Look Up Idioms (With Meaning and Examples)

Have you ever heard someone use the term “look up” in a funny way and wondered what it meant? Well, idioms are phrases that don’t mean exactly what the words say. They have a hidden meaning that you can learn to understand. Today, we’re going to explore different idioms that include the phrase “look up.” Get ready to expand your vocabulary in a fun way!

Look Up Idioms

Here are 20 look up idioms in English with meaning and example sentence for each.

1. Look up

Meaning: Things are starting to improve.

Example: After the rain stopped, things looked up.

2. Look up to someone

Meaning: Admire or respect someone.

Example: He really looks up to his coach.

3. Things are looking up

Meaning: Situations are improving.

Example: Finally, things are looking up for us.

4. Look someone up

Meaning: Visit someone when you’re in their area.

Example: I’ll look you up next time I’m in town.

5. Look up something

Meaning: Search for information.

Example: She looked up the recipe online.

6. Look up a notch

Meaning: Improve or increase by a level.

Example: Let’s look up a notch in quality.

7. Look up and down

Meaning: Examine carefully.

Example: He looked me up and down critically.

8. Look up to it

Meaning: Be capable or equal to a task.

Example: Are you sure you can look up to it?

9. Look up in the sky

Meaning: Search or hope for inspiration or help.

Example: Sometimes, you just need to look up in the sky.

10. Look up to the task

Meaning: Adequate for the challenge.

Example: She is definitely looking up to the task.

11. Look up to the expectations

Meaning: Meet the expected standards.

Example: He is trying to look up to the expectations.

12. Look up to the challenge

Meaning: Ready to face a challenge.

Example: Our team is looking up to the challenge.

13. Look up for inspiration

Meaning: Search around for motivation.

Example: I often look up for inspiration.

14. Look up to figure out

Meaning: Try to understand or solve.

Example: I need to look up to figure out this problem.

15. Look up at the stars

Meaning: Consider the universe or broader perspectives.

Example: At night, I like to look up at the stars.

16. Look up to their leader

Meaning: Show respect and follow guidance.

Example: The team looks up to their leader for direction.

17. Look up the history

Meaning: Research or learn about the past.

Example: We should look up the history before the debate.

18. Look up the facts

Meaning: Verify or confirm information.

Example: It’s important to look up the facts first.

19. Look up for answers

Meaning: Seek solutions or information.

Example: I always look up for answers online.

20. Look up to the occasion

Meaning: Rise to meet the special event’s demands.

Example: He definitely looked up to the occasion at the wedding.

Look Up Idioms