Grammar Rules in English Related Noun

Grammar rules in English related to nouns are explained in this Article. After this article of the  Grammar rules in English, you will be left with no confusion related to Noun.

This Post is Divided into three Parts.

  1. Rules Related Conjunction.
  2. Practice Example Corrections.
  3. A simple Quiz to test your Credibility.

What is a Noun?

“A common word used to Specify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular one of these (proper noun).”

i.e. A gang of thief’s

Note: The gang is a noun.

Grammar Rules in English

Rule No 1.

We do not use ‘s’ with these countable nouns.

Dozen, Score, Hundred, Thousand, Million, Billion.


Ali Gave Me Five Hundreds Rupees. (Incorrect)

Ali Gave Me Five Hundred Rupees. (Correct)

There Gathered One Thousand People. (Correct)

Rule number 2.

The plural of ‘Fish’ is ‘Fish’. We do not use ‘s’ or ‘es’ with it.


He caught one fish in the River. (Correct)

He caught three fish in the River. (Correct)

But if in the case of different varieties of fishes, we use ‘es’.


In the Pacific Ocean, we saw unusual fishes that one never sees in Europe. (Correct)

Rules No 3:

‘Politics’ is Singular if we use it in terms of Politics. An example will clear more Concept


Politics is a good game for old people. (Correct)

But if ‘Politics’ is used to depicts someone’s Political Activity then it is plural and the verb used with it should also be plural.


Her Politics have become Liberal.

 Rule No 4:

‘Inning’ is no word, the real word is ‘innings’ which is singular and Plural at the same time.

Pakistan made 3000 runs in their / its first innings. (Correct)

She had a good Innings. (She had a good life.)

Rule No 5:

Singular and Plural Form of ‘Sheep’ and ‘Deer’ is the same.

I saw three Sheep Grazing (Correct)

Rule No 6:

Hair is an Uncountable Noun and when talking about whole hair of the head it is singular.


She has Curly hairs. (Incorrect)

She has Curly hair. (Correct)

But If we are talking about someone’s countable hairs i.e. One hair, 2 Hairs. Then it can be singular or plural.


She found a hair in her Soup. (Correct)

She found two hairs in her Soup. (Correct)

Rules no 7:

‘Scenery’ is an uncountable noun so please don’t use it as singular or plural. The verb used with Scenery is always singular.

I saw a beautiful Scenery. (Incorrect)

I saw a beautiful Scene (Correct)

The Sceneries of Swat are beautiful. (Incorrect)

The scenery of Swat is Beautiful. (Correct)



Grammar Rules and Correction

Grammar Rules and Correction


Grammar Rules and Correction

Grammar Rules and Correction


Example Corrections



The sceneries of swat are lovely. The scenery of swat is lovely.
The furniture’s in this room are good. The furniture in this room is good.
She gave me two advices. She gave me two pieces of advice.
Ali shouted vulgar abuse at me. Ali shouted vulgar abuse at me.
She wrote three poetries. She wrote three poems.
The hen ate many rices The hen ate many grains of rice.
He made many mischiefs. He made many pieces/acts of mischief.
Raza ran into troubles. Raza ran into much trouble.
John gave me two informations. John gave me two pieces of information.
The united nations are a global organization. The united nations is a global organization
She took tea with her family members She took tea with a member of her family.
The cattle is eating grass. The cattle are eating grass.
The cattles are eating grass The cattle are eating grass.
Ten miles are a long distance. Ten miles is a long distance.
He gave me a fifty rupees note. She gave me a fifty-rupee note.
I have a business in the office. I have a piece of business in the office.
Politics are a game. Politics is a game.
Two sheeps are eating grass Two sheep are eating grass.
I like fresh fruits. I like fresh fruit.
He grows a variety of fruit. He grows a variety of fruits.
I bought two dozens eggs. I bought two dozen eggs.
Her hairs are curly. Her hair is curly.
He caught two fishes. He caught two fishes.
I have two work to do. I have two pieces of work to do.
She bought some Stationeries She bought some stationery.
We spent the summer vacations in swat. We spent the summer vacation in swat.
The united states are a big country. The united states is a big country.
She told me two news.  She told me two pieces of news.

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