Essay Idioms: Idioms for Argumentative Essay

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List of Essay Idioms

Below is the list of essay idioms in English:

  • Rest/Sit on one’s laurels: to be satisfied with one’s achievements: He retired at the peak of his career and is resting on his laurels.
  • Rise to the occasion: to be able to do what is required in a crisis: We should be ready to rise to every occasion.
  • Royal road: an easy way: There is no royal road to success.
  • Run short of: to be in insufficient supply: We are running short of fuel.
  • Safe and sound: without suffering any loss: They reached home safe and sound.
  • Save something for a rainy day: save something for a time of crisis: Wise persons save something for a rainy day.
  • Scot-free: free from harm or penalty: The court let him off scot-free.
  • See eye to eye: agree fully: Both the husband and the wife see eye to eye in this matter.
  • See how the land lies: to find out about a situation: Let me see how the land lies before we do anything.
  • Set / Put in motion: to start a process: Her anger set in motion the events that led to her downfall.
  • Set free: to let someone free: He opened the cage and set the birds free.
  • Set one’s face against: to oppose: Her father set his face Against her becoming an actress.
  • Shipshape: in good order: well-arranged, neat and clean)

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Idioms for Argumentative Essay

  • Show the white feather: show cowardice: The brave never show the white feather in the battlefield.
  • Sit / Be on the fence: to be neutral: The judge should always sit on the fence.
  • Small talk: polite talk about very unimportant matters: I do not like to indulge in small talk.
  • Smell a rat: to have the feeling that something is bad or wrong: The thief smells a rat and ran away.
  • So far: a long way: At is so far to go.
  • So far as: as far as: Try to avoid him, so far as I know him, he is not a good boy.
  • Sour grapes: fake dislike for something one cannot have: The poor man said that he did not need money, but that was just sour grapes.
  • Speak one’s mind: express one’s views, feelings, and thoughts: Everyone should be free to speak his mind
  • Speak volumes: to convey a great deal of meaning without using words: She said nothing but her face spoke volumes.
  • Spick and span: neat and clean, brand new: She always keeps her house spick and span.
  • Split hairs: to make trivial distinctions: Let us do not split hairs, I will do it as your wish.
  • Spread like wildfire: spread rapidly: The news of his success spread like wildfire.
  • Stand on ceremony: to behave in a formal way: Please sit down and make yourself comfortable, do not stand on ceremony here.

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essay Idioms

  • Steal a march on: to gain an advantage: Do not let him steal a march on you.
  • Storm in a teacup: a big clash on a small matter: Do not worry about the two ladies quarreling, it is just a storm in a teacup.
  • Strike while the iron is hot: to do something at a proper moment: Wise people always strike while the iron is hot.
  • Suit somebody’s book: to fit well into someone’s plans: We need a male teacher, he suits our book.
  • Take a fancy to: begin to love: He has taken a fancy to that beautiful girl.
  • Take a leaf from/out of somebody’s book: to imitate, to follow someone’s example: Our country should take a leaf from Japan’s book.
  • Take a leap in the dark: to do something without worrying about the results: To start such a big business without experience is like to take leap in the dark.
  • Take advantage of something/somebody: to make use of something well: We took full advantage of the hotel facilities.
  • Take care of: to look after: I take good care of my car.
  • Take French leave: to take time away from your job without asking for permission: Her boss was angry at her for taking French leave.

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essay Idioms

  • Take heart: gather courage: Do not get discouraged, just take heart to face the music.
  • Take it ill: get offended: She will take it ill if you refuse to lend her problem.
  • Take one’s time: to use as much time as you need without hurrying: The judge took his time to decide the case.
  • Take pains to do something/Take pains with/over something: make a special effort to do something: Elina takes great pains to do his work.
  • Take something/somebody by storm: to be very successful in a particular place or with a group of people: This book has taken the students by storm.
  • Take something into account/take account of something: to consider particular facts while making a decision about something: The government should take into account the pitiable condition of the poor.
  • Take the bull ‘by the horns: to tackle the difficulties boldly: Brave people always take the bull by the horns.
  • Take to heart: feel sad: He took the death of his mother to heart.
  • Take to one’s heels / show a clean pair of heels: run away: Brave warriors never take to their heels from the battlefield.

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List of essay Idioms

  • Take to task: rebuke: The principal took the peon to task for his laziness.
  • Take with a grain/pinch of salt: to receive with a little doubt: Take his story with a grain of salt as he is a liar through and through.
  • Talk shop: to talk about your work: His habit of talking shop is boring for others.
  • The man in the street: an ordinary man: The man in the street takes no interest in politics.
  • The red carpet treatment/welcome: great respect and honor given to the guests: The minister was given a red-carpet welcome when he visited the city.

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List of essay Idioms


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