10 Poems About Rabbit (Short & Funny)

“Dive into a whimsical world of hopping hilarity with these 10 short and funny poems about rabbits. Whether you’re a bunny lover or just in need of a chuckle, these verses promise to whisk you away on a fluffy-tailed adventure. Hop in and enjoy the poetic fun!”

Short Poems About Rabbit

1. Bunny in the Meadow

In this poem, we follow a bunny’s day as it frolics and plays in a sunlit meadow, embracing the simple joys of nature.

Beneath the azure sky so wide,

A bunny hops, with eyes so bright.

Meadows green, its playground vast,

Sunlit days, it hopes will last.


Tiny whiskers, twitching nose,

Curiously it goes and goes.

Chasing butterflies, skipping streams,

Living out its meadow dreams.


By dusk, it rests its furry head,

Dreaming beneath the sky’s soft spread.

Of another day to jump and play,

In its favorite sunlit bay.

2. The Carrot Chase

This piece celebrates a rabbit’s unending love for carrots, capturing the anticipation, joy, and satisfaction in every bite.

Orange and slender, just in sight,

Bunny bounds with pure delight.

For a carrot crisp and sweet,

Is a treat it longs to eat.


With every hop, closer it gets,

Dreaming of the crunchy sets.

Of bites and nibbles, oh so fine,

Anticipating that treat divine.


Finally, in its tiny paw,

The carrot’s held without a flaw.

Munch and crunch, the sound so neat,

For the rabbit, life’s truly sweet.

3. Moonlit Hop

This poem paints the image of a rabbit dancing under the moon, bringing forth the mystery and elegance of the night.

Moon above, shining clear,

Bunny dances without fear.

Silver beams light its path,

Moonlit hop, nature’s bath.


Stars twinkle, forming a tune,

For our rabbit, it’s a boon.

Graceful leaps, shadows cast,

Dancing dreams, memories last.


As dawn nears, with first light’s drop,

The meadow rests, and so does the hop.

But memories of the moonlit sight,

Keep the bunny warm at night.

4. Whiskers’ Wish

Whiskers, our bunny, has a simple wish. This poem delves into the desires of a rabbit and its hope for a world filled with love and treats.

Whiskers twitch, ears stand tall,

A wishful bunny, dreaming of all.

Of endless treats and love galore,

A world where joy forever pours.


Green grass fields, daisies white,

Fluffy clouds, pure and light.

Raindrops that taste like sweet dew,

And skies of the most brilliant hue.


Whiskers sighs, heart so light,

Wishing upon the starry night.

For a world so kind and breezy,

Where living and loving is always easy.

5. Winter’s Fluffy Tail

As winter descends, our bunny finds joy in the snow. This poem encapsulates the enchantment of a rabbit discovering a winter wonderland.

Snowflakes fall, so soft and white,

Bunny’s eyes gleam with delight.

A world transformed, cold and frail,

Yet beauty lies in the fluffy tail.


Snow mounds become playful hills,

Joyous hops, winter thrills.

Each step leaves a mark so neat,

A bunny’s journey, snow under feet.


As chilly winds begin to wail,

Bunny finds shelter, ending its tale.

Wrapped in dreams of snow and hail,

Until next time, winter’s fluffy tail.

Poems About Rabbit

Funny Poems About Rabbit

1. The Bunny Boogie

Here’s a lighthearted take on a rabbit’s attempt to dance and groove. You might just catch yourself chuckling at its funny footwork!

Bunny tried to boogie, under the tree,

Tripped on a twig, and bumped its knee.

It wiggled its tail, and shimmied its hip,

But slipped again, and did a flip.


Its bunny friends laughed and cheered,

As it moonwalked, and then disappeared.

Behind a bush, to catch its breath,

And practice steps, in quiet depth.


Returned with flair, and boogied right,

Proved to all, it was the dance fight’s light!

With hops and bops, it stole the show,

Our dancing bunny, in moon’s soft glow.

2. Radish vs. Carrot

Our bunny faces a tasty dilemma – the classic choice between a radish and a carrot. A culinary comedy unfolds!

Bunny had a pressing thought,

Which veggie should be bought?

Radish red or carrot long,

Both seemed so very strong.


He tried a nibble, then a bite,

Both tasted oh so right!

The decision was getting tough,

Choosing was super rough!


In the end, he chose the pair,

And dined without a care.

“Why choose one?” he declared with glee,

“When both can accompany me!”

3. Rabbit’s Bad Hair Day

Ever imagined a bunny fretting about its fur? Dive into this whimsical tale of a rabbit’s hair woes and how it copes.

Fluffy bunny, woke up late,

Its fur was in a terrible state.

Sticking out, here and there,

Oh, what a messy hair affair!


It tried a comb, even a hat,

But nothing seemed to combat.

The tufts that flew, the locks astray,

“Bad hair days!” it would say.


But then it thought, “Why even care?

I’m still the bunny, extraordinaire!”

With a hop and a skip, it went on its way,

Messy fur, but still a bright day!

4. Bunny’s Big Sneezes

Allergies aren’t fun, especially for our little rabbit. Join in the laughter as our bunny sneezes its way through some unexpected scenarios.

In the middle of a silent night,

Bunny sneezed with all its might.

The birds awoke, thinking it’s day,

And chirped loudly, come what may.


Next, by the serene pond it sat,

Sneezed again, and startled a bat!

Frogs jumped high, lilies did sway,

Oh, the chaos bunny’s sneezes relay.


Despite the noise, and some funny jeers,

Bunny laughed, wiping away tears.

For every sneeze, though loud and crazy,

Made life a tad bit more daisy!

5. Sunglasses and Bunny

Picture this: a bunny donning shades and thinking it’s the coolest in the land. Dive into this hilarious visual through poetic lines.

Bunny found some sunglasses, oh so cool,

Wore them around, feeling no fool.

Strolling with swagger, head held high,

Believed it was the coolest bunny, oh my!


Mirrored lenses, sleek and neat,

Bunny felt its look was complete.

But bumped into trees, and once a wall,

Maybe the shades weren’t apt for all?


Taking them off, it sighed with grace,

“I’m cool enough, even without this face.”

Hopping away, with its usual glee,

Shade-less, but still as fancy-free!

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