100 Science Words A To Z & Meaning (For Every Subject)

Learning science involves not just understanding concepts but also familiarizing oneself with the specific vocabulary used in scientific discussions. For English as a Second Language (ESL) students, building a solid foundation in science vocabulary is essential for academic success and effective communication in the scientific community.

This guide is designed to introduce ESL students to key science vocabulary words with meaning, spanning from A to Z. Each word is carefully selected to cover various subjects of science, providing a comprehensive glossary that will aid in understanding scientific texts, engaging in discussions, and expressing scientific ideas more confidently and accurately.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your existing science vocabulary, this list will be a valuable resource in your journey of learning and exploring the world of science.

Science Words A to Z

Here is the list of a to z science words:



Science Words Starting With A:

Words Meanings
Anatomy  Study of body structure
Astrophysics  Study of celestial bodies
Aerodynamics  Science of air movement
Abiotic  Non-living environmental factors
Amino acid  Building blocks of proteins
Alkaline  Having basic properties
Antibody  Immune system protein
Amphibian  Dual-life stage animals
Autotroph  Self-feeding organism
Algorithm  Step-by-step problem-solving procedure
Acoustics  Study of sound
Atomic  Related to atoms
Anthropology  Study of human societies
Acid rain  Polluted, acidic precipitation
Antigen  Substance triggering immune response
Agroecology  Study of ecological agriculture
Asymmetry  Lack of symmetry
Aerobic  Requiring oxygen
Adenosine  Nucleoside in DNA, RNA
Aqueous  Water-containing
Atomization  Conversion into small particles
Amorphous  Without definite shape
Agroforestry  Agriculture with tree farming
Ablation  Removal or melting away
Adiabatic  Process without heat transfer
Alkaloid  Nitrogen-containing organic compounds
Aperture  Opening controlling light passage
Albedo  Reflectivity of a surface
Anthocyanin  Pigment in plants
Allograft  Transplant from another individual

Science Words Starting With B:

Biotechnology  Technology using biological systems
Botany  Study of plants
Biochemistry  Chemistry of living organisms
Biodiversity  Variety of life forms
Biomass  Total mass of organisms
Biomechanics  Mechanics in biological systems
Biosphere  Earth’s life-supporting layer
Brainwave  Brain’s electrical activity
Biotic  Living or once-living organisms
Ballistics  Study of projectiles
Bioremediation  Use of organisms for cleanup
Baryon  Heavy subatomic particles
Binary  Involving two components
Barometer  Instrument measuring atmospheric pressure
Benthos  Organisms in water bottoms
Bioinformatics  Biology with computational analysis
Biopsy  Tissue examination for diagnosis
Birefringence  Double refraction in materials
Bioluminescence  Light from living organisms
Biotin  Vitamin B7
Bouyancy  Ability to float
Brackish  Slightly salty water
Bacteriophage  Virus infecting bacteria
Beta particle  High-energy electron or positron
Beta decay  Radioactive decay process
Bose-Einstein condensate  State of matter
Blood pressure  Force of circulating blood
Black hole  Space with strong gravity
Blastula  Early embryonic stage
B lymphocyte  White blood cell type

Science Words Starting With C:

Chemistry  Science of matter properties
Cell Biology  Study of cell structure, function
Carbon cycle  Earth’s carbon exchange process
Climate change  Long-term weather pattern shifts
Chromosome  DNA-containing cell structure
Catastrophism  Sudden geological changes
Cytoskeleton  Cell’s structural framework
Chlorophyll  Green pigment in plants
Continental drift  Movement of Earth’s continents
Convection  Heat transfer via fluid movement
Cosmology  Study of the universe
Clone  Genetic copy of an organism
Capillary action  Liquid movement in narrow spaces
Crustacean  Hard-shelled aquatic animals
Carcinogen  Cancer-causing substance
Cation  Positively charged ion
Cryogenics  Study of low temperatures
Covalent bond  Chemical bond sharing electrons
Carbon dating  Age determination using carbon-14
Carnivore  Meat-eating organism
Centrifugal force  Outward force in rotation
Chemosynthesis  Chemical energy-based life production
Cephalopod  Marine mollusks like squid
Calcification  Accumulation of calcium salts
Chemical equilibrium  Balanced chemical reactions
Climatology  Study of climate
Convergent evolution  Similar trait evolution in unrelated species
Chitin  Polysaccharide in arthropod exoskeletons
Cyclotron  Particle accelerator
Catabolism  Breakdown of complex molecules

