50+ Funny Ways to Say Bye Over Text

Texting our friends and family has become one of the most popular ways for us to stay connected, but it’s easy to quickly run out of new things to say when talking about the same thing over and over. Have you ever wanted to come up with something more creative than just a simple ‘bye’ text?

Well, here are some fun ideas for different and entertaining ways you can wish your loved ones farewell in the world of digital communication.

Funny Ways to Say Bye Over Text

1- See you later, alligator!

2- Sealed With A Kiss

3- Smell You Later

4- Peace Out, Home Skillet!

5- Don’t Let The Door Hit Your Butt On The Way Out

6- I’m Signing Off Now

7- Bye For Now

8- So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

9- Tons of Smiles Till We Talk Again

10- I’m off like a prom dress!

11- Sayonara, My Friend!

12- Farewell For Now, And Go Conquer The World!

13- Bye Felicia!

14- Later Gator

15- Bye Bye Birdie.

16- Have Fun When I’m Not Around

17- See Ya In A Bit!

18- Bye For Now, Stay Awesome!

19- Live Long And Prosper.

20- Go Forth and Conquer!

21- Catch You On The Rebound!

22- Until We Meet Again.

23- Have A Fabulous Day!

24- See You In The Morning Sunshine

25- Until Later Alligator

26- Be Seeing You…

27- Bye For Now, Have A Great Day!

28- Take Care, My Friend.

29- Ciao For Now

30- Cheerio!

31- Splendid Time Till We Meet Again

32- May The Force Be With You

33- Take it sleazy, friendo.

34- Catch you on the flip side!

35- Time To Make Like A Banana And Split!

36- Time to fly away like a butterfly!

37- Later, Skater

38- Until Tomorrow!

39- See Ya Later, Alligator

40- Ta Ta For Now!

41- Have Fun While I’m Gone

42- Bye for Today, Hello Tomorrow!

43- Don’t Forget To Write!

44- Off Like A Herd Of Turtles.

45- Hasta La Vista

46- Talk To You Soon.

47- Signing Off For Now.

48- Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do!

49- Until We Meet Again, My Friend.

50- Have A Great Day!

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