10+ Short Poems about Trust Issues

In the intricate tapestry of human relationships, trust forms the very foundation. Yet, at times, it can be fragile, elusive, or even shattered. Through the medium of poetry, we delve into the complex realm of trust issues. Join us as we explore ten succinct poems that capture the nuances of trust, betrayal, and resilience.

Poems on Trust Issues

Below are poems about not trusting anyone/trust issues:

1. Shattered Windows

This poem illustrates the idea that trust, once broken, affects one’s perception of even the most innocent situations.

Every smile, behind it lies

A motive I can’t quite place,

Like shattered windows to the skies,

Clouds forming on each face.


Your words like sugar, melt and sweet,

But can I trust their taste?

The past has me on cautious feet,

Afraid love will go to waste.


I want to let the barriers fall,

To believe in you and me,

But trust is not a one-time call,

It’s earned in small degrees.

2. Fading Echoes

This poem explores the notion that trust issues often make one’s words seem less believable over time.

Promises once held the key,

To doors of hope we’d open wide.

Now they’re like echoes lost at sea,

Floating on a doubtful tide.


“I will never hurt you,” said,

A line that’s now a cliché old.

It bounces in my cautious head,

Its value tarnished, bought and sold.


Trust once clear, but now it’s gray,

Mixed with colors of deceit.

Will it ever find a way,

To make our picture once more complete?

3. A Maze in My Mind

This poem discusses the inner struggle of wanting to trust but being held back by a maze of past experiences.

Inside my mind, a maze does twist,

Each corner lined with fog and mist.

The path to trust is not so clear,

For every step, I pull back in fear.


I want to trust, to let you in,

But past betrayals are my sin.

They haunt me like a ghost at night,

Making sure I keep you in sight.


If only walls could melt away,

Like morning fog at break of day.

But mazes aren’t solved in a glance,

Trust, like love, deserves a chance.

4. Jigsaw Pieces

This poem likens trust to a jigsaw puzzle that has been scattered and needs to be carefully reassembled.

A jigsaw puzzle on the floor,

Pieces scattered, trust’s no more.

We try to fix it, you and I,

But gaps remain, we can’t deny.


Some pieces lost, some others bent,

A picture marred, no longer meant.

Yet in each piece, a glimmer stays,

A chance for trust in future days.


We gather pieces, old and new,

Hope mingling with a wary view.

It takes both hands to make it right,

A puzzle solved, trust back in sight.

5. Garden of Doubt

This poem portrays trust as a garden that requires ongoing care, emphasizing that trust issues can act like weeds.

In my garden of emotions,

Trust was once a flower so fine.

Now it’s choked by many notions,

Doubts that twist like creeping vine.


Seeds of caution I have sown,

Watered by past hurt and pain.

Now the weeds are overgrown,

Shadowing the love’s domain.


With careful tending, we may find,

The trust once lost can bloom anew.

But first, we’ll have to weed the mind,

And plant the seeds of love and truth.

6. Shattered Bonds

In this poem, the speaker reflects on the painful aftermath of broken trust and the struggle to rebuild it.

A bond once strong, now torn apart,

Betrayal’s sting, a wounded heart.

Promises shattered, lies took flight,

Can trust rekindle, amidst the night?


Fragments of faith, scattered wide,

Deceit’s cruel dance, a silent tide.

A fragile hope, like morning’s dew,

Can healing whispers make trust anew?


Through shattered glass, we seek the light,

A chance to mend what’s taken flight.

In patience and time, wounds may mend,

But can trust’s broken road truly bend?

7. Veil of Doubt

This poem captures the struggle of grappling with doubts and insecurities that erode trust.

A web of doubt, a swirling haze,

In shadows deep, trust’s light decays.

Questions linger, suspicions breed,

Can love’s foundation find its seed?


Words like daggers, piercing through,

Innocence lost, skies once blue.

A bridge of trust, now worn and thin,

Can redemption’s song still begin?


Through misted eyes, we yearn to see,

The truth behind the mystery.

Can open hearts and candid speech,

Mend the bonds that doubt would breach?

8. Echoes of Deception

This poem delves into the echoes of past deception, echoing in the corridors of trust.

Whispers of deceit still linger here,

In every smile, in every tear.