Science Words Starting With D:

DNA  Genetic material
Data mining  Extracting information from data
Diode  Electronic component allowing current flow
Dark matter  Unseen, gravitational matter
Doppler effect  Wave frequency change with movement
Dendrite  Neuron’s signal-receiving branch
Dichotomy  Division into two parts
Digestion  Food breakdown process
Diurnal  Daily or daytime activity
Decibel  Sound intensity unit
Diffraction  Wave bending around obstacles
Deoxyribonucleic acid  Full form of DNA
DNA sequencing  Determining DNA’s exact sequence
Depolarization  Loss of electrical charge difference
Divergent evolution  Different trait evolution in related species
Deciduous  Seasonally shedding leaves
Diaphragm  Muscle aiding in breathing
Dopamine  Neurotransmitter in the brain
Divergence  Moving or evolving apart
Dihybrid  Involving two genetic traits
Drosophila  Fruit fly, genetic study subject
Dinosaurs  Extinct, large reptiles
Decidability  Problem’s solvability
Diamagnetism  Material repelling magnetic fields
Dendrochronology  Tree ring-based dating
Dialectic  Logical argumentation method
Dispersion  Spread of light or particles
Desalination  Removing salt from water
Desiccation  Drying out or dehydration
Diurnal rhythm  Day-night activity cycle

Science Words Starting With E:

Ecology  Study of organisms’ environments
Evolution  Species’ gradual change over time
Earthquake  Sudden Earth crust movement
Electromagnetic  Relating to electromagnetism
Embryology  Study of embryos
Ecosystem  Interacting organisms and environment
Enzyme  Biological catalysts
Entropy  Disorder or randomness measure
Electronegativity  Atom’s electron attracting ability
Eros  Earth surface wearing away
Electron microscopy  High-resolution microscopy using electrons
Ecological footprint  Impact measure on environment
Equilibrium  State of balance
Electrolysis  Chemical decomposition by electricity
Electrophoresis  Molecules’ movement in electric field
Endothermic  Absorbing heat
Eutrophication  Excess nutrient-caused water body enrichment
Electron transport chain  Cellular energy production process
Epigenetics  Study of gene expression changes
Echolocation  Using sound to locate objects
Exoplanet  Planet outside solar system
Exponential growth  Increasingly rapid growth
Exoskeleton  External skeleton
Electron configuration  Electrons’ arrangement in atom
Electrocardiogram  Heart electrical activity recording
Evolutionary biology  Study of organisms’ evolution
Excitatory  Stimulating nerve cell activity
Emission spectrum  Emitted light spectrum
Extrapolation  Estimating beyond known data
Epidemiology  Study of disease spread

Science Words Starting With F:

Fossil  Preserved ancient organism remains
Fermentation  Microbial organic substance breakdown
Fusion  Joining atomic nuclei
Friction  Resistance to motion
Fluorescence  Light emission after absorption
Force  Physical influence causing motion
Food web  Organisms’ feeding relationships
Fluid mechanics  Study of fluids motion
Frequency  Occurrence rate per unit time
Forensic science  Science in criminal investigation
Fauna  Animal life in a region
Feedback  Response influencing future action
Fahrenheit  Temperature scale
Faraday’s law  Electromagnetic induction principle
Flora  Plant life in a region
Finite element analysis  Numerical method for solving physical problems
Fourier series  Function decomposition into frequencies
Focal length  Distance for sharp image focus
Fission  Splitting atomic nuclei
Field  Physical quantity in space area
Fibroblast  Connective tissue cell
Fluoride  Fluorine ion
Fossil fuel  Ancient biological matter-based fuel
Fluorine  Chemical element F
Fungus  Spore-producing organisms
Fluid dynamics  Study of fluid motion
Fractal  Complex geometric patterns
Free energy  Energy available for work
Fuel cell  Device converting chemical energy to electricity
Filtration  Separating solids from fluids

Science Words Starting With G:

Genetics  Study of heredity
Geology  Study of Earth’s composition
Gravity  Force attracting masses
Glucose  Simple sugar
Gene  DNA segment encoding traits
Genome  Organism’s complete genetic material
Gamma rays  High-energy electromagnetic radiation
Genetics engineering  Genetic material modification
Greenhouse effect  Warming of Earth’s surface
Gas chromatography  Gas-based substance separation
Galvanometer  Instrument measuring electric current
Geothermal  Earth’s internal heat
Gaseous state  Matter in gas form
Gene expression  Gene’s functional manifestation
Gas law  Gas pressure, volume, temperature relations
Geocentric  Earth-centered
Genetic variation  Genetic diversity in population
Gene therapy  Disease treatment using genes
Germ theory  Diseases caused by microorganisms
Geodesy  Earth’s shape, size, gravitational field study
Gravitational wave  Space-time ripples
Genome sequencing  Determining entire DNA sequence
Gas exchange  Gases transfer in respiration
Geomorphology  Study of landforms
Genetic code  DNA and RNA instructions
Genotype  Genetic makeup of an organism
Green chemistry  Environment-friendly chemical practices
Genetic algorithm  Problem-solving using natural selection
Gene pool  Genetic diversity in population
Genetic drift  Random genetic variation changes

Science Words Starting With H:

Hydrogen  Lightest chemical element
Hormone  Regulatory substance in organisms
Hypothesis  Proposed explanation for phenomena
Helix  Spiral shape
Hemoglobin  Oxygen-carrying protein in blood
Hydrology  Study of water movement
Hybridization  Genetic cross-breeding
Heat  Energy form causing temperature rise
Habitat  Organism’s natural environment
Hydrothermal  Relating to hot water
Hybridoma  Hybrid cells for antibodies
Homeostasis  Internal condition stability
Hydroponics  Soil-less plant cultivation
Heterogeneous  Composed of different elements
Helicase  Enzyme unwinding DNA
Hydrophobic  Water-repelling
Hydrocarbon  Compounds of hydrogen and carbon
Haploid  Single set of chromosomes
Heredity  Genetic information transfer
Hemispheric  Relating to a hemisphere
Histology  Study of tissues
Heterotroph  Organism consuming others for nutrients
Hydrodynamic  Study of fluids in motion
Hydrolysis  Chemical breakdown with water
Hyperthermia  Excessively high body temperature
Heterozygous  Different alleles at a gene
Hydrophilic  Water-attracting
Hominid  Human and related species
Heat transfer  Thermal energy movement
Hyperplasia  Increased cell number

Science Words Starting With I:

Inertia  Resistance to motion change
Infrared  Beyond red light spectrum
Insulin  Hormone regulating blood sugar
In vitro  Outside a living organism
Ionization  Adding or removing electrons
Interference  Overlap of waves
Isotope  Atoms with same number of protons, different neutrons
Induction  Generating an electric current
Immunology  Study of immune system
Immune system  Body’s defense against pathogens
In situ  In original place
Inoculation  Introducing antigen for immunity
Interferometry  Technique using wave interference
Invertebrate  Animals without backbones
Inorganic  Not organic, without carbon
Inverse square law  Intensity inversely proportional to distance squared
Isolation  Separation from others
Ionic bond  Attraction between ions
Inversion  Position or condition reversal
Interstitial  Relating to small spaces
Immunosuppressant  Drug reducing immune response
Insolation  Sunlight exposure
Intracellular  Within cells
Interpolation  Estimating within known values
Isentropic  Constant entropy process
Intravenous  Within or into a vein
Ion chromatography  Analyzing ionic components
Ion exchange  Ions swapped between solutions
Ionosphere  Earth’s upper atmosphere layer
Isostasy  Earth’s crust equilibrium

Science Words Starting With J:

Joule  Energy unit
Juncture  Point of time
Jet stream  High-altitude air currents
Juxtaposition  Placing things side by side
Jurassic  Geologic time period

Science Words Starting With K:

Kinetic energy  Energy in motion
Kepler’s laws  Planetary motion laws
Krebs cycle  Cellular respiration
Krebs cycle  Cellular respiration process
Karyotype  Chromosome number and appearance
Kinase  Enzyme modifying proteins

Science Words Starting With L:

Light  Electromagnetic radiation visible to eyes
Lithosphere  Earth’s solid outer layer
Latitude  Geographic coordinate (north-south)
Luminosity  Brightness of a celestial object
Leukocyte  White blood cell
Life cycle  Organism’s life stages
Lysosome  Cell’s waste disposal organelle
Laser  Light amplification by stimulated emission
Limnology  Study of inland waters
Longitudinal  Lengthwise direction
Luminiferous  Emitting light
Linear  Straight-line related
Leptons  Elementary particles, e.g., electron
Life span  Duration of organism’s life
Ligand  Molecule binding to another
Lunar  Relating to the moon
Lattice  Regular, repeating structure
Lymphocyte  Type of white blood cell
Lens  Light converging or diverging component
Lichen  Symbiotic algae and fungi
Law of conservation of energy  Energy neither created nor destroyed
Larynx  Voice box in throat
Lipid  Fats and fat-like substances
Luminance  Brightness of an object
Liquefaction  Solid becoming liquid
Lacrimal  Relating to tears
Laminar  Smooth, layered flow
Lactation  Milk production in mammals
Luminescence  Light emission not from heat

Science Words Starting With M:

Magnetism  Attraction or repulsion forces
Molecule  Group of atoms bonded together
Mitosis  Cell division in eukaryotes
Microorganism  Microscopic organism
Microscope  Instrument for viewing tiny objects
Mineral  Naturally occurring inorganic solid
Meteorology  Study of weather and atmosphere
Mutation  Change in DNA sequence
Membrane  Thin, flexible barrier
Myocardium  Heart muscle
Mammal  Warm-blooded, fur-covered vertebrates
Mass  Amount of matter in object
Momentum  Mass in motion
Meiosis  Cell division for sexual reproduction
Macromolecule  Large complex molecule
Mesosphere  Earth’s atmosphere layer
Microbiology  Study of microorganisms
Molecular biology  Study of biological molecules
Myelin  Nerve fiber insulating layer
Meteorite  Space rock hitting Earth
Melting point  Temperature for solid to liquid
Molecular mass  Mass of a molecule
Mycology  Study of fungi
Mucous  Viscous secretion
Magnetic field  Magnetic force area
Monoculture  Single crop cultivation
Motor neuron  Nerve cell triggering muscle action
Myopia  Nearsightedness
Metamorphosis  Dramatic form change in organisms
Mycorrhiza  Fungus-root symbiosis

Science Words Starting With N:

Nuclear  Relating to nucleus
Nitrogen  Chemical element N
Neuroscience  Study of the nervous system
Newton’s laws  Motion principles
Neutron  Neutral subatomic particle
Nucleus  Atom’s central core or cell’s control center
Natural selection  Survival of the fittest
Nerve  Fiber transmitting impulses
Nanotechnology  Technology on molecular scale
Nucleotide  DNA, RNA building blocks
Nitrogen cycle  Nitrogen’s movement through environment
Neurotransmitter  Nerve signal chemical
Noble gas  Inert gaseous elements
Nanoparticle  Microscopic particle
Nomenclature  Naming system in science
Nucleoside  Nucleotide without phosphate group
Nephron  Kidney’s functional unit
Nitrate  Nitrogen compound
Nucleolus  Small nucleus region
Nucleosome  DNA-protein complex
Nucleoplasm  Substance in nucleus
Nociceptor  Pain receptor
Nonpolar  Not having poles
Nucleic acid  DNA or RNA
Neuromodulator  Modifies nerve cell function
Neurology  Study of the nervous system
Neap tide  Minimal tide range
Nucleophilic  Electron pair donor
Nutrient  Substance providing nourishment
Nucleotide sequence  DNA, RNA base order

Science Words Starting With O:

Organism  Individual living entity
Optics  Study of light properties
Organic  Carbon-containing compounds
Oxidation  Substance loses electrons
Oceanography  Study of oceans
Osmosis  Water movement through membrane
Ozone  Oxygen’s triatomic form
Observation  Act of observing
Organic chemistry  Study of carbon compounds
Orbit  Path around a celestial body
Osmoregulation  Controlling internal water, salt
Ontogeny  Development of an organism
Occultation  One body passing in front of another
Oncogene  Cancer-causing gene
Orthogonal  Right angles, perpendicular
Oviparous  Egg-laying
Olfactory  Relating to sense of smell
Oxidative phosphorylation  Energy production in cells
Ovary  Female reproductive organ
Oxide  Compound with oxygen
Operon  Gene cluster functioning together
Overlap  Extend over, cover part
Orogeny  Mountain formation process
Optical fiber  Light transmitting fiber
Oscillation  Back-and-forth movement
Oxidative stress  Damage from free radicals
Osteocyte  Bone cell
Omnivore  Eating both plants and animals

Science Words Starting With P:

