50+ Flirty and Funny Ways to Say Pretty

We all want to feel appreciated and know that we are looking good. But when it comes time for us to pay a compliment, sometimes finding just the right words can be difficult. This is why many of us resort to using cliché phrases or the same old boring commentaries like “you look nice” or “you look good”.

Whether you struggle with compliments or not, there are plenty of funny ways to say pretty that will make your friends smile and still make them feel special.

From unique metaphors and silly rhymes, you’re sure to find some great ideas on how to get creative with your compliments in this blog post!

Funny Ways to Say Pretty

1- Cute As A Button.

2- Pretty as a Picture.

3- Drop Dead Gorgeous.

4- Looking Foxy Lady.

5- Lovely Like a Lullaby.

6-Beautiful Beyond Belief.

7- Wowza!

8- Radiantly Ravishing.

9- Flawless Finery.

10- Stunningly Splendid.

11- Comely Companion.

12- Snazzy Slinky Sweetie.

13- Just Peachy!

14- Vision of Elegance.

15- Beaming Brightness.

16- Fresh Faced Flower.

17- Blooming Beauty.

18- Captivating Charm.

19- Dazzling Darling.

20- Gorgeous Goddess.

21- Ravishing Raven.

22- Angels Singing Softly.

23- Heavenly Delight.

24- Divine Damsel.

25- Glowing Dreamboat.

26- Blissful Blessing.

27- Exquisite Empress.

28- Enchanting Elfin.

29- Adorable Aphrodite.

30- Fetching Fairytale.

31- Fantastic Freakishness!

32- Sweet Sugarplum.

33- Magnificent Marvel.

34- Ravishing Rosebud.

35- Perfectly Precious.

36- Shining Starlight.

37- Lovable Little Lamb.

38- Utterly Upbeat!

39- Outstanding Opulence.

40- Elegant Euphoria.

41- Comely Cutie Pie.

42- Marvelous Miracle.

43- Angelic Ambrosia.

44- Flawless Fancifulness.

45- Stupendous Splendor.

46- Foxy Firecracker!

47- Delightfully Divine Divinity!

48- Mesmerizing Majesty.

49- Gorgeously Glorious Glamour.

50- Super Sassy Sweetheart!

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Funny Ways to Say Pretty 2

Funny Ways to Say Pretty 2 1Flirty ways to say Pretty

1- You’re too Hot To Handle

2- I am Speechless By Your Beauty

3- Goddess of Gorgeousness

4- My Heart Skips a Beat When I See You

5- You’re Like Sunshine on a Rainy Day

6- A Purrfect Kitty Cat

7- Every Moment With You is Magical

8- Pin Up Perfection

9- Love at First Sight

10- The Belle of the Ballroom

11- Beauty Beyond Belief

12- I’m Blown Away by Your Brilliance

13- A Smile as Sweet as Sugar

14- A Breath of Fresh Air

15- Heaven Sent

16- Showstopper Sensation

17- Whirlwind of Wonderment

18- Stunningly Stupendous

19- Adorable Enchantress

20- Pure Perfection

21- I’m Captivated by Your Charm

22- Flawless Femininity

23- A Ray of Sunshine

24- You’re Too Good To Be True

25- A Sparkle in My Eye

26- I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

27- A Goddess Among Us

28- An Exquisite Beauty

29- Sweetheart Supreme

30- Hard To Resist!

Flirty Ways to Say Pretty
funny ways to say pretty

  • The way you look just takes my breath away.
  • You’re amazing!
  • You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a girlfriend/wife.
  • You’re a natural beauty.
  • You’re the one I’ve been waiting for.
  • You’re the most beautiful girl I know.
  • You’re the light of my life.
  • You have a really pretty smile.
  • You’re always so put together.
  • You’re gorgeous!
  • You’re always so pretty.
  • No matter what you wear, you always look pretty.
  • You’re my heart’s desire.
  • You’re stunning!
  • You’re my dream girl.
  • You’re looking pretty today.
  • Your eyes are so beautiful.
  • You’re everything to me.
  • You’re one of the prettiest girls I know.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you.