The past’s cruel grip, a haunting rhyme,

Can trust’s melody resurface in time?


Once pure belief, now tinged with fear,

The wounds of betrayal, all too clear.

Can the heart forgive, release its pain,

And let trust’s beacon shine again?


Echoes of deception, a somber song,

In fragile hearts, they do prolong.

Yet hope remains, a distant light,

Can trust be reborn, against the night?

9. Silent Suspicions

This poem explores the silence and unspoken doubts that erode trust from within.

In quiet moments, suspicions creep,

Distorting truths, secrets they keep.

Words unsaid, but eyes reveal,

Can trust’s wounds ever truly heal?


A chasm grows, a rift concealed,

In hearts once close, doubt’s seed revealed.

Can silence be shattered, walls torn apart,

To mend the trust, to heal the heart?


The battle within, a silent war,

Trust erodes like the distant shore.

Can vulnerability breach the divide,

And in love’s refuge, both hearts reside?

10. Resilience Renewed

This poem is a journey of renewal, as trust finds a way to rise from the ashes.

From broken pieces, strength takes form,

Resilience blooms in the midst of the storm.

Wounds may scar, but hearts can mend,

Can trust emerge, stronger in the end?


Forgiveness weaves its gentle thread,

Healing the wounds where trust had bled.

In lessons learned and paths anew,

Can trust find life, vibrant and true?


The journey’s hard, the path unknown,

Yet seeds of hope, they have been sown.

Through honest words and open skies,

Trust’s phoenix within us shall arise.

Sad Poems On Trust Issues

Below are 3 sad poems on trust issues.

1. The Broken Vow

This poem illustrates the feeling of betrayal when trust is shattered by a close one.

Trust you held like fragile glass,

A treasure nestled in your grasp.

A whispered vow, a secret shared,

Broken — now trust is impaired.


Fractured pieces on the floor,

A hollow feeling, love’s no more.

What was pure, now veiled in lies,

Trust once lost, never really flies.


A constant doubt in the heart’s hall,

Brick by brick, builds up a wall.

Separated, yet still entwined,

Trust issues, love’s cruelly defined.

2. The Locked Door

This poem explores how past betrayals can make it difficult to trust people again in the future.

Once open like a book’s first page,

Now locked away, a heart in cage.

Fearful eyes, always askew,

Wondering who will be untrue.


Time has passed, but wounds are fresh,

Each new hello could spell a mess.

Trust issues, like a locked door,

Keeps out both bad and good, for sure.


I wish to trust, to let you in,

But fear whispers, it’s a sin.

Until I find the missing key,

My heart stays locked — trust’s guarantee.

3. Unspoken Fears

This poem depicts the inner struggle of wanting to trust someone, yet feeling paralyzed by past experiences.

In the depth of night, unspoken fears,

Hold me close, and stifle tears.

You say love, I hear deceit,

Trust’s foundation isn’t concrete.


I want to leap, to trust the fall,

But in my mind, I build a wall.

Past shadows dance in present light,

Make every touch a potential slight.


Love’s a game that two can play,

But trust issues get in the way.

I hope one day these fears will pass,

And love will find a home at last.

Poem About Losing Trust

Below are 2 sad poems on trust issues.

1. Fading Portrait

This poem describes the disintegration of trust over time, comparing it to a fading portrait that eventually becomes unrecognizable.

Once vibrant colors, painted bright,

A portrait of trust in love’s pure light.

But time has worn the pigment thin,

And what was clear is now akin.


To murky grays, a faded hue,

A tarnished image, me and you.

With every lie, the colors bleed,

Replacing trust with growing need.


Now the frame that held us tight,

Is loosening its steadfast might.

In faded strokes, our trust is lost,

A portrait changed, and that’s the cost.

2. The Silent Tear

This poem centers around a specific moment where trust was lost, emphasizing the emotional weight that moment carries.

The moment came, a silent tear,

A rift was formed, wide and clear.

What once was solid, turned to dust,

In that split second, died our trust.


I look at you, but you’re not there,

Your eyes evade, an empty stare.

The trust we had, a sacred thing,

Now shattered like a fallen wing.


Though time may heal and memories fade,

The silent tear has cut a blade.

A scar remains, a subtle sign,

That trust once lost, can’t realign.

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