Opposite of Sin, Antonyms of sin (Example Sentences)

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Type: Noun/Verb

Meaning/Definition of sin: Noun referring to an immoral or wrongful act; Verb describing the act of committing a moral offense.

What is the Opposite of sin?

The Opposite of sin is virtue.

Other Opposites of sin:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of sin:

  • Act of kindness
  • Favor
  • Favour
  • Good deed
  • Good turn
  • Benevolence
  • Courtesy
  • Kind act
  • Kind deed
  • Kindly act
  • Right
  • Service
  • Special favor

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “sin”:

  1. Embracing virtue leads to a life of righteousness.
  2. The actions reflected righteousness and moral integrity.
  3. The person’s behavior was guided by their strong sense of morality.
  4. The act was rooted in goodness and a desire to help others.
  5. Her character was known for its purity and innocence.
  6. He maintained his integrity even in difficult situations.
  7. The person’s actions reflected righteousness and ethical values.
  8. Honesty is a decency that should be practiced in all aspects of life.
  9. They conducted themselves with honor and respect for others.
  10. The individual’s choices reflected a life of integrity and moral uprightness.

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Opposite of Sin, Antonyms of sin with meaning and Example Sentences in English PDF

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