Opposite Of Against, Antonyms of Against (Example Sentences)

Type: Preposition

Meaning/Definition of against: Preposition indicating physical contact with or opposition to someone or something.

What is the Opposite of against?

The Opposite of against is for.

Other Opposites of against:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of against:

  • next
  • beside
  • by
  • alongside

Example Sentences Using Opposites of “against”:

  1. She spoke for the proposal during the meeting.
  2. He was pro the new policy and shared his reasons.
  3. The majority was in favor of the changes in the organization.
  4. They were actively supporting the candidate in the elections.
  5. The activist spent her time advocating for human rights.
  6. They were backing the new project with their resources.
  7. The pendulum swung forth and back, indicating a change.
  8. He walked towards the goal with determination.
  9. We were in agreement with the decision made by the committee.
  10. The team was on board with the proposed strategy.

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