30 Funny Ways to Say Getting Laid

Funny Ways to Say Getting Laid

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Getting Laid:

  1. Rolling in the hay
  2. Having a horizontal tango
  3. Doing the mattress mambo
  4. Engaging in some under-the-covers cardio
  5. Playing hide and seek in the sheets
  6. Partaking in a duvet dance
  7. Performing the love limbo
  8. Enjoying a sleepover for grown-ups
  9. Embarking on a passion pilgrimage
  10. Taking a trip to Pleasureville
  11. Engaging in a snuggle struggle
  12. Having a rendezvous between the sheets
  13. Participating in a nocturnal negotiation
  14. Partaking in some intimate interpretive dance
  15. Attending a private party for two
  16. Diving into the love lagoon
  17. Sharing a moment of synchronized snuggling
  18. Exploring the realm of adult cuddles
  19. Getting cozy with a side of laughter
  20. Doing the under-the-blanket shuffle
  21. Commencing a rendezvous with romance
  22. Going on a horizontal exploration
  23. Embarking on a tactile tête-à-tête
  24. Having a rendezvous with destiny (and some fun)
  25. Engaging in the horizontal hustle
  26. Taking part in the cuddle conga
  27. Doing the passionate pillow fight
  28. Initiating a bedroom ballet
  29. Going on a journey to the land of romance
  30. Engaging in some research in the bedroom


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Funny Ways to Say Getting Laid