100 Gender List in English of Masculine and Feminine

Looking for a list of gender words in English? Here’s a comprehensive list of 100 gender words, both masculine and feminine. This list can help you better understand the gender spectrum and how different genders are defined. Enjoy!

100 Gender List

Below is the list of 100 gender names with their feminine.

Masculine Feminine
Heir Heiress
Husband Wife
Author Authoress
Boy Girl
Lion Lioness
Manservant Maidservant
Count Countess
Gentleman Lady
Son Daughter
Peer Peeress
Bull Cow
Nephew Niece
Priest Priestess
Hart Roe
Sultan Sultana
Traitor Traitress
Duke Duchess
Daddy Mummy
Father Mother
Duke Duchess
Bull Calf
Giant Giantess
Stag Hind
Songster Songstress
Wizard Witch
God Goddess
Host Hostess
Bachelor Spinster
Czar Czarina
Nephew Niece
King Queen
Abbot Abbess
Husband Wife
Hero Heroine
Monk Nun
Czar Czarina
Patron Patroness
Signor Signora
Conductor Conductress
Baron Baroness
Uncle Aunt
Steward Stewardess
Peacock Peahen
Benefactor Benefactress
Master Mistress
Landlord Landlady
Man Woman
Cock Hen
Brother Sister
Prophet Prophetess
Viscount Viscountess
Grandfather Grandmother
Emperor Empress
Master Mistress
Dad Mum
Drone Bee
Tiger Tigress
Hero Heroine
Heir Heiress
Prince Princess
Policeman Policewoman
 Host Hostess
Lord Lady
Bridegroom Bride
Actor Actress
Hunter Huntress
Milkman Milkmaid
Drake Duck
He Goat
Tempter Temptress
Murderer Murderess
Cock Sparrow
Poet Poetess
Shepherd Shepherdess
Gander  Goose
Sir Madam
Waiter Waitress
Enchanter Enchantress
Count Countess

All Genders List And Meaning

  • Androgynous: Having a blend of both masculine and feminine traits.
  • Transsexual: A person who undergoes medical procedures to transition to their identified gender.
  • Third Gender: A gender category that goes beyond male and female.
  • Trans*: An umbrella term for transgender and non-binary identities.
  • FTM: Female-to-Male: A transgender individual transitioning to male.
  • Cisgender: When a person identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth.
  • Female: Identifying as a woman or girl.
  • Maverique: A term used by some individuals who don’t fit within traditional gender categories.
  • Femme: A term often used in queer contexts to describe a feminine expression.
  • Gender Fluid: Experiencing a fluid or changing gender identity.
  • Genderqueer: A non-binary identity with queer aspects.
  • Hermaphrodite: An outdated term for intersex individuals.
  • Gender Variant: Refers to individuals who deviate from traditional gender roles and norms.
  • Tom and Dee Identities: Traditional Thai gender identities for masculine and feminine expression.
  • Intersex: Individuals born with variations in sex characteristics that don’t fit typical male or female categories.
  • Transsexual Female: Someone assigned male at birth but transitions to female.
  • Gender Nonconforming: People who express their gender in ways that don’t align with societal norms.
  • AMAB: Abbreviation for “Assigned Male at Birth.”
  • Fakaleiti: In Tongan culture, feminine men.
  • Male: Identifying as a man or boy.
  • Novigender: Refers to a newly discovered or defined gender identity.
  • Transmasculine: Individuals are assigned females at birth but identify as more masculine.
  • Xanith: An Omani identity for males with feminine qualities.
  • Waria: A term used in Indonesia for transgender women.
  • Burrnesha: In Albanian society, a sworn virgin lives as a man.
  • Trans Woman: Someone who was assigned male at birth but identifies as female.
  • Transfeminine: Assigned male at birth but identifies more feminine.
  • Agender: A person who doesn’t have a strong sense of gender identity.
  • Non-binary: Identifying outside the binary genders of male and female.
  • Demigender: Partially identifying with a particular gender.
  • Cis Male: Assigned male at birth and identifies as male.
  • Whakawahine: In Maori culture, a term for transgender women.
  • Cis Female: A person who was assigned female at birth and identifies as female.
  • Transsexual Male: Someone assigned female at birth but transitions to male.
  • Muxe: In Oaxacan culture, male individuals with feminine traits.
  • Bigender: Identifying with two genders.
  • Trans Man: Someone who was assigned female at birth but identifies as male.
  • Bakla: In Filipino culture, gay men have feminine qualities.
  • Pangender: Someone who feels connected to multiple genders at once.
  • Fa’afafine: A Samoan concept of male-female identity.
  • Kathoey: In Thailand, a transgender woman.
  • Neither: Refers to individuals who don’t identify with any gender.
  • Femminiello: In Italian culture, effeminate males.
  • Two-Spirit Female: An Indigenous North American female with both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Demigirl: Someone who partially identifies as female and partially as another gender.
  • Aliagender: Identifying partially with another gender.
  • Two-Spirit: An Indigenous North American gender identity combining masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Paṇḍaka: In Indian culture, a person who identifies as a third gender.
  • Winkte: A Lakota identity embodying both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Gender Neutral: Someone who doesn’t feel tied to any specific gender.
  • Neutrois: Having a neutral or null gender identity.
  • Trigender: Identifying with three genders.
  • Two-Spirit Male: A male individual in Indigenous cultures embodying both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Polygender: Identifying with multiple genders.
  • Aporagender: Having a gender identity that falls outside traditional binary categories.
  • Demiboy: Someone who partially identifies as male and partially as another gender.
  • Travesti: In Brazil, refers to males with feminine expression.
  • MTF (Male-to-Female): A transgender individual transitioning to female.
  • Intergender: Identifying as between male and female.

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