Non-Action Verbs List in English

Non-Action Verbs List

What are Non-Action Verbs?

A non-action verb is a verb that does not require an object. For example, the verb “to be” is a non-action verb. Non-action verbs are often used in the present tense to describe someone’s feelings or emotions. For example, the sentence “I am sad” uses the non-action verb “to be” in the present tense to describe the speaker’s emotion.

Non-action verbs can also be used to describe states of being. The term “action verb” is used to describe verbs that need an object in order to complete the sentence, such as “run”, “hit”, or “kill”.

Non Action Verbs List

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List of Non-Action Verbs

  • appear
  • like
  • feel
  • Hear
  • Believe
  • possess
  • have
  • look
  • be
  • Need
  • Belong
  • seem
  • own
  • believe
  • Love
  • Want
  • Own
  • love
  • Seem
  • consider
  • See
  • prefer
  • smell
  • think
  • Remember
  • taste

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Action and non action verbs