11 Terrifying Poems about Apocalypse | End of the World Poems

Dive deep into the chilling abyss of the unknown with these 11 haunting poems about the apocalypse. Each verse paints a stark picture of the world’s end, leaving readers with Goosebumps and an eerie sense of foreboding. Dare to explore the darkest corners of poetic imagination.

Short Poems about Apocalypse

1. The Final Sunset

This poem delves into the quiet, unsettling calm that may precede the apocalypse. It captures the transient beauty of nature’s last moments as it yields to inevitable chaos.

Amidst the crimson skies and waning light,

The world braces for an endless night.

Birds flutter in a desperate plea,

Knowing tomorrow, they might not be.


The air grows still, the seas rage on,

Mountains crumble, landmarks gone.

Nature’s final, resplendent bow,

Before the darkness swallows it now.


Whispers of endings, tales untold,

As the world’s last story begins to unfold.

In the silence, a poignant song,

Of a world wondering where it went wrong.

2. Ashen Dreams

This piece reflects on the aftermath of a catastrophic event. The imagery paints a desolate world where memories and dreams are lost amidst the ashen remains.

Grey clouds loom, no dawn in sight,

Ashen dreams in perpetual night.

Streets once bustling, now eerily quiet,

The aftermath of apocalyptic riot.


Memories scattered, history’s debris,

Once tall towers, now bent like trees.

Echoes of laughter, now silent screams,

In a world devoid of hopeful dreams.


Yet amidst the despair, a heartbeat remains,

A flicker of hope, unshackled chains.

Even in ruins, life will persist,

A new dawn awaits, through the mist.

3. Clock’s Final Tick

This poem examines the concept of time running out for our planet. It’s a reflection on the finite nature of existence and how the apocalypse might be the last tick of the universal clock.

Seconds drip like melting wax,

Counting down, no turning back.

As the world’s heart starts to slow,

Clock’s final tick, its final glow.


The sun dims, stars retreat,

Time’s up, our final heartbeat.

Shadows stretch, days conflate,

As the hourglass seals our fate.


Yet in the clock’s last echo, we hear,

A reminder of what we hold dear.

For even as all things must end,

New beginnings, around the bend.

4. Echoes of Silence

Drawing from the haunting tranquility post-apocalypse, this poem speaks of a world where human-made cacophonies are replaced by the profound echoes of silence, hinting at nature reclaiming its space.

In the aftermath, no engines roar,

Silent cities, folklore of yore.

Nature’s whispers grow profound,

Echoes of silence, the only sound.


Rivers flow with tales untold,

Of a world once bright, now cold.

Forests rise, buildings fall,

Nature’s reclaim, an age-old call.


Yet in the quiet, a promise stands,

Life’s cycle, shifting sands.

For every end, there’s a start anew,

Echoes of silence, morning dew.

Short Poems about Apocalypse

Poems about Zombie Apocalypse

1. “Undead Symphony”

This poem explores the eerie world of a zombie apocalypse, where the undead roam, and humanity fights for survival. It captures the chaos and desperation of this nightmarish scenario.

In moonlight’s cold, the undead stir,

A ghastly dance, a somber blur.

A symphony of groans and dread,

In this world where life has fled.


Survivors huddle, hearts aflame,

Their fear a torch, igniting shame.

In the darkness, they stand tall,

Fighting for a future, though it’s small.


With every step, the undead tread,

Through cities lost, once vibrant, spread.

In this undead symphony, they play,

A never-ending night and day.

2. “Hope Amidst Decay”

This piece delves into the emotional turmoil experienced by survivors in a world overrun by zombies. It touches on the struggle to maintain hope in the face of overwhelming despair.

In the shadowed realm of decay,

Survivors fight to find their way.

Hope flickers like a distant star,

Guiding them from near to far.


Among the ruins, they persist,

In this world where death’s the gist.

Struggling to find a way to cope,

Holding onto threads of fragile hope.


Though zombies roam in endless strife,

They’ll cling to life, they’ll fight for life.

Amidst the chaos, they find a way,

To greet the dawn of a new day.

3. “Last Stand”

This poem portrays the final battle of humanity against the zombie horde, highlighting the courage and unity that emerge in the face of imminent doom.

The final stand, the battle’s near,

Humanity’s hope, devoid of fear.

Faces etched with grim resolve,

As the undead horde evolves.


Weapons raised, hearts aligned,

A courage in their souls enshrined.

For in this moment, they unite,

In the face of endless night.


The undead swarm, a ceaseless tide,

But survivors stand, side by side.

In this last stand, they’ll fight the fight,

For freedom in the dying light.

Poems about Zombie Apocalypse

Sad Poems about the End of the World

1. “Fading Hope”

This poem delves into the profound sadness that accompanies the realization of the world’s impending demise. It captures the grief and helplessness felt by those who must witness the end.

As twilight falls on skies so gray,

Hope withers, slowly fades away.

The world we loved, now torn apart,

A melancholy grips the heart.


Once vibrant lands now bleak and cold,

A future lost, a story untold.

Tears fall like rain from heavens weep,

As the world descends into endless sleep.


In fading light, we share our plight,

Haunted by the endless night.

In sorrow’s grip, we’re left to mourn,

For a world from which we’re torn.

2. “Vanishing Dreams”

This piece explores the melancholic aftermath of the world’s demise, focusing on the shattered dreams and lost aspirations of its inhabitants.

Dreams that soared now fall like ash,

Lost in the world’s final clash.

In the rubble, hopes lie slain,

As we bear witness to endless pain.


The cities crumble, forests fade,

The beauty of the world betrayed.

Promises of tomorrow now forlorn,

In this world where dreams are torn.


Amidst the ruins, we stand alone,

In this world we once called home.

Our dreams now vanish, like the day,

As the world slowly fades away.

3. “The Silent End

This poem paints a desolate picture of a world silenced by its own demise. It focuses on the profound and eerie quietness that follows the end.

The world’s last breath, a silent sigh,

Underneath the ashen sky.

No birds, no breeze, no laughter’s ring,

Just silence in the absence of everything.


Streets deserted, once alive,

Now echoes of the past survive.

In this quiet, a mournful sound,

The world’s last heartbeat, now unbound.


The silence deafening, hearts grow cold,

As memories of the world unfold.

In the quiet end, we’re left to grieve,

For the world we lost, we can’t retrieve.

4. “Lonely Echoes”

This piece focuses on the loneliness that pervades a world nearing its end, where connections are severed and isolation reigns.

In solitude, we face the end,

No more lovers, no more friend.

The world’s grown cold, hearts turn to stone,

In this place where we’re all alone.


Families torn, bonds undone,

In a world where there is only one.

Lonely echoes in the night,

As the world fades from our sight.


Yet in the stillness, a glimmer remains,

A hope to mend the broken chains.

In lonely echoes, we find a way,

To endure the world’s final day.

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