10 Real Man Poems: Poems About Godly Man

Dive into a world of poetic reflection celebrating the essence of a godly man. “10 Real Man Poems” delves into the virtues, strength, and spirit of men who walk with faith. Let each verse inspire a deeper understanding of what it means to be a man of true character and spirituality.

Poems About Godly Man

1. Shepherd of Strength

In this piece, the image of a shepherd symbolizes the leadership and protective nature of a godly man. Through simple pastoral imagery, we explore the balance of tenderness and might in spirituality.

With staff in hand, he stands so tall,

Guarding flocks, never letting them fall.

Guided by stars and the moon’s soft light,

He moves with faith, pure and bright.


In winds of change, his feet stay firm,

For the Lord’s path, he’ll always affirm.

With wisdom deep and heart so grand,

He’s God’s own hand upon the land.


To the mountains high and valleys low,

His love for God will always show.

In every step, every gentle reprimand,

He’s a shepherd by God, a godly man.

2. Pillar of Faith

This poem speaks to the unwavering faith of a godly man. Despite challenges, his belief remains intact, serving as a beacon for others.

In storms of doubt, he stands so still,

An emblem of faith, of iron will.

Though rains may pour, winds might sway,

His belief in God never frays.


With scriptures close and prayers at night,

He walks with grace, in God’s own light.

Challenges rise, yet he stands tall,

For he knows the Lord will catch his fall.


In this world, full of twist and bend,

His faith’s a fire, on which we depend.

Unyielding, strong, and shining through,

A godly man, steadfast and true.

3. Vessel of Virtue

Through this poem, we explore the godly man as a vessel, filled with virtues and the light of God. His actions and words resonate with purity.

In him resides a golden glow,

Of virtues deep, that ever flow.

A fountain of kindness, love so pure,

In God’s embrace, he’s ever secure.


His words are gentle, actions kind,

A mirror of God, in body and mind.

Compassion, love, humility in hand,

He treads softly upon the land.


He’s a beacon, a lighthouse, bright and true,

Guiding us all, me and you.

With every deed, every gesture so grand,

He’s a vessel of God, walking the land.

4. Guardian of Good

This piece delves into the protective nature of a godly man. His role is one of guidance, ensuring that good prevails.

He stands on guard, day and night,

Ensuring the world is filled with light.

Evil’s shadow, it may loom,

But he dispels every trace of gloom.


With sword of truth and shield of love,

He’s guided by stars and heavens above.

He faces demons, with no retreat,

With God by his side, evil’s defeat.


For every soul, every lamb gone astray,

He’s a guardian, leading the way.

Upholding good, with purpose and plan,

He’s God’s sentinel, a godly man.

5. Heart of Service

In this poem, the emphasis is on the selflessness of a godly man. He serves with no expectation, simply for the love of God and mankind.

In silent hours, he’s on his knees,

Serving the Lord, with utmost ease.

No fame or fortune does he seek,

Just to uplift the weak and meek.


With hands that heal and voice so sweet,

He makes every challenge seem so fleet.

To every cause, he lends a hand,

Spreading God’s love across the land.


For in his heart, there’s a burning desire,

To serve, to lift, to ever inspire.

With every act, big or small,

He’s God’s servant, answering the call.

6. Warrior of Peace

This composition paints the godly man as a warrior. Not one of violence, but of peace, ensuring harmony and unity.

With armor of patience, sword of truth,

He battles for peace, in age and youth.

Not a drop of blood, he aims to spill,

But with love and words, the voids he’ll fill.


He marches forward, not for war,

But for harmony, folklore and more.

Against hatred’s tide, he takes a stand,

Bringing peace and love to every land.


In every conflict, in every strife,

He’s a warrior, championing life.

With every gesture, every peaceful plan,

He’s a crusader, a godly man.

7. Torchbearer of Truth

The spotlight here is on the godly man’s relentless pursuit of truth. In a world filled with deception, he remains genuine.

