Magic Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Welcome to a world of magical words! In this blog post, we explore idioms that contain the word “magic” or are related to the theme of magic. These are phrases that might sound mysterious but are used in everyday English to express unique ideas in a fun way. Let’s dive into the magic of language and learn together!

Magic Idioms

Here are 20 magic idioms in English with the meaning and an example sentence for each.

1. Work like magic

Meaning: To be extremely effective.

Example: This cough syrup works like magic!

2. Magic touch

Meaning: A special skill or ability.

Example: She has the magic touch with flowers.

3. Magic bullet

Meaning: A simple and perfect solution.

Example: There’s no magic bullet for weight loss.

4. Magic moment

Meaning: A memorable, delightful time.

Example: Their first dance was a magic moment.

5. Magic wand

Meaning: A tool that solves problems quickly.

Example: I wish I had a magic wand for homework.

6. By magic

Meaning: Happening in an unexplainable way.

Example: The room was tidy, as if by magic.

7. Like magic

Meaning: Happening very quickly and effectively.

Example: The stain vanished like magic!

8. Magic number

Meaning: The perfect or desired number.

Example: Seven is often seen as a magic number.

9. Magic carpet

Meaning: A means of exciting travel or flight.

Example: We soared through the story on a magic carpet.

10. Magic formula

Meaning: A method guaranteed to bring success.

Example: They used a magic formula in their project.

11. Magic word

Meaning: A word used to ask for something politely.

Example: Remember, the magic word is “please.”

12. Magic trick

Meaning: An act of illusion or sleight of hand.

Example: He amazed everyone with his magic trick.

13. Magic potion

Meaning: A drink that has powerful effects.

Example: He joked about needing a magic potion to wake up.

14. Magic spell

Meaning: Words that are believed to have magical power.

Example: She read a magic spell from the old book.

15. Magic circle

Meaning: A group of people with special knowledge or influence.

Example: He was not part of the company’s magic circle.

16. Magic show

Meaning: A performance of magical feats.

Example: The kids loved the magic show at the party.

17. Magic mirror

Meaning: A mirror that supposedly tells the truth.

Example: She asked her magic mirror who was the fairest.

18. Magic beans

Meaning: Beans that are considered to have mystical properties.

Example: He traded his cow for five magic beans.

19. Magic lamp

Meaning: A lamp that brings a genie when rubbed.

Example: He wished for a magic lamp to solve his troubles.

20. Magic hour

Meaning: Time of day with perfect lighting.

Example: Photographers love shooting during the magic hour.

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