11 Funny & Short Poems About Grandmother

Grandmothers possess a special blend of wisdom, warmth, and whimsy. Dive into these 11 short poems that capture the humor and heartfelt affection of a grandmother’s love. Prepare to be charmed, tickled, and reminded of the sweet moments that make grandma’s bond truly unforgettable.

Funny Poems About Grandma

1. Granny’s Magical Purse

There’s a legend we’ve all come to discuss, about the mysterious depths of Grandma’s purse. Filled with secrets and wonders untold, these verses give a glimpse, if you’re bold.

A pocket of candies, a stash of some gum,

Her wallet, some tissues, and then some.

Every time she reaches deep within,

Out comes a treasure, where does she begin?


Bobby pins, a mirror, old photos galore,

Receipts from the store, and oh so much more.

Endless in depth, mysterious and vast,

Granny’s purse holds memories of the past.


Lipstick and glasses, both for her sight,

And notes she has written, both loose and tight.

How does she find what she needs on a whim?

In that magical purse, it’s all clear to him.

2. Grandma’s Mystery Dish

Every family gathering, without fail, Grandma unveils a dish, making everyone wail. While most times delicious, sometimes quite strange, let’s share a chuckle over her culinary range.

She brought out a casserole, a gleam in her eye,

But what’s inside? No one could spy.

Is it sweet? Is it sour? Is it meat or is it flour?

Dining at Grandma’s, always a surprise hour.


“Try a bit,” she’d insist with a smirk,

Bracing ourselves, hoping it’d work.

Sometimes a hit, other times quite a miss,

Oh, the adventures of Grandma’s mystery dish!


We love her attempts, both good and the bad,

For her love shines through, making us glad.

Though we joke and we tease, we cherish the wish,

To always be there for Grandma’s next dish.

3. Granny’s Tech Adventures

In a world filled with gadgets and screens aplenty, watch as our dear Grandma, aged seventy, takes on the tech challenge, with laughter guaranteed, as she navigates through at her own unique speed.

Grandma got a smartphone, oh what a sight,

Squinting at the screen, holding it just right.

“Where’s the dial?” she’d exclaim,

“This tech world’s quite a challenging game.”


Texting with emojis, she’s quite the fan,

But autocorrect? Not part of her plan.

“Siri, where’s the bakery?” she’d loudly ask,

Her adventures with tech, quite the task.


Yet, she perseveres, learning each day,

Surprising us all, in her own special way.

Though there are blunders and giggles and cheer,

Granny’s tech journey, we hold so dear.

4. The Granny Sneaker Saga

Among all fashionistas, Grandma stands tall. With her signature sneakers, she dazzles all. Colors, patterns, laces galore, let’s step into her world, and explore.

Grandma’s sneaker collection, the talk of the town,

Bright and flashy, up and down.

Leopard print, neon, stripes, and checks,

Walking in style, she truly flexes.


“Why heels or flats?” she’d often jest,

“Sneakers are comfy, truly the best!”

From daily walks to Sunday church pew,

Her vibrant kicks always something new.


We giggle and tease, her choices so bold,

Yet, inspired by her spirit, uncontrolled.

For in her steps, so lively and free,

Grandma’s sneaker saga, a joy to see.

5. Bingo Nights with Gran

Friday nights, the hall’s aglow, as Grandma readies for her bingo show. With her daubers and cards, she takes her place, let’s dive into this fun-paced bingo space.

Bingo nights, Grandma’s thrill,

Hoping for a win, and sometimes she will!

Eyes sharp as an eagle, ears keen as a bat,

Ready for the numbers, sitting where she sat.


“Under the B, number three!” shouts the host,

Gran marks it down, closer than most.

The tension builds, the stakes are high,

For that winning pattern, oh my, oh my!


We cheer her on, through losses and gains,

Her passion for bingo, never wanes.

With laughter and hope, and some luck in her hand,

Bingo nights are grand, with our dear old Gran.