Physics  Science of matter, energy, motion
Photosynthesis  Plants making food from light
Physiology  Study of living organisms’ functions
Polymer  Large molecule from repeated units
Protein  Essential body-building molecules
Periodic table  Element organization chart
Prokaryote  Organism without nucleus
Pressure  Force per area unit
Paleontology  Study of ancient life
Proton  Positive subatomic particle
Population  Group of the same species
Paleozoic  Geological time era
Photosystem  Light capturing complex in plants
Peptide  Short amino acid chain
Phylum  Major taxonomic group
Phosphorylation  Adding phosphate to molecule
Permeability  Ability to allow substances through
Plate tectonics  Earth’s surface movement theory
Photovoltaic  Converting light to electricity
Petrology  Study of rocks
Pheromone  Chemical signal between organisms
Petrochemical  Chemicals from petroleum
Paleoclimatology  Study of ancient climates
Polymorphism  Multiple forms existence
Polarization  Direction of light or waves
Phloem  Plant’s nutrient transport tissue
Precession  Gradual axis change in rotating body
Polysaccharide  Long carbohydrate molecules
Palindrome  Same forward and backward
Pyruvate  End product of glycolysis

Science Words Starting With Q:

Quantum mechanics  Physics of atomic and subatomic particles
Quasar  Extremely bright celestial object
Quasiparticle  Emergent phenomenon acting as a particle
Quaternary  Geologic time period
Quenching  Rapid cooling process

Science Words Starting With R:

Radioactivity  Spontaneous atomic nucleus emission
RNA  Ribonucleic acid, genetic messenger
Respiration  Breathing or energy production
Reproduction  Organism creation process
Ribosome  Protein synthesis site in cells
Radiation  Energy emission as waves or particles
Reflex  Involuntary response to stimulus
Refraction  Light bending in different media
Replication  Copying DNA
Reaction  Response to stimulus
Redox  Oxidation-reduction chemical reactions
Renewable energy  Sustainably sourced power
Retrovirus  RNA virus replicating in a host
Radiometry  Measurement of electromagnetic radiation
Regeneration  Tissue or organ regrowth
Retrograde  Moving backward
Rheology  Study of flow and deformation
Rhizome  Underground plant stem
Ruminant  Cud-chewing animal
Radioactive decay  Unstable nucleus losing energy
RNA splicing  RNA editing process
Recessive  Not dominant genetic trait
Rhyolite  Volcanic rock
Rheumatology  Study of rheumatic diseases
Root hair  Plant root extension for absorption
Radiation therapy  Cancer treatment with radiation
Ribozyme  RNA with enzymatic activity
Reactor  Device for nuclear reactions
Radiolaria  Protozoa with silica skeletons
Reagent  Substance used in chemical reactions

Science Words Starting With S:

Solar system  Sun and its planetary system  
Species  Basic unit of biological classification  
Synthesis  Combining parts into a whole  
Sound  Vibrations perceived as noise  
Sustainability  Meeting current needs without harming future  
Steroid  Organic compound type  
System  Set of connected things or parts  
Sediment  Matter settling at the bottom  
Seismology  Study of earthquakes  
Substrate  Underlying substance or layer  
Solution  Homogeneous mixture  
Supernova  Star exploding dramatically  
Sex chromosome  Continuing from where we left off  
Sex chromosome  Chromosome determining sex
Symbiosis  Interaction between different species
Solute  Substance dissolved in another
Solid  Matter with definite shape and volume
Stem cell  Undifferentiated biological cell
Stress  Body’s response to challenges
Stratigraphy  Study of rock layers
Supernatant  Liquid above a solid residue
Serotonin  Neurotransmitter affecting mood
Subatomic  Smaller than an atom
Spectroscopy  Study of light’s interaction with matter
Sulphur  Chemical element S
Synapse  Junction between two nerve cells
Specific gravity  Density relative to water
Salinity  Salt concentration in water
Splicing  RNA modification process
Somatic  Relating to the body
Seismic wave  Wave from earthquakes

Science Words Starting With T:

