10 Short Poems About Monster

“Monsters have long fuelled our darkest fears and wildest imaginations. In this collection, delve into 10 short poems that breathe life into these mythical beasts, revealing their sinister allure and the deeper reflections they cast upon our own human nature. Prepare for a chilling poetic journey!”

Short Poems About Monster

1. Shadows Lurking

In the darkness, monsters creep, feeding off our fears so deep. This poem captures the unseen terrors that lie just beyond our sight, as shadows play tricks on our mind.

In the silence of the night,

Shadows lurk, giving fright.

Is it real or just the mind?

Monsters of the undefined.


Eyes that watch from the wall,

Whispers in the hall,

Tales of terror they recall,

Night’s dark creatures befall.


From the corners they might creep,

Into dreams, as you sleep.

Guard your soul, keep it tight,

Monsters hunt in the night.

2. The Sea’s Hidden Depth

The vastness of the sea conceals many a secret, including the leviathans below. This poem plunges into the ocean’s depths, where legendary monsters await.

Beneath the waves, so blue and vast,

Monsters from forgotten past.

Leviathans, with scales so sleek,

In the depths, they silently speak.


Tales of ships they’ve pulled below,

Of sailors’ screams and deep sorrow.

Hidden from the world above,

They move with grace, push and shove.


Ancient creatures, old and wise,

In the ocean’s heart, their kingdom lies.

Mysteries deep, where shadows blend,

Sea monsters, on which tales depend.

3. The Monster Within

Sometimes, the most terrifying monsters are not those outside but the ones that reside within us. This poem delves into the internal struggles we face, as we grapple with our inner demons.

In every heart, a monster hides,

Behind kind eyes, it bides.

With every beat, it grows strong,

Whispering rights, humming wrongs.


It feeds on doubts, feasts on fears,

Laughter, joy, it often sheers.

A battle within, day by day,

With our own selves, we fray.


Recognize the beast, deep inside,

Face it, fight, take it in stride.

For in its defeat, we truly win,

Conquering the inner monster’s din.

4. Guardian at the Gate

Every culture has stories of gatekeeper monsters, guardians of forbidden realms. This poem paints a picture of such a creature, standing sentinel at the threshold of unknown wonders.

At the gate, a monster stands,

Guarding secrets, forbidden lands.

With fiery eyes and scales that gleam,

It watches, waits, and silently dreams.


Dare you approach its mighty lair?

With courage bold, do you dare?

For treasures lie, just beyond its sight,

But its wrath is fierce, full of might.


Remember tales of old and wise,

Where monsters roared, and heroes rise.

Face the guardian, if you must,

But respect its role, its sacred trust.

5. The Midnight Feast

Monsters of the night, hunting for their next meal, create a landscape of horror. This poem transports the reader to a world where monsters feast under the moonlight.

When the moon is high and round,

Monsters wake, without a sound.

Hunting, prowling, they seek a feast,

Upon fears, they love to beast.


Hoots and howls, the night is alive,

In the darkness, they thrive.

Glistening teeth, and eyes that gleam,

They’re more real than any dream.


As dawn approaches, they retreat,

Their midnight feast now complete.

Till the next moonlit night they wait,

Hungry, silent, and sedate.

6. Monster’s Lullaby

Even monsters, with their terrifying forms, have moments of tenderness. This poem captures a softer side, as a monster sings its offspring to sleep.

In the cave, deep and dark,

A monster hums, a gentle lark.

To its young, it sings a song,

Of dreams where they belong.


“Close your eyes, my little fright,

Rest your head, embrace the night.

For even monsters need their sleep,

In dreams, through darkness, they leap.”


The world outside may not see,

The love, the bond, the monster’s glee.

For in the lullaby’s gentle sweep,

Even monsters dream deep.

7. Forest’s Whispered Secrets

Forests, with their towering trees and hidden paths, house creatures of lore. This poem dives into the whispers of the woods, where monsters roam free.

In the forest, where shadows play,

Monsters wander, night and day.

With every rustle, every sound,

Legends of old are found.


Trees tell tales of creatures grand,

Beasts that walk the land.

With mossy steps and eyes so wide,

In the woods, they reside.


Listen closely, you might hear,

A whispered secret, drawing near.

For the forest guards its tales,

Of monsters, myths, and fairy trails.

Short Poems About Monster

Poems About Monster Under The Bed

1. Beneath the Slumber

Many a child has feared what lies beneath their bed, imagining creatures in the shadows. This poem captures the eerie sensation of believing there’s a monster hiding just inches away.

Beneath the bed, in the dark space,

Lies a creature without a face.

Silent whispers, a soft rustle,

Signals its nightly, quiet hustle.


Cold air drifts, a sudden chill,

Imagination begins to fill.

With claws, fangs, eyes that gleam,

Crafting a vivid, frightful dream.


Yet as dawn starts to spread,

No sign of the monster dread.

Is it real or just pretend?

Mysteries of the bed’s deep end.

2. Guardian of Nightmares

Not all monsters are to be feared. Some might be guardians, protectors of sleep. This poem hints at the possibility of a benevolent being beneath the bed.

In the realm below the frame,

Exists a creature without a name.

Not of horror, but of care,

Guarding dreams, dispelling nightmare.


Its soft hum, a lullaby sweet,

Ensuring nightmares face defeat.

For in the night, when shadows blend,

It stands as a sleep-time friend.


Children sleep, hearts free of dread,

For a kind monster guards beneath the bed.

Whispering tales, singing songs,

Shielding them from all wrongs.

3. The Forgotten Toyland

Sometimes, the ‘monsters’ beneath our bed are but forgotten toys, yearning for attention. This poem delves into the imagined world of toys, misinterpreted as monsters by a child’s active mind.

Underneath, where dust bunnies lie,

Toys forgotten, let out a sigh.

Mistaken for monsters, they stay hidden,

Their stories, their games, all forbidden.


A teddy bear, a toy car track,

Once loved, now left in the black.

Their shadows cast, create a scene,

Interpreted as something mean.


Yet if we’d look, truly see,

The ‘monsters’ just want to be free.

To be played with, held once more,

The cherished toys from days of yore.

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