Opposite of Mature, Antonyms of Mature (Example Sentences)

Type: Adjective/Verb

Meaning/Definition of mature: Adjective describing someone or something that is fully developed or grown; Verb referring to the act of reaching full development or becoming ripe.

What is the Opposite of mature?

The Opposite of mature is immature.

Other Opposites of mature:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of mature:

  • adolescent
  • clumsy
  • fresh
  • inexperienced
  • junior
  • juvenile
  • little
  • minor
  • new
  • novel
  • petty
  • recent
  • renewed
  • small
  • teen
  • young
  • younger
  • youthful

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Mature:

  1. She was immature and didn’t demonstrate mature behavior.
  2. He lacked sophistication and didn’t display maturity in his actions.
  3. The person showed childish traits and didn’t exhibit maturity.
  4. Instead of mature, she was juvenile and lacked a grown-up attitude.
  5. He didn’t possess wisdom or maturity in his decisions.
  6. Instead of mature, she displayed immaturity and didn’t act her age.
  7. The behavior was adolescent and didn’t reflect maturity.
  8. Instead of mature, he had a childlike demeanor and lacked maturity.
  9. She didn’t demonstrate responsibility or maturity in her actions.
  10. Instead of mature, he was inexperienced and lacked worldly wisdom.

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