250+ French Dog Names (Male/Female) With English Meanings

Are you looking for a unique French name for your new pup? While there are many popular names out there – the classic Oui (‘yes’ in French) and the ever-elegant Jacques, for example – it can be difficult to pick a name that truly captures your pup’s personality.

Thankfully, we have compiled a list of extraordinary male, female, and unisex dog names with their French roots firmly intact— so your canine companion will stand out not only by its looks but also by its moniker! Read on to discover some delightful ideas that you won’t find in any ordinary doggo naming guide.

French Dog Names

Give your furry friend a touch of French elegance with names like Amélie, Pierre, or Étienne. These names reflect the beauty and sophistication of French culture and are perfect for any pup with a refined taste. Here are the 20 Most Popular French Names for your Dog with their English Meanings:

  1. Gaston (From Gascony)
  2. Marcel (Little Warrior)
  3. Antoine (Priceless One)
  4. Émile (Industrious)
  5. Francois (Free Man)
  6. Pascal (Born on Easter)
  7. Louis (Famous Warrior)
  8. Blaise (Stammerer)
  9. Pierre (Rock)
  10. Claude (Lame)
  11. Amelie (Hardworking)
  12. Colette (Victorious People)
  13. Fleur (Flower)
  14. Simone (Hear, Listen)
  15. Camille (Attendant)
  16. Manon (Bitter)
  17. Chantal (Song)
  18. Solene (Dignified)
  19. Odette (Wealth)
  20. Sylvie (Forest)

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French Dog Names

Male French Dog Names

For a dashing male pup, consider names like Henri, Gaston, or Alain. These names exude strength and masculinity, while also paying homage to French culture and history.

  1. Gérard (brave with a spear)
  2. Antoine (priceless)
  3. Luc (light)
  4. Rémy (oarsman)
  5. Pierre (rock)
  6. Jacques (supplanter)
  7. Thierry (powerful ruler)
  8. Gaston (from Gascony)
  9. Hugo (mind, spirit)
  10. Auguste (majestic)
  11. Étienne (crown)
  12. Marcel (warlike)
  13. René (reborn)
  14. Maurice (dark-skinned)
  15. Guillaume (resolute protector)
  16. Louis (famous warrior)
  17. Claude (lame)
  18. Blaise (stutter)
  19. François (free)
  20. Michel (who is like God)
  21. Alain (rock)
  22. Pascal (Easter)
  23. Baptiste (baptizer)
  24. Bernard (brave as a bear)
  25. Fabien (bean farmer)
  26. Gabriel (God is my strength)
  27. Léo (lion)
  28. Martin (of Mars, the god of war)
  29. Nicolas (victorious people)
  30. Olivier (olive tree)
  31. Philippe (lover of horses)
  32. Sébastien (venerable)
  33. Théo (gift of God)
  34. Valentin (strong, healthy)
  35. Victor (winner)
  36. Xavier (bright)
  37. Yves (yew)
  38. Armand (soldier)
  39. Basile (royal)
  40. César (hairy)
  41. Damien (tame)
  42. Émile (rival)
  43. Frédéric (peaceful ruler)
  44. Georges (farmer)
  45. Hector (steadfast)
  46. Isidore (gift of Isis)
  47. Jules (youthful)
  48. Kévin (handsome)
  49. Léonard (lion-strong)
  50. Mathieu (gift of God)

Male French Dog Names

Female French Dog Names

Give your female pup a name that’s as elegant and sophisticated as she is with names like Colette, Brigitte, or Sabine. These names are perfect for any female dog who exudes grace and charm.

  1. Adèle (noble)
  2. Béatrice (blessed, happy)
  3. Camille (attendant at a religious ceremony)
  4. Dominique (belonging to the Lord)
  5. Élodie (foreign wealth)
  6. Fabienne (bean grower)
  7. Gabrielle (God is my strength)
  8. Hélène (light)
  9. Isabelle (God is my oath)
  10. Josette (God will increase)
  11. Juliette (youthful)
  12. Karine (beloved)
  13. Léa (weary)
  14. Madeleine (of Magdala)
  15. Nadine (hope)
  16. Odette (wealthy)
  17. Pauline (small)
  18. Renée (reborn)
  19. Simone (hearkening)
  20. Thérèse (harvester)
  21. Ursule (little bear)
  22. Valentine (strong, healthy)
  23. Véronique (victory bringer)
  24. Yvette (yew)
  25. Zoé (life)
  26. Anaïs (gracious)
  27. Bernadette (brave as a bear)
  28. Céline (heavenly)
  29. Danielle (God is my judge)
  30. Élise (pledged to God)
  31. Francine (free)
  32. Geneviève (tribe woman)
  33. Henriette (ruler of the household)
  34. Isadora (gift of Isis)
  35. Jocelyne (joyful)
  36. Lucie (light)
  37. Margaux (pearl)
  38. Nathalie (birthday of the Lord)
  39. Océane (ocean)
  40. Paulina (small)
  41. Roxane (dawn)
  42. Sabine (from the ancient Sabine tribe)
  43. Sylvie (forest)
  44. Thérèse (harvester)
  45. Victoire (victory)
  46. Xavière (bright)
  47. Ysabelle (God is my oath)
  48. Zoélie (life)
  49. Amélie (hard-working)
  50. Brigitte (strength)

