absorbed as a Lock to a Key

Meaning: Perfectly fitting and engaging completely

Example: The problem had him absorbed as a lock to a key, fully engaged in finding a solution.

15. Absorbed like a Child in Play

Meaning: Joyfully and thoroughly engaged

Example: The children were absorbed like children in play, completely lost in their imaginative world.

16. Absorbed as an Artist in Creation

Meaning: Deeply involved in producing something new

Example: She was absorbed as an artist in creation, bringing her vision to life.

17. Absorbed like a Detective in a Mystery

Meaning: Intensely focused on uncovering information

Example: He was absorbed like a detective in a mystery, piecing together the evidence.

18. Absorbed as a Traveler in a New Land

Meaning: Completely immersed in exploring

Example: On her trip, she was absorbed as a traveler in a new land, taking in every experience.

19. Absorbed like a Scientist in Research

Meaning: Diligently engaged in gathering and analyzing data

Example: The team was absorbed like scientists in research, dedicated to their experiment.

20. Absorbed as a Poet in Words

Meaning: Deeply engrossed in expression

Example: He was absorbed as a poet in words, crafting each line with care.


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