Temperature  Degree of heat or cold
Transpiration  Water vapor release in plants
Trophic level  Position in a food web
Tissue  Group of similar cells
Tectonic plate  Earth’s crust section
Thermodynamics  Heat and energy study
Transcription  DNA to RNA conversion
Transgenic  Genetically modified organism
Theory  System of ideas explaining something
Transmembrane  Across a membrane
Taxonomy  Organism classification system
Terrestrial  Relating to Earth or land
Thyroid  Gland in neck, secretes hormones
Tidal  Relating to tides
Transposable element  DNA segment that can change position
Tumor  Abnormal tissue growth
Toxicology  Study of poisons
Torsion  Twisting force
Thermal  Relating to heat
Thrombocyte  Platelet, blood-clotting cell
Transverse  Lying or extending across
Thermoregulation  Temperature regulation in organisms
Thylakoid  Membrane sacs in chloroplasts
Topography  Earth’s surface features
Telomere  Chromosome end part
Tetrapod  Four-limbed vertebrate
Thermophile  Heat-loving microorganism
Transduction  Signal conversion from one form to another
Turbidity  Cloudiness in liquids
Trophoblast  Cells forming the outer layer of a blastocyst

Science Words Starting With U:

Ultraviolet  Beyond violet light spectrum
Uracil  Nitrogen base in RNA
Uniformitarianism  Geological processes’ consistency over time
Ubiquitin  Protein regulating other proteins
Urease  Enzyme breaking down urea
Ultrasonic  Beyond human hearing sound
Urea  Nitrogenous compound in urine
Unicellular  Single-celled
Universe  All of space and everything in it
Uranium  Radioactive chemical element

Science Words Starting With V:

Velocity  Speed in a specific direction
Vector  Quantity with magnitude and direction
Viscosity  Fluid’s resistance to flow
Ventilation  Air movement into and out of space
Van der Waals forces  Weak molecular attractions
Volcano  Opening in Earth’s surface, erupts magma
Vestigial  Relic, no longer useful organ
Variation  Difference within a species
Vascular  Relating to blood vessels or plants’ water-conducting system
Valence  Combining capacity of an atom
Viability  Ability to live or develop
Ventricular  Relating to ventricles
Vector-borne  Carried by insects or other organisms
Viticulture  Grape cultivation
Vaporization  Conversion from liquid to vapor
Virology  Study of viruses
Vesicle  Small fluid-filled sac
Vertebrate  Animal with a backbone
Visceral  Relating to internal organs
Vernalization  Cold treatment for flowering induction
Volt  Electric potential unit
Virulence  Disease-causing ability
Vibrational  Relating to vibration
Vapor pressure  Pressure from a vapor in equilibrium
Vasodilation  Widening of blood vessels
Vas deferens  Tube transporting sperm
Vacuole  Cell’s storage organelle
Vapor barrier  Material preventing vapor passage
Vibrational energy  Energy in vibrating system

Science Words Starting With W:

Water  H2O, essential for life
Weather  Atmospheric conditions at a place
Wave  Disturbance transferring energy
Wavelength  Distance between wave peaks
Work  Force causing object displacement
Wind  Air in motion
Wildlife  Animals not domesticated or cultivated
Watt  Power unit
Wetland  Land with water saturation
Waste management  Handling and disposal of waste
White blood cell  Blood cell fighting infection
Wood  Fibrous material from trees
Western blot  Protein detection technique
Weight  Gravity’s force on an object
Wing  Limb for flying
Wastewater  Used or contaminated water
Wettability  Surface’s ability to be wetted
Weathering  Rocks breaking down by weather
Wildlife conservation  Protecting wild species and habitats
Worm  Invertebrate with elongated body
Watershed  Area draining into a water body
Wet bulb  Humidity measurement
Water cycle  Water’s movement through environment
Woodpecker  Bird that pecks wood
Wind power  Energy from wind
Wind chill  Perceived decrease in air temperature
Water quality  Water’s suitability for use
Wall shear stress  Force exerted by fluid on wall
Web  Interconnected network
Wildfire  Uncontrolled fire in nature

Science Words Starting With X:

Xenobiotic  Foreign substance to an organism
X-ray crystallography  Structure determination using X-rays
Xylem  Plant tissue transporting water
Xerophyte  Plant adapted to dry conditions
X-ray diffraction  X-rays scattered by atoms

Science Words Starting With Y:

Yeast  Fungi used in fermentation
Yield  Production amount
Yolk  Nutrient-rich part of an egg
Y chromosome  Male sex chromosome
Y-axis  Vertical axis in a graph

Science Words Starting With Z:

Zoology  Study of animals
Zero gravity  Condition of weightlessness
Zinc  Metallic chemical element
Zygote  Fertilized egg cell
Zonal  Relating to a zone or belt

Science Words (Divided by Subject)

Science has many subjects and popular ones are chemistry, physics, maths, and biology. Let us look at some dictionary words for each subject.

