10 Rules of Definite Article with Examples

In this useful lesson, we’ll explore 10 important rules about using the definite article “the” in English. “The” is a small word, but it’s very important and can change the meaning of a sentence. We use it a lot in English, so it’s important to know how and when to use it. This lesson is easy to understand, and we have some examples to help you learn these rules.

Whether you’re just starting to learn English or you want to get better at it, this lesson will help you a lot.

Rules of Definite Article with Examples

1. Use with unique objects or entities

The definite article “the” is used before nouns that refer to unique objects or entities, implying there is only one of them, either in the context or in the world as a whole.

  • The moon looks beautiful tonight.
  • The earth is our home.
  • The universe continues to expand.

2. With superlatives

“The” is used before superlative adjectives to indicate that something has the highest degree of quality within a group or in a given context.

  • She is the best singer I know.
  • This is the tallest tower in the city.
  • He became the youngest champion ever.

3. Before names of rivers, oceans, and seas

When referring to specific rivers, oceans, and seas, “the” is used as these are considered unique entities.

  • The Nile is famous for its historical significance.
  • The Atlantic Ocean separates North America from Europe.
  • The Dead Sea is known for its salinity.

4. With musical instruments

Use “the” when talking about playing or referring to musical instruments, treating the instrument as a known entity.

  • He plays the flute gracefully.
  • The piano needs tuning.
  • She took up the cello this year.

5. With names of historical documents or periods

“The” precedes the names of significant historical documents, events, or periods, indicating specific, well-known instances.

  • The Constitution outlines the government’s framework.
  • The Industrial Revolution changed society dramatically.
  • The Cold War lasted for several decades.

6. Before a noun that represents something unique within a context

When a noun represents an object or concept that is unique within its context or situation, “the” is used to specify that particular entity.

  • Pass me the salt from the table, please.
  • The president will address the nation tonight.
  • In the classroom, the teacher always stands by the window.

7. With adjectives referring to a whole group

“The” is used with adjectives to denote a group as a whole, transforming the adjective into a plural noun representing people who are characterized by that adjective.

  • The elderly need more attentive care.
  • The unemployed face many challenges in today’s economy.
  • The wealthy often donate to charity.

8. With countries that have plural names

Countries that have plural nouns in their names or that are denoted as political entities like kingdoms or states use “the” in their names.

  • The United States is known for its diverse culture.
  • The Philippines consists of thousands of islands.
  • The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates.

9. Before ordinal numbers when they denote order

“The” is used before ordinal numbers when they indicate a specific position or rank in a sequential order.

  • She finished the race in the first place.
  • The third chapter of the book is the most interesting.
  • He was the second to arrive at the meeting.

10. With decades

When referring to specific decades, “the” is used to indicate the decade as a defined period of ten years within a century.

  • The 1980s were known for their distinctive fashion.
  • The 1950s music still has a significant influence today.
  • The 1920s are often called the Roaring Twenties.


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