Clothing That Starts with X (Men, Women & Brands)

X marks the spot for ‘X’-clusive clothing exploration! Though ‘X’ may seem like an x-factor in fashion, we’ve x-amined an x-traordinary lineup of xenodochial and xerophilous pieces.

Expect an x-pert guide to these x-ceptional items and the xenogenic brands that excel in crafting them.

Clothing That Starts With X

Here is the list of some common clothing items with X:

  1. X-back bra
  2. X-ray leggings (fashion leggings with a print that resembles an X-ray)
  3. X-cut dress (dresses with X-shaped cutouts)
  4. X-strap sandals
  5. X-stitch sweater
  6. X-ray tights (printed to resemble X-ray images, part of a costume or avant-garde fashion)
  7. X-band slides (shoes)
  8. X-cross top (a top with crossing straps or designs in the shape of an “X”)
  9. X-back swimsuit
  10. X-line dress (another term for A-line dresses due to their shape but less common)
  11. X-front top (a top with a twisted or crossover front)
  12. X-large sizes (for plus-size clothing)
  13. X-back dress (a dress with crossing straps on the back)
  14. X-pattern socks (with crisscross patterns)
  15. X-cross jacket (a jacket with a design or fastening that crosses over)

Women’s Clothing Starting with X

  1. X-back bra
  2. X-ray leggings
  3. X-cut dress
  4. X-strap sandals
  5. X-stitch sweater
  6. X-ray tights
  7. X-cross top
  8. X-back swimsuit
  9. X-line dress
  10. X-front top
  11. X-back dress
  12. X-pattern socks
  13. X-cross skirt (skirt with crisscrossing details)
  14. X-mas sweater (common abbreviation for Christmas-themed sweaters)
  15. X-trim dress (dress with decorative trim forming an “X”)

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Men’s Clothing Starting with X

  1. X-back suspenders
  2. X-ray shirts (graphic tees with X-ray images)
  3. X-treme sports gear (brands might use “X” to denote extreme sports clothing)
  4. X-cross shirts (shirts with a crisscross pattern)
  5. X-large sizes (for plus-size clothing)
  6. X-pattern ties
  7. X-stitch belts
  8. X-mas sweaters
  9. X-sports jackets (jackets designed for extreme sports)
  10. X-cross shorts (shorts with crisscrossing details)
  11. X-pocket jeans (a style of jeans with a pocket detail shaped as an “X”)
  12. X-trim coat (coat with “X” shaped trim or details)
  13. X-band slippers
  14. X-vent running shirts (running shirts with special ventilation)
  15. X-series outdoor vests (a term used by brands for outdoor gear)

Clothing Brands Beginning with X

  1. XCVI
  2. XOXO
  3. X-Ray Jeans
  4. Xelement (motorcycle gear)
  5. Xpand (lacing system)
  6. Xacus
  7. XTI (footwear)
  8. X-Large (streetwear)
  9. Xscape Evenings (formal wear)
  10. Xtreme Couture (by Randy Couture)
  11. Xirena
  12. Xhilaration (Target’s in-house brand)
  13. Xero Shoes
  14. Xiao Li (designer brand)
  15. Xtep (Chinese sports brand)
  16. X-Ray (men’s clothing line)
  17. XACT (clothing brand)
  18. Xagon Man
  19. Xander Zhou (designer brand)
  20. Xmi Platinum (men’s dress shirts)

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Clothing That Starts With X