Physics Words A To Z

Below is the list of physics words:

A: Acceleration, Amplitude, Atom, Angular momentum, Archimedes’ principle, Ampere

B: Black hole, Bernoulli’s principle, Big Bang, Boltzmann constant, Buoyancy, Bohr model

C: Conservation laws, Coulomb’s law, Conduction, Centripetal force, Cosmology, Capacitance

D: Density, Doppler effect, Diffraction, Displacement, Decibel, Duality

E: Energy, Electric field, Equilibrium, Electromagnetism, Einstein’s theory of relativity, Entropy

F: Force, Friction, Frequency, Faraday’s law, Fermi energy, Fission

G: Gravitational force, Gauss’s law, General relativity, Gamma rays, Geodesic, Gauss’s law for magnetism

H: Heat, Hooke’s law, Harmonic motion, Hydrostatic pressure, Higgs boson, Heisenberg uncertainty principle

I: Inertia, Interference, Inverse square law, Inelastic collision, Induction, Impulse

J: Joule, Joule’s law, Joule-Thomson effect

K: Kinetic energy, Kepler’s laws, Kirchhoff’s laws

L: Light, Law of conservation of energy, Leptons, Lenz’s law, Luminosity, Lorentz transformation

M: Mass, Magnetism, Momentum, Magnetic field, Newton’s laws of motion, Michelson-Morley experiment

N: Newton, Nuclear energy, Newton’s law of gravitation, Neutrino, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion

O: Ohm’s law, Optics, Oscillation, Ohmic resistance, Orbital, Ohmic heating

P: Power, Pressure, Photon, Projectile motion, Planck’s constant, Photoelectric effect

Q: Quantum mechanics, Quark, Quasars

R: Resistance, Refraction, Relativity, Radioactivity, Rotational motion, Rutherford model

S: Speed, Sound, Static electricity, Scalar, Superposition, Special relativity

T: Time, Temperature, Torque, Thermodynamics, Transverse waves, Tesla

U: Uniform motion, Ultraviolet, Uncertainty principle, Ultrasound, Universal gravitation, Unit

V: Velocity, Voltage, Vacuum, Vector, Vibration, Virtual image

W: Work, Waves, Watt, Wavelength, Weak force, Wigner effect

X: X-rays, X-ray diffraction

Y: Young’s modulus, Yield strength

Z: Zeeman effect, Zero-point energy

Chemistry Words A To Z

Below is the list of chemistry words:

A: Acid, Atom, Alloy, Ammonia, Alkali, Aldehyde

B: Benzene, Buffer, Bond, Base, Bromine, Barium

C: Catalyst, Carbon, Chemical, Chlorine, Compound, Covalent

D: Dilute, Distillation, Double bond, Decomposition, Detergent, Dipole

E: Electron, Ester, Element, Enzyme, Ethanol, Evaporation

F: Fermentation, Fluorine, Formula, Freezing, Fuel, Fusion

G: Gas, Glassware, Graphite, Glycerol, Group, Green chemistry

H: Hydrogen, Halogen, Heavy metal, Homogeneous, Hydration, Hydrolysis

I: Inorganic, Ion, Indicator, Iodine, Ionic, Isomer

J: Joule, Juxtaposition

K: Kelvin, Kinetics

L: Liquid, Litmus, Lattice, Lanthanide, Ligand, Lewis structure

M: Molecule, Metal, Melting point, Monomer, Mass, Matter

N: Noble gas, Nucleus, Neutron, Nitrogen, Nonpolar, Neutralization

O: Organic, Oxidation, Oxygen, Ozone, Orbit, Oxide

P: Periodic table, Polymer, Proton, pH, Precipitate, Pressure

Q: Quantum, Quenching

R: Reaction, Reactant, Redox, Resonance, Rust, Radioactive

S: Solvent, Solute, Sublimation, Salt, Stoichiometry, Solid

T: Titration, Transition metal, Titrant, Triple bond, Tincture, Temperature

U: Uranium, Urea

V: Valence, Vapor, Volatile, Van der Waals forces, Valence electron

W: Water, Weak acid, White solid

X: Xenon

Y: Yield, Yttrium

Z: Zinc, Zwitterion

Biology Words A To Z

Below is the list of biology words:

A: Allele, Adaptation, Antibody, Amino acid, Autotroph, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

B: Biodiversity, Biome, Cell, Chlorophyll, Chromosome, Cloning

C: DNA, Cytoplasm, Community, Cell membrane, Cytoskeleton, Carbon cycle

D: Diffusion, Dominant, Digestion, DNA replication, Decomposer, Dissection

E: Ecosystem, Enzyme, Evolution, Endoplasmic reticulum, Eukaryote, Embryo

F: Fermentation, Fertilization, Food chain, Fungi, Flagella, Forensic

G: Gene, Genetics, Genome, Golgi apparatus, Genotype, Gamete

H: Homeostasis, Heterotroph, Heredity, Hormone, Hypothesis, Host

I: Immunity, Inheritance, Interphase, Invertebrate, Inoculation, Ion

J: Jacob-Monod model, Joints, Juvenile, Juxtaglomerular apparatus

K: Kingdom, Karyotype, Krebs cycle, Kinetochore, Keratin, Kelp

L: Lysosome, Lactic acid, Linnaean classification, Ligament, Lichen, Lactation

M: Mitochondria, Meiosis, Mutation, Microorganism, Metabolism, Mendelian

N: Nucleus, Nucleotide, Nitrogen cycle, Natural selection, Nervous system, Neuron

O: Organelle, Osmosis, Ovary, Organic, Omnivore, Ozone

P: Photosynthesis, Protein, Punnett square, Phylum, Prokaryote, Pollination

Q: Quadrat, Quaternary structure, Qualitative, Quantitative, Quorum sensing, Quickening

R: Reproduction, Ribosome, Respiration, RNA, Recessive, Reflex

S: Species, Symbiosis, Stem cell, Synapse, Spore, Stimulus

T: Taxonomy, Transcription, Translation, Tissue, Trophic level, Thylakoid

U: Unicellular, Urinary system, Uterus, Uric acid, Ultrastructure, Urea

V: Variation, Virus, Vegetative propagation, Ventilation, Vacuole, Vascular

W: White blood cell, Watson-Crick model, Wavelength,

X: Xylem, X chromosome

Y: Y chromosome, Yeast, Yolk sac,

Z: Zygote, Zoology, Zone of inhibition

Math Words A To Z

Below is the list of math words:

A: Addition, Algebra, Angle, Arithmetic, Absolute value, Axis

B: Binary, Base, Bar graph, Binomial, Box plot, Boundary

C: Coordinate, Cube root, Circle, Cosine, Complementary angles, Cuboid

D: Division, Decimal, Data, Diameter, Differentiation, Divisor

E: Equation, Exponent, Ellipse, Exponential, Even number, Equivalent

F: Fraction, Function, Factor, Factorial, Frequency, Formula

G: Geometry, Graph, Greatest common divisor, Gradient, Greater than, Group

H: Hypotenuse, Histogram, Hyperbola, Hexagon, Horizontal, Hypothesis

I: Integer, Inequality, Intersection, Identity, Imaginary number, Index

J: Join, Joint probability, Joule, Justify, Jump discontinuity, Juxtapose

K: Kite, Kilogram, Kinematics, K-nearest neighbors, Kernel, Knot

L: Logarithm, Linear, Locus, Lowest common denominator, Line segment, Limit

M: Multiplication, Mean, Median, Mode, Matrix, Monomial

N: Negative number, Notation, Natural numbers, Normal distribution, Numerator, Null set

O: Operations, Obtuse angle, Ordered pair, Octagon, Origin, Odd number

P: Prime number, Polygon, Pythagorean theorem, Probability, Parabola, Product

Q: Quadrant, Quotient, Quadratic equation, Quartile, Quincunx, Quick calculation

R: Ratio, Rational number, Radical, Rectangle, Range, Reflection

S: Subtraction, Square root, Sum, Symmetry, Slope, Surface area

T: Triangle, Tangent, Transversal, Term, Transformation, Trigonometry

U: Union, Unit, Undefined, Unary, Unit circle, Uniform distribution

V: Variable, Vertex, Volume, Venn diagram, Vertical, Vector

W: Whole numbers, Weighted average, Width,

X: X-axis, Interquartile range

Y: Y-intercept, Y-coordinate, Yield, Yen, Y-axis, Yoctosecond

Z: Zero, Zero vector, Z-score, Zero pair, Z-test, Z-axis

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