10 Short Poems About Hurricane

Hurricanes, with their immense power and beauty, have long inspired poets. Within this tumultuous dance of wind and water, there lies a deeper tale of nature’s might and fury. Here are 10 short poems that capture the essence, awe, and sometimes melancholy of these tempestuous giants. Dive into their poetic depths.

Short Poems About Hurricane

1. Whispers of the Gale

The storm brews, capturing the duality of nature’s beauty and ferocity. This poem seeks to convey the initial whispers of an approaching hurricane, an omen of its imminent force.

Whispers in the breeze foretell,

Mysteries that time will yell.

Clouds convene, darkness swell,

Nature’s dance begins to gel.


Sea waves rise with a roar,

Kissing the shores, wanting more.

With each tide, they implore,

To the storm’s untamed lore.


Fearful hearts, hopes start to wane,

Seeking shelter from the rain.

In this dance of love and pain,

Nature claims its vast domain.

2. Eye Of The Storm

Amidst the chaos of a hurricane, lies the quiet center – the eye. This poem delves into the paradoxical calm within the storm, a momentary respite from the turmoil.

In the heart of roaring strife,

Lies a silent, still life.

Amidst tumult, fear is rife,

Peace stands, sharp as a knife.


Around it, winds wildly twine,

Yet in the center, stars align.

A tranquil space, almost divine,

In the storm’s fierce design.


It’s a paradox, clear and true,

Chaos outside, inside a view.

For in life’s storms, old and new,

Peace can reside in you too.

3. Nature’s Wrath And Rebirth

Nature’s power is dual – it destroys, yet it also rejuvenates. This poem captures the aftermath of a hurricane and the silver lining that follows devastation.

Trees bend, their pride is torn,

Homes shattered, memories are mourned.

Through nature’s wrath, a new day is born,

In destruction’s wake, life is reborn.


After the winds, silence creeps,

Over lands where sorrow weeps.

Yet with time, the earth leaps,

Emerging from the sleep that’s deep.


Ruins fade, green sprouts ascend,

Life’s cycle, a never-ending bend.

For after every storm’s end,

Nature’s hands always mend.

4. Dancing Tempest

The hurricane’s movement can resemble a dance – unpredictable, fierce, and beautiful. This poem personifies the storm as a dancer on the world’s vast stage.

Twirling, swirling, a dance begins,

Nature’s ballet, a play of winds.

A pirouette of rain and spin,

Grace and fury, both akin.


Rhythmic gusts, the beat is set,

Nature’s song, a swirling duet.

A performance we won’t forget,

Marked by the tears that are wet.


As curtains of rain start to fall,

The tempest takes its final call.

In awe, we watch, one and all,

At the hurricane’s majestic ball.

5. Ode to the Mighty

A homage to the hurricane’s unmatched strength. This poem glorifies the might and dominance of these natural phenomena.

Mighty winds, force untamed,

By no bounds, they’re chained.

Power vast, rightly famed,

In their wake, worlds are renamed.


Oceans rise, answering the call,

Mountains crumble, cities fall.

Yet amidst the chaos, the squall,

Nature’s reign stands tall.


Bow we must, to the mighty gust,

With respect, in awe, and trust.

For in the hurricane’s thrust,

We see nature, grand and just.

6. Echoes of Ancients

This poem connects hurricanes to the timeless tales of old, seeing them as stories told by ancestors and the ageless earth.

Tales spun by ancient breezes,

Echoes of times long past.

Every gust holds secrets, teases,

Histories so vast and vast.


Ancestors speak in the swirling wind,

Their voices in every tide.

Telling tales of sins and kin,

In the storm, they confide.


For hurricanes are not just gales,

But stories, old and profound.

Nature’s way, where memory sails,

In the winds, histories are found.

7. The Lighthouse’s Vigil

From a lighthouse’s perspective, hurricanes are both a challenge and a testament to resilience. This poem speaks of the sentinel standing tall amidst the storm.

Upon the cliff, a beacon stands,

Guarding shores, watching sands.

Against the storm, it withstands,

Guiding lost to safer lands.


Waves crash, the tempest rages,

Wind’s fierce song, the night engages.

Yet the lighthouse, wise with ages,

Shines bright, as the storm engages.


A symbol of hope, in the dark night,

Standing firm, with all its might.

Through every storm, every fright,

It shines, a guiding light.

8. The Storm’s Embrace

Embracing a hurricane’s force, understanding its nature, is the essence of this poem. It speaks of acceptance and finding beauty amidst chaos.

In the howling wind, a song,

In the storm’s embrace, we belong.

Though the nights may seem long,

In its arms, we grow strong.


Rain lashes, winds confound,

Yet in the chaos, beauty is found.

Nature’s ballet, a dance unbound,

In its rhythm, we are wound.


Embrace the tempest, don’t resist,

Find peace in its turbulent twist.

For in the storm’s passionate tryst,

Life’s beauty and fury coexist.

Poems About Hurricane

Hurricane Poems That Rhyme

1. Rising Tempest

The anticipation of a hurricane, with the tension it creates in both the natural world and human hearts, is conveyed in this poem. It captures the balance of trepidation and respect we feel when facing the forces of nature.

Darkened skies, a storm draws near,

Birds take flight, filled with fear.

The sea stirs, its waves severe,

Nature’s might, soon to appear.


Whispering winds begin to moan,

Nature’s power, once more shown.

Over land and sea, it has grown,

The tempest’s strength, all its own.


Homes shuttered, streets so still,

Awaiting the storm’s looming thrill.

With bated breath, atop the hill,

We watch and wait, as time stands still.

2. Nature’s Symphony

This poem emphasizes the symphonic elements of a hurricane. The interplay of rain, wind, and thunder is depicted as a musical performance orchestrated by nature.

The winds begin, a gentle play,

Building up, they have their say.

Like instruments, they sway and sway,

Nature’s symphony on display.


Raindrops dance, a rapid beat,

Thunder drums, its sound so fleet.

Together they create a feat,

A stormy song, both wild and sweet.


But once the final note has rung,

Silence falls, the song is sung.

Nature’s applause, to the sky flung,

For the hurricane’s tune, so aptly strung.

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