30 Funny Ways to Say You Met Someone

Funny Ways to Say You Met Someone

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You Met Someone:

  1. Picked them up at the human clearance sale.
  2. Found them in the “Lost and Found.”
  3. We both swiped right… in real life.
  4. Met at a unicorns-only club.
  5. Bumped carts at the UFO supermarket.
  6. Played tag in a maze of invisible walls.
  7. Treasure hunt – they were the treasure.
  8. Met at a secret handshake workshop.
  9. Both lost at sea, but on different beaches.
  10. Slid into each other’s DMs – literally.
  11. Chased by the same wild goose.
  12. They photobombed my selfie.
  13. Met on a leap year… on a leap day… leaping.
  14. Strangers in the night, swapping pizza slices.
  15. Our pet rocks introduced us.
  16. Two words: Llama yoga.
  17. Their spaceship abducted my sense of humor.
  18. Alien mixer on Mars.
  19. We collided during a moonwalk mishap.
  20. Took a left turn at Albuquerque together.
  21. Struck by the same rogue frisbee.
  22. Book club for books that don’t exist.
  23. Paired up during a blindfolded hopscotch.
  24. Met at a “how to meet people” seminar.
  25. Star-crossed by misread star charts.
  26. Bonded over mutual sock theft by laundry gnomes.
  27. Attended the same support group for invisible pet owners.
  28. Unicorn rodeo. Enough said.
  29. Danced like nobody’s watching, but we both were.
  30. Parallel universe pen pals.


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