Female French Dog Names

Badass French Dog Names

For a tough and fearless pup, choose names like Gérard, Édouard, or Pascal. These names reflect the strong and powerful nature of French culture and are perfect for any dog who’s unafraid to take charge.

  1. Blaise (stutter)
  2. Claude (lame)
  3. Dominique (belonging to the Lord)
  4. Étienne (crown)
  5. Fabienne (bean grower)
  6. Giselle (pledge)
  7. Henri (ruler of the household)
  8. Isidore (gift of Isis)
  9. Jacques (supplanter)
  10. Léon (lion-strong)
  11. Marcel (warlike)
  12. Nadine (hope)
  13. Olivier (olive tree)
  14. Pascal (Easter)
  15. Quentin (fifth)
  16. Régis (ruler)
  17. Sabine (from the ancient Sabine tribe)
  18. Théodore (gift of God)
  19. Ulysse (Greek hero)
  20. Valentin (strong, healthy)
  21. Xanthe (yellow)
  22. Yvette (yew)
  23. Zephyr (west wind)
  24. Axel (peaceful)
  25. Balthazar (God protects the king)
  26. Cassius (hollow)
  27. Dax (water)
  28. Enzo (winner)
  29. François (free)
  30. Gérard (brave with a spear)
  31. Hugo (mind, spirit)
  32. Isabelle (God is my oath)
  33. Jolie (pretty)
  34. Kael (keeper of the keys)
  35. Lucien (light)
  36. Maxim (greatest)
  37. Napoleon (lion of Naples)
  38. Octave (eighth)
  39. Phebe (bright)
  40. Remy (oarsman)
  41. Serge (attendant)
  42. Tristan (sorrowful)
  43. Ursula (little bear)
  44. Vesper (evening star)
  45. Wolfgang (wolf path)
  46. Xander (defender of the people)
  47. Yves (yew)
  48. Zara (princess)
  49. Auguste (majestic)
  50. Brutus (heavy)

Sweet French Dog Names

If you have a pup who’s a true sweetheart, consider names like Chérie, Mignon, or Douce. These names reflect the gentle and loving nature of French culture and are perfect for any pup who’s always there with a wagging tail and a lick on the cheek.

  1. Amandine (lovable)
  2. Belle (beautiful)
  3. Coco (coconut)
  4. Daisy (day’s eye)
  5. Elodie (foreign wealth)
  6. Fleur (flower)
  7. Gigi (earth worker)
  8. Hazel (hazelnut tree)
  9. Ines (gentle)
  10. Juliette (youthful)
  11. Kiki (double happiness)
  12. Lila (lilac)
  13. Margaux (pearl)
  14. Noémie (pleasantness)
  15. Olive (olive tree)
  16. Poppy (flower)
  17. Quillan (cub)
  18. Rosalie (rose)
  19. Sophie (wisdom)
  20. Tahlia (dew of heaven)
  21. Uma (nation)
  22. Violette (violet)
  23. Willow (tree)
  24. Xena (hospitable)
  25. Yara (water lady)
  26. Zoé (life)
  27. Amélie (hard-working)
  28. Béatrice (blessed, happy)
  29. Chérie (dear)
  30. Delphine (dolphin)
  31. Eloise (famous warrior)
  32. Fifi (God increases)
  33. Gabrielle (God is my strength)
  34. Helene (light)
  35. Isabelle (God is my oath)
  36. Jolie (pretty)
  37. Kimmy (brave)
  38. Lilou (lily)
  39. Mimi (sea of bitterness)
  40. Ninon (graceful)
  41. Ophélie (help)
  42. Pippa (lover of horses)
  43. Roxane (dawn)
  44. Soleil (sun)
  45. Tessa (harvester)
  46. Ula (gem of the sea)
  47. Vivi (alive)
  48. Wren (small bird)
  49. Ysabel (God is my oath)
  50. Zélie (zealous)

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