Short Inspirational moral Stories for Kids in English with PDF

Short Inspirational moral Stories for Kids in English! 10 inspirational stories are listed here. These stories are very useful for kids and also inspirational for elders. There is a good moral at the end of each story. Which is very important to learn in our practical life.

Stories plays an important role in our life. There are very useful lessons in stories if we apply  these lessons in  our practical life we can spend a happy life.

Short Inspirational moral Stories for Kids

A farmer and the snake

Once in a winter morning a farmer saw a snake frozen with cold. That farmer was veery kind-hearted and could not see anybody in helpless condition. He took pity on the snake, put it in a basket and brought it home. He put it near fire in the kitchen. Afetr snake opened its eyes and moved here and there. The farmer’s children were also watching all this with great interest. Suddenly, the snake attacked one of his sons, but he quickly ran away. Seeing all this, the farmer brought a stick and killed it on the spot.

Moral: Nature cannot be changed.

A farmer and his sons

Once there was a farmer. He lived in a village. He had three sons who always quarreled with one another. The farmer got very sick. He was very upset because of his sons attitude. One day the farmer brought a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break it. They tried their best but could not do so. Then the farmer untied the bundle. He told them to break the sticks. They broke them easily. The farmer said, “United we stand. Divided we fall”. His sons learnt a lesson and began to live in peace.

Moral: Union is strength

The hare and tortoise

Once a hare and a tortoise was friends. The hare always laughed at the slow speed of tortoise. One day the hare asked the tortoise to run a race with him. The tortoise accepted it. The next day, the end point of race was decided and race began. The hare ran very fast and soon went out of right. He was tired. He laid down under a tree and fell asleep. The tortoise went on moving. When hare woke up, he ran as fast as he could. But he was surprised to see the tortoise at the winning post. He was much ashamed. The tortoise had won the race.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. Pride hath a fall.

A strange hen

Once there was a farmer. He lived in a village. He had a strange hen. It laid a golden egg every day. He sold the golden egg and got high price. He was very greedy and could not wait to become rich. He wanted to be wealthy at once. One day he killed the hen to get all the golden eggs. But he was very disappointed to see that there was only one egg. He felt sorry but it was of no use.

Moral: It is no use to cry over spilt milk. Greed is a curse.

A fox and the grape

There was a fox. It was very hungry. It went to a garden. It saw ripe grapes there. Its mouth watered. It wanted to eat them. It jumped at them but the grapes were out of its reach. It jumped again and again. But could not reach them. It was tired. So it went away saying. “The grapes are sour”.

Moral: The grapes are sour.

A greedy dog

There was a dog. It was very hungry. It stole a piece of meat from butcher’s shop. It ran away in search of a peaceful place to eat it. In a way he reached a stream. It saw its own reflection in the water. It thought it another dog having a piece of meat. It wanted to get that piece too. It opened its mouth to get it. Its own piece fell into the stream. In greed of getting another piece, it lost its own piece of meat.

Moral: Greed is a curse.

A lion and a mouse

Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. A mouse came out of its hole and began to run on its body. The lion woke up and caught the mouse. The lion wanted to kill the mouse but the mouse begged for mercy. The lion let it go. After some days the lion was caught in a trap by a hunter. He roared. The mouse heard the roar of the lion and came out of its hole. It saw the lion in trouble. It began to cut the ropes with its sharp teeth. The lion was freed and it thanked the little mouse.

Moral: Do good have good.

The foolish stag

Once a stag was drinking water at a stream. It saw its reflection in the water of stream. It felt proud of his beautiful horns. It was feeling happy to see the horns. At the sometime it looked at its thin legs. He hated them for their ugliness. Meanwhile, it heard the voice of hounds coming towards it. It ran away to save its life. Its legs were very sharp but his horns were caught in a bush. It tried hard to free itself but in vain. The hounds come up to it. They caught the stag and torn it to pieces.

Pride hath a fall.

The boy and the Wolf

Once there was a shepherd boy who was grazing his sheep near a village. He thought of a joke. He shouted at the top of his voice, “Wolf! Wolf!”. When the villagers heard his voice they came at once with their sticks. By reaching there they found that the boy has made fool of them. People became very angry. After few days the boy repeated the joke. The villagers cursed him and went away. One day a wolf actually came. He shouted for help but no one came. The wolf killed him and his sheep.

Moral: Once a liar always liar.

A thirsty Crow

Once there was a crow. It was very thirsty. It flew in search of water but found no water. At last, it saw a jug of water in the garden. It reached to the jug but water was very low. It could not drink it. It looked here and there and saw few pebbles nearby. It thought of a plan. It put pebbles into the jug. The water rose up. It drank water and flew away.

Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

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