In a world of masks, he stands so real,

Upholding the truth, with fervent zeal.

Where lies may weave a deceptive web,

His clarity shines, a beacon ebb.


His eyes see clear, his heart knows all,

With God’s word, he’ll never fall.

Honesty, integrity, in his core reside,

In his pursuit, God stands beside.


For in this world, where truth seems scant,

His voice rings clear, a truth enchant.

With every word, every truthful span,

He’s the beacon, the godly man.

8. Fountain of Wisdom

Celebrating the wisdom of a godly man, this poem emphasizes his role as a guide, helping others navigate life’s complexities.

With years behind, and experiences vast,

His wisdom is deep, unsurpassed.

Like a tree old, with roots so deep,

His insights profound, secrets he keeps.


To every question, every unsure plea,

He offers guidance, sets the heart free.

With tales of old, lessons anew,

His wisdom shines, always true.


For every soul, lost or in a jam,

He’s the fountain, the guiding lam.

With every story, every wisdom span,

He’s the sage, the godly man.

9. Mirror of Mercy

The focus here is on the merciful nature of a godly man. Despite wrongs and mistakes, he offers forgiveness, reflecting God’s mercy.

When errors are made, and faults come to play,

His mercy shines, driving gloom away.

Where others might judge, he sees the soul,

Offers forgiveness, makes them whole.


With arms wide open, and heart so vast,

His mercy’s shadow, a comforting cast.

He understands, feels every plea,

With love and grace, sets them free.


For every tear, every cry of the clan,

He’s a sanctuary, the godly man.

With every hug, every forgiving spree,

He’s a reflection, of mercy’s sea.

10. Anchor of Hope

Lastly, this poem highlights the godly man’s role as a symbol of hope. In turbulent times, he provides stability and faith.

When darkness surrounds, and hope seems slight,

He stands firm, a beacon of light.

With unwavering faith, and spirit so dope,

He’s the anchor, the tether of hope.


In the choppy seas, the tempest’s roar,

His belief in God, is the shore.

He gives strength, makes hearts cope,

In his presence, blossoms hope.


For every soul, in despair’s slope,

He’s the lifeline, the eternal rope.

With every smile, every hopeful span,

He’s the anchor, the godly man.

Poems About Being A Real Man

1. Foundation of Character

This poem delves into the core essence of what makes a real man, emphasizing virtues over superficialities. It suggests that true manhood is built on character and depth.

Not in muscles, nor in might,

Does a man prove himself right.

It’s in his heart, his soul so deep,

Where true virtues quietly sleep.


Not in wealth, nor in fame’s song,

Does a man truly belong.

But in his word, his promise true,

In actions honest, in deeds he’d do.


For in life’s vast, intricate span,

Character alone makes the real man.

In love and truth, he firmly stands,

Guided always by honor’s hands.

2. Compass of Integrity

This composition revolves around the idea that a real man’s direction in life is determined by his integrity. It emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and one’s values.

When roads diverge in life’s vast sea,

A real man knows which way to be.

Not swayed by greed, nor fleeting glee,

He follows his compass of integrity.


In storms of doubt, in tempting bait,

He remains steadfast, never sedate.

With eyes on north, his path he charts,

Holding close to truth in all his parts.


For in each decision, every stand,

Integrity guides his steady hand.

True to himself, in every plan,

That’s the mark of a real man.

3. Symphony of Respect

Here, we touch upon the idea that being a real man is not just about how one treats oneself, but also about the respect one shows to others. The poem showcases the harmony that respect brings to one’s life.

In every gesture, every gaze,

A real man respects, always ablaze.

Seeing each soul, as worthy and grand,

Treating all with a gentle hand.


Not in dominance, nor in disdain,

Does he move through life’s intricate lane.

Listening to voices, both soft and loud,

Moving gracefully, humble yet proud.


For in the dance of life’s complex sect,

He moves to the rhythm of respect.

With every step, every advance,

He creates life’s harmonious dance.

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