5 Funeral & Death Poems for Ex Husband

Navigating grief after a relationship has ended is complex. These 5 funeral and death poems for an ex-husband reflect on love’s nuances, shared memories, and the intertwined emotions of sorrow and healing. Read on to find words that resonate with your unique journey through loss.

Death Poems for Ex Husband Funeral

1. Unspoken Words

Before this poem, it’s essential to note that a past relationship doesn’t necessarily negate the grief or loss one may feel. “Unspoken Words” addresses the sorrow and regret that often accompany unspoken emotions and unresolved issues.

In twilight hours, I remember you,

The love once vibrant, now a faded hue.

Words unsaid, now trapped in evening’s mist,

A catalog of moments that we missed.


I light a candle, watch the flicker dance,

A solo act, like our lost romance.

The wax melts down, like tears we could not shed,

A testament to words we never said.


At your graveside, I leave a rose to rest,

A silent tribute from my quiet chest.

Unspoken words, now free to find their flight,

In realms unknown, perhaps they’ll reach your light.

2. Final Farewell

This poem, “Final Farewell,” touches on the bittersweet nature of saying the last goodbye. It captures that odd intersection of relief, sadness, and fond remembrance.

We danced through years, both joy and strife,

Played the roles of husband and wife.

Today, I say a last farewell,

Where you’ve gone, only time will tell.


No more arguments, no more fights,

No more sorting out who was right.

A calmness rests over my soul,

A chapter closes, the bell tolls.


I lay a wreath upon your stone,

A final act, I stand alone.

Goodbye, to you who once were dear,

Your memory lives on, that much is clear.

3. Woven Threads

“Woven Threads” explores the idea that even after a relationship ends, the threads of that relationship are woven into the fabric of our lives forever.

Once we were two, bound in marriage’s thread,

A tapestry of dreams, we hoped to spread.

Though threads unraveled, frayed, came to an end,

Our woven history, I won’t pretend.


Life’s loom is ruthless, ruthless too was time,

It strained our threads, tarnished their prime.

Yet, in my tapestry, your shade remains,

A part of life’s intricate, tangled skeins.


Today, I mourn the thread that’s slipped away,

Gone from the weave, but in memory, you’ll stay.

Woven threads may part, but they never break,

In the tapestry of life, you’re no mistake.

4. Seasons Passed

“Seasons Passed” emphasizes the cyclical nature of life and love, exploring how relationships go through seasons as well. Even as seasons inevitably end, they leave their indelible mark.

Once we bloomed in love’s young spring,

A vibrant bud, a hopeful thing.

Yet seasons passed, our love grew cold,

Autumn came, our story told.


Winter’s chill swept through our life,

Cutting through the air like a knife.

Divorce papers in frozen ink,

Yet now at your grave, I can only think.


Spring returns, but you’re not here,

In every bloom, you still seem near.

Seasons pass, they ebb and flow,

In my heart, it’s eternal snow.

5. Echoes in Silence

“Echoes in Silence” speaks to the emptiness one might feel after a person who played a significant role in their life is gone. The silence left behind can often be louder than words ever were.

Your voice, once loud, now a distant sound,

In this quiet, your absence is profound.

We argued much, yet love was our dance,

Now silence holds me in its lonely trance.


In quiet moments, I hear your laugh,

Echoes in the walls of love’s epitaph.

A ghost of you in every empty room,

Where once was life, now just silent gloom.


At your funeral, no words are said,

A quiet reverence for love that’s dead.

In the silence, our story finds its end,

Echoes fading, like an old, forgotten friend.

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