Funny Poems About Grandma

Poems For Grandmother From Grandson

1. Guiding Star

From a boy to a man, the journey is vast. But with a grandmother’s guidance, the lessons from the past are passed. This is a tribute from a grandson, filled with love and respect, for the guiding star in his life’s trek.

In the vast sky of my life, you shine bright,

Guiding me through wrong and right.

From scraped knees to broken hearts,

You’ve been there, playing your part.


Stories of old, wisdom profound,

In your embrace, comfort is found.

Tales of courage, of love, and of pain,

From you, Grandma, there’s so much to gain.


Your strength, your grace, and your love so true,

I hope one day, I’ll be just like you.

For in every step, in every part,

Grandma, you’re the beat of my heart.

2. Echoes of Laughter

Childhood summers, memories untold, with Grandma, every moment is gold. This poem is an ode to the fun, the mischief, and the laughter, a bond between a grandson and his grandmother thereafter.

Summers at your place, oh the glee,

Chasing butterflies, climbing the tree.

Echoes of laughter, yours and mine,

With you, Grandma, every moment’s fine.


You taught me to fish, to bake, and to sew,

With every visit, there’s more I know.

You’ve shown me the world, through your wise old eyes,

Every moment with you, a cherished prize.


Though I grow older, some things remain,

Your love, your lessons, and our joyous refrain.

The giggles, the stories, the warm summer weather,

Echoes of laughter, forever together.

3. The Hands that Held

The bond between a grandmother and grandson is profound, where love and lessons abound. This poem focuses on the hands of a grandmother, and the love and guidance they provided as her grandson grew and thrived.

Hands that held me, so gentle and warm,

Through storms and sunshine, through every form.

Wrinkled with age, yet strong and so kind,

In your hands, Grandma, true love I’d find.


Hands that crafted, that sewed and that baked,

Hands that clapped for every step I’d take.

They tell a story, of love and of care,

Hands that always, were there to share.


Now as I hold them, so fragile and thin,

I’m reminded of places we’ve been.

Forever grateful, for the love they’ve dealt,

Grandma, the hands that always made me felt.

Poems For Grandmother From Grandson

Poems For Grandmother From Granddaughter

1. Braids and Tales

From intricate hairdos to heartfelt conversations, a granddaughter recalls the intimate moments shared with her grandmother. This poem captures the essence of those delicate memories that intertwine like braids.

Braided hair, tales of old,

Stories of bravery, of young and bold.

With gentle fingers, through strands you’d weave,

Stories of times, hard to believe.


Each twist, each turn, a lesson you’d share,

Of love, of life, of moments rare.

With every plait, you’d softly hum,

Songs from your youth, where I’m from.


Though hair may gray and memories fade,

In my heart, they’ll always stay laid.

For through your tales and braids so fair,

I felt the depth of your tender care.

2. Lessons in the Kitchen

A granddaughter reminisces about the precious times spent with her grandmother in the kitchen. The aroma of food and love blending together, forming memories that are savory and sweet.

The kitchen’s warmth, the scent so sweet,

Where our worlds would often meet.

You’d teach with patience, hands covered in flour,

Baking lessons that lasted more than an hour.


Cakes and cookies, pies and stew,

Recipes old, and some quite new.

Yet, more than food, it was love you’d mix in,

With tales of life, joy, and occasional chagrin.


Your apron, your recipes, your touch so light,

With you, everything felt so right.

In the kitchen, lessons weren’t just culinary,

They were of life, love, and moments extraordinary.

3. Legacy in Lace

The delicate craft of lace-making, passed down through generations, holds a symbolic meaning for a granddaughter. Each stitch represents the love, care, and wisdom that her grandmother imparted.

Grandma’s hands, so nimble and neat,

Crafting lace, intricate and sweet.

Each thread woven, a story it told,

Of times long gone, of the young and the old.


You taught me to stitch, to create and to mend,

Through loops and knots, messages you’d send.

Life’s like lace, delicate yet strong,

Full of beauty, but sometimes things go wrong.


Now when I hold, that legacy so fine,

I see not just lace, but our family line.

Crafted with love, patience, and grace,

In every stitch, I see your face.

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