10+ Short Poems For Deceased Uncle

Losing a beloved uncle leaves a void that words can hardly fill. In times of grief, expressing our emotions through poetry can provide solace and a way to honor his memory. Here are ten heartfelt short poems dedicated to the cherished moments and everlasting bond we shared with our departed uncle. Each verse holds a piece of our gratitude, love, and remembrance.

Poems For Deceased Uncle

Below are 10 best poems for deceased uncle:

1. Whispers of Memories

In this poem, we remember our uncle through the whispers of cherished memories.

In days of old, your laughter bright,

A guiding star in life’s dark night.

Though you’ve journeyed to unknown shores,

In our hearts, your spirit soars.


Your stories told with warmth and grace,

In every hug, love’s sweet embrace.

Though tears may fall, your legacy’s strong,

In our souls, you’ll forever belong.

Poems for Deceased Uncle

2. Eternal Bond

This poem celebrates the enduring bond we share with our late uncle.

Through paths of life, you walked by our side,

A bond unbroken, in time and tide.

You taught us strength, you taught us light,

In memories, you shine so bright.


Though you’ve left this world behind,

In our hearts, you’ll always find

A place that’s yours, forever true,

Our dear uncle, we love you.

3. Guiding Star

This poem captures the guidance and wisdom our uncle bestowed upon us.

You were the compass, steady and true,

Guiding us in all we’d pursue.

Your words like stars, forever aglow,

In life’s uncertain ebb and flow.


Though you’ve sailed to distant skies,

Your legacy within us lies.

With every step, we’ll carry your light,

Our uncle dear, forever in sight.

4. Echoes of Laughter

This poem reminisces about the joy and laughter shared with our departed uncle.

In echoes of your laughter sweet,

Memories of times we’d meet.

Your joyful spirit, a beacon of cheer,

Even in moments we shed a tear.


Gone from sight, but not from heart,

Your love’s a flame that won’t depart.

Through days ahead, your laughter’s near,

Our uncle’s joy, forever clear.

5. Whispers from Heaven

This poem reflects on the idea of our uncle watching over us from above.

From heaven’s heights, you send a sign,

A gentle whisper, a love divine.

Though you’re beyond the mortal gaze,

In our lives, your presence stays.


In winds that rustle through the trees,

In songs of birds and gentle breeze,

We sense your love, so pure and true,

Our uncle dear, we’re connected to you.

Inspirational Poem For Deceased Uncle

1. The Light You Left

This poem is about celebrating the positive impact and love a deceased uncle left behind.

In the sky, a star shines bright,

A piece of you in the velvet night.

You taught me love, you taught me light,

A beacon gone, but still in sight.


No laughter now, yet I recall,

Your humor that would lift us all.

Though you’ve gone where I can’t see,

Your echo stays inside of me.


So uncle, now in peace you rest,

A chapter closed, you were the best.

Though we part, until the end,

You live in stories that I’ll send.

2. Seeds in the Garden

This poem likens the guidance and wisdom imparted by an uncle to seeds that continue to grow in one’s life.

In life’s garden, you sowed seeds,

Of wisdom, love, fulfilling needs.

You left, but still, your plants they bloom,

Defying even earthly gloom.


You nurtured me through highs and lows,

And taught me more than I’d suppose.

Your wisdom lives, a guide to me,

A lasting, loving legacy.


Though you’re not here to see them grow,

These plants you left will always show.

Your love remains, it doesn’t end,

In every leaf, I see a friend.

3. The Empty Chair

This poem speaks to the emotional emptiness left behind by an uncle but also highlights that he remains alive through memories.

An empty chair, a quiet room,

A sense of lingering, not of doom.

You sat there once, full of life,

Your wisdom cutting through all strife.


Your voice, a memory, clear and fair,

Still fills the void of that empty chair.

Though you’re gone, your spirit’s here,

Alive in us, your loved ones dear.


Your empty chair will always be,

A sacred spot of memory.

Though vacant, still it holds you near,

A testament that love won’t disappear.

4. The Sunset’s Last Goodbye

This poem uses the imagery of a sunset to encapsulate the beautiful yet fleeting nature of life, as remembered through an uncle.

The sunset paints the sky in hues,

Reminds me of the laughs we’d choose.

You’re like that sun that’s dipped away,

Your warmth still felt at end of day.


Though gone, your colors paint my mind,

In every dusk, your face I find.

The sun returns, a day anew,

Like cherished memories I have of you.


A final bow, the sun does take,

Your love, however, won’t forsake.

Though you have set, tomorrow’s sky,

Will carry your last sweet goodbye.

5. Sailing On

This poem uses the metaphor of sailing to describe an uncle’s journey to the afterlife, emphasizing how he is still with us, guiding the way.

In life, you were my guiding star,

In death, you’re not so very far.

Your ship has sailed to distant shore,

Yet your light guides me evermore.


The ocean vast, your journey long,

Yet in my heart, you still belong.

Though your ship’s beyond my sight,

I feel you in the day and night.


I’ll navigate through life’s rough sea,

Your teachings as my map to be.

You’re sailing on, but still, you stay,

A lighthouse for my night and day.

Funny Poem For Deceased Uncle

Below are 2 Funny Poem For Deceased Uncle:

1. The Cookie Jar Mystery

This poem humorously remembers an uncle who was always the prime suspect when cookies went missing.

The cookie jar sat on the shelf,

Guarded by grandma, but not by myself.

You’d sneak one, two, or maybe three,

Then point at me, say, “It wasn’t me!”


We laughed, we joked, you knew the way,

To make a regular day quite okay.

Now you’ve gone, but I have no doubt,

You’ve found Heaven’s cookie jar, I don’t pout.


The jar may be empty, you might be gone,

But those memories, like cookies, still live on.

I imagine you up there, a cookie spree,

Whispering to angels, “It wasn’t me!”

2. The Fish That Got Away

This poem reflects on fun fishing trips with an uncle, and how the exaggerated stories continue to grow, even after his passing.

Remember that fish, so huge, so grand,

A mythical creature of our own dreamland.

You’d say, “It was THIS big, no lie, no jest!”

While stretching your arms from east to west.


You’re gone now, Uncle, but the fish still grows,

It’s now a sea monster, as the story goes.

In every tale, your laughter rings true,

A fisherman’s legacy, forever in view.


So here’s to you, and the fish that fled,

To stories that live, though you have sped.

You might be gone, but trust me, I say,

We’re still talking about the fish that got away.

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