Race Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

This post is all about race idioms! Idioms are fun phrases that mean something different from the actual words. We’ll explore what each race idiom means and see how to use it in a sentence.

Race Idioms

Here are 20 race idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

1. Rat race

Meaning: A competitive struggle to get ahead.
Example: He left the city to escape the rat race.

2. Race against time

Meaning: To hurry to beat a deadline.
Example: We were racing against time to finish the project.

3. Race to the bottom

Meaning: A situation where standards decrease.
Example: The companies are in a race to the bottom in prices.

4. Neck and neck

Meaning: Very close in progress or achievement.
Example: The two runners were neck and neck at the finish line.

5. Win the race

Meaning: To finish first in a competition.
Example: She worked hard and won the race.

6. Off to the races

Meaning: To start something enthusiastically.
Example: With the plan approved, we’re off to the races.

7. Horse race

Meaning: A close competition.
Example: The election turned into a real horse race.

8. In the race

Meaning: Actively competing.
Example: They’re still in the race for the championship.

9. Out of the race

Meaning: No longer competing.
Example: After the injury, he was out of the race.

10. Race for the cure

Meaning: A drive to find a medical cure.
Example: Many participated in the race for the cure.

11. End of the race

Meaning: The final part of a competition.
Example: It’s the end of the race, let’s give it all we’ve got.

12. Three-legged race

Meaning: A race where two people cooperate closely.
Example: Team building included a three-legged race.

13. Drag race

Meaning: A short, fast car race.
Example: They challenged each other to a drag race.

14. Race to the top

Meaning: A situation in which competitors try to surpass each other in quality.
Example: Schools are in a race to the top in innovations.

15. Race against the clock

Meaning: Working fast to beat a time limit.
Example: She’s racing against the clock to meet the deadline.

16. Arms race

Meaning: Rapid increase in military capability.
Example: The two countries are in an arms race.

17. Race ahead

Meaning: To move forward quickly in progress.
Example: The new manager raced ahead with changes.

18. Lose the race

Meaning: To fail to win a competition.
Example: Despite his efforts, he lost the race.

19. Stay in the race

Meaning: Continue to compete despite difficulties.
Example: She vowed to stay in the race, no matter what.

20. Sprint to the finish

Meaning: To end something with a burst of energy.
Example: He sprinted to the finish to win the race.

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