12 Best Poems About Haunted Houses

Step into the shadowy realm of haunted abodes with these 12 evocative poems. Journey through creaking hallways and whispered secrets, as each verse paints a chilling tapestry of ghostly dwellings. Delve deep, if you dare, into tales where the walls echo with memories, mysteries, and lingering spirits.

Poems About Haunted Houses

1. The Phantom’s Lullaby

This poem captures the essence of a haunting lullaby sung by a ghost that resides within a crumbling mansion. The phantom seems to seek companionship, or perhaps to give a warning.

In walls of dust and webs of gray,

A phantom hums a tune each day.

A lullaby from times long past,

A lonely spell forever cast.


Soft whispers fill the empty halls,

An eerie dance where no one calls.

The ghostly notes rise and fall,

Unheard by any, big or small.


Do you hear the haunting strain?

A melody of joy and pain.

A song of love, a song of dread,

A lullaby for the undead.

2. Forgotten Echoes

This poem portrays an old house where memories echo, but no one is there to hear them. The space is haunted not just by spirits, but by forgotten events and unspoken words.

Echoes bounce in empty rooms,

Like ghostly flowers, silence blooms.

Old photos stare from wooden frames,

Each face still calls forgotten names.


A ballroom where no feet have tread,

A dining hall with no breaking bread.

The air is thick with words unsaid,

The laughter gone, the voices dead.


Haunting more than any ghost,

Are memories that matter most.

In every crack, they whisper still,

In empty homes on haunted hill.

3. The Haunt of Love

The Haunt of Love explores the notion that sometimes love itself can be haunting. Within the confines of an old home, love has managed to linger, perpetually waiting for a second chance.

Love sits still in dusty chairs,

Hanging heavy in the air.

The floorboards creak, the curtains sigh,

As love refuses to say goodbye.


Rooms adorned in cobweb lace,

Longing locked in a quiet space.

A haunted heart, a jilted lover,

The walls conceal what none discover.


Can love exist without a host?

Like waiting tea for a passing ghost.

Forever in this dwelling bound,

Where once was lost, can love be found?

4. Whispering Walls

Whispering Walls delves into the idea that the walls of a haunted house might have secrets to tell, if only we could hear them. They’ve witnessed years of history and they murmur stories to those who listen closely.

Walls that talk in hushed tones speak,

Whisper secrets they can’t keep.

Gather close, listen well,

Hear the tales that they must tell.


Moonlight casts an eerie glow,

As walls recount the long-ago.

A haunting love, a grievous sin,

Stories hidden deep within.


If you dare to understand,

Place your ear upon the sand.

Listen to the murmur call,

The haunted tales of whispering walls.

5. The Uninvited Guest

The Uninvited Guest centers around the idea that sometimes, the scariest intruder in a haunted house isn’t a supernatural entity but the inner demons we bring with us.

You walked in, a sense of dread,

This haunted house fills you with dread.

But take a pause, and you might see,

The haunt’s within, not property.


Your fears, your past, they walk with you,

An uninvited guest that’s true.

No matter where you try to hide,

The haunt’s a feeling deep inside.


So think before you dare to roam,

A haunted house may feel like home.

Because the ghosts that haunt the best,

Are those we bring as an uninvited guest.

6. Midnight Caller

Midnight Caller paints the haunting atmosphere of a house that receives a mysterious visitor every night. Despite the nightly disruptions, no one ever discovers who — or what — the visitor is.

A knock comes at the stroke of twelve,

A secret that the night won’t tell.

No footprints seen, no voice to call,

Just silence hanging like a pall.


The door creaks open, but no one’s there,

Just a cold draft swirling in the air.

A haunting sense of déjà vu,

A nightly riddle without a clue.


Is it a ghost or is it fate?

That makes the clock and stillness mate.

Each midnight brings a call anew,

The mystery lives in deja vu.

7. The Keeper of the House

This poem delves into the imagined thoughts of a lonely spirit who has become the self-appointed caretaker of an abandoned house. The Keeper of the House takes pride in his eerie duties.

I guard this house with spectral grace,

My haunting has a time and place.

Each room I wander, night by night,

To keep my haunt just out of sight.


Though people say this house is cursed,

I’ve seen the years, the best, the worst.

In moonlit glow, I stand my post,

A haunted house, with me, its ghost.


So if you dare to come inside,

Know I’m the one from whom you can’t hide.

A keeper of the hearth and spouse,

The ghostly guardian of this haunted house.

8. Lost in Time

Lost in Time reflects on a house that seems to exist in multiple eras simultaneously. It is a place where the past, present, and future meld into an ever-haunting tapestry.

Time’s a loop in this old house,

Years entwined like a tangled spouse.

A haunting mix of then and now,

A spectral blend, you’ll wonder how.


Clocks all stopped, yet time still flows,

In each room a decade shows.

The air is filled with eras past,

In haunted halls where shadows cast.


Ghosts may come and spirits go,

In timeless dance, a haunting show.

The walls themselves are lost in time,

In every corner, age and grime.

Poems About Haunted Houses

Funny Poems About A Haunted House

1. The Ghost Who Couldn’t Boo

This light-hearted poem tells the story of a ghost living in a haunted house who, unfortunately, isn’t very good at doing ghostly things, especially the traditional “boo.”

There once was a ghost named Drew,

Who simply could not say “boo.”

Instead, he’d shout “moo” or “shoo,”

Confusing those he flew to spook.


His fellow ghosts would often tease,

“Are you haunting cows or bees?”

But Drew just laughed and set them straight,

“I’m unique, and that’s just great!”


So, if you hear “cluck” or “blew,”

Know it’s Drew, who hasn’t a clue.

In the haunted house, he stands out too,

The ghost who shouts, “How do you do!”

2. The Vampire’s Sunburn

This whimsical poem is about a vampire in a haunted house who accidentally stayed up too late and faced the sunny consequences. Sometimes, even supernatural beings can have a slip-up.

In the haunted house down the lane,

Lived a vampire, quite insane.

Forgot to sleep before the dawn,

Woke up sunburned, on the lawn.


His pale skin turned a shade of pink,

“What will other monsters think?”

He rushed inside, hid in the shade,

Hoping the burn would soon fade.


Now he uses SPF, high rate,

Ensuring sun won’t seal his fate.

In the haunted house, he learned his turn,

Vampires too, can really burn!

Funny Poems About A Haunted House

Haunted Houses Poems That Rhyme

1. The House with Eyes

This poem paints a vivid image of an old house on a hill, appearing as though it watches over the town. Its windows are like eyes, always observing, giving it a hauntingly aware presence.

Atop the hill, it stands so high,

Its windows gleam, under the sky.

Like eyes that watch, both night and day,

It sees all that comes its way.


Doors that creak, and floors that moan,

Inside the house, you’re never alone.

Its wooden beams and stones so old,

Hold many secrets, stories untold.


If walls could talk, oh, what they’d say,

Of whispered nights and sunny days.

Yet silent stands the house with eyes,

Guarding its secrets, under the skies.

2. Echoes in the Hall

This poem explores the notion of auditory hauntings within a house. Each sound—an echo, a footstep, or a sigh—has a story behind it, creating a tapestry of ghostly tales.

Every echo has its source,

In the haunted house, of course.

Footsteps linger, but no one’s there,

Just chilling drafts in the stagnant air.


A sigh, a whisper, shadows dance,

The spirits take their nightly chance.

To roam the halls, and stairs so steep,

While the living world is fast asleep.


So when you hear a distant call,

Remember the echoes in the hall.

Each has a tale, if you’d lend an ear,

To the haunted stories you might hear.

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