A To Z Excuses For Being Late (Best Reasons)

A To Z Excuses For Being Late! There are many reasons for being late, but some are more common than others. Some people might be late because of an emergency, while others might be habitually late. No matter the reason, lateness can cause problems in both personal and professional relationships. Here is a list of some of the most common excuses for being late, along with explanations and possible solutions.

Top Excuses for Being Late:

Here are the 10 Best and most Genuine Reasons for Being Late:

  1. Traffic was heavier than usual.
  2. My alarm clock didn’t go off.
  3. I couldn’t find my keys/wallet/phone.
  4. I had an emergency at home.
  5. I got stuck in a meeting that went longer than expected.
  6. Public transportation was delayed.
  7. My car wouldn’t start.
  8. I had to drop my kids off at school/daycare.
  9. I had a doctor’s appointment that ran late.
  10. I overslept.

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Reason to Be Late That Starts With A:

  • Accident on the road
  • The alarm didn’t go off
  • Attending to an emergency
  • Airplane delay
  • Attending a funeral
  • Acute illness
  • Auto breakdown
  • Awaiting an important phone call
  • Ankle sprain
  • Appointment with the doctor
  • Allergic reaction
  • Awkward moment
  • Ate something bad
  • Anniversary celebration
  • Angry spouse
  • Attending a webinar
  • Attending an auction
  • Applying for a loan
  • Attending a wedding
  • The animal escaped from home

Reason to Be Late That Starts With B:

  • Bathroom flooded
  • Baby wouldn’t stop crying
  • Bus was late
  • Broken car key
  • Blown tire
  • Blackout in the area
  • Blocked driveway
  • Boss asked for a meeting
  • Bad weather
  • Best friend arrived in town
  • Battery died
  • Birthday party in the morning
  • Breaking up with someone
  • Buying groceries
  • Bitten by an insect
  • Bank holiday
  • Burst water pipe
  • Brushing teeth took longer
  • Backup at the gas station
  • Booked the wrong date

Reason to Be Late That Starts With C:

  • Car accident
  • Child’s school event
  • Computer crash
  • Canceled flight
  • Caught in a traffic jam
  • Caring for a sick relative
  • Car wouldn’t start
  • Cleaning the house
  • Coffee spill
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • Credit card declined
  • Car broke down
  • Change in work schedule
  • Caught in the rain
  • Cooking breakfast
  • Colleague needed help
  • Couldn’t find the keys
  • Chased by a dog
  • Computer virus
  • Car registration expired

Reason to Be Late That Starts With D:

  • Dead phone battery
  • Delayed public transportation
  • Doctor appointment ran late
  • Dog had an accident
  • Door jammed shut
  • Delayed flight
  • Dealing with a car accident
  • Diagnosed with illness
  • Daycare drop-off mishap
  • Delayed by a long line
  • Dog ran away
  • Diarrhea
  • Damaged car
  • Document forgot at home
  • Daylight savings time mix-up
  • Dinner reservations got messed up
  • Delivering an important package
  • Deciding on a new outfit
  • Door lock stuck
  • Detained by the police

Reason to Be Late That Starts With E:

  • Emergency dentist appointment
  • Elevator malfunctioned
  • Early morning meeting
  • Engine trouble
  • Enroute to a job interview
  • Email server down
  • Earthquake
  • Endless traffic jam
  • The engagement ring went missing
  • Exhausted from staying up late
  • Experiencing back pain
  • Excavation on the road
  • Ex-boyfriend drama
  • Expired passport
  • Emergency home repair
  • Earnings report due
  • Evacuated from home
  • Expected package delivery
  • Equipment failure at work
  • Emergency room visit

Reason to Be Late That Starts With F:

  • Forgot important paperwork
  • Forgot an umbrella
  • Forgot about a meeting
  • Family emergency
  • Fell asleep on the bus
  • Flat tire
  • Fire alarm went off
  • Flooded basement
  • Forgotten phone charger
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Forgot to set the alarm
  • Forgot a friend’s birthday
  • Flight delay due to fog
  • Food poisoning
  • Financial emergency
  • Found a lost pet
  • Flat battery in the car
  • Funeral procession on the road
  • Forgot gym clothes
  • Fell and hurt oneself

Reason to Be Late That Starts With G:

  • Got lost on the way
  • Gas station was closed
  • Grandparent fell ill
  • Got caught in a protest
  • Google Maps malfunctioned
  • Got into a minor accident
  • Garbage truck blocking driveway
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Got caught in bad weather
  • Got locked out of the house
  • Got a migraine
  • Girlfriend broke up
  • Got stuck in an elevator
  • Gym was overcrowded
  • Got pulled over by police
  • Group project meeting
  • Got caught in a parade
  • Got sidetracked by a sale
  • Got a speeding ticket
  • Got injured at the gym

Reason to Be Late That Starts With H:

  • Had a flat tire
  • The home alarm went off
  • Had to help a stranded driver
  • Hailstorm damage to car
  • Hard drive crashed
  • Held up in a store
  • Had to attend a funeral
  • Had to catch a spider
  • Had a headache
  • Had to finish a project
  • Had to attend a wedding
  • Had to pick up a prescription
  • Had to sign important paperwork
  • Housekeeper was late
  • Home renovation delays
  • Had to wait for a package
  • Had to deal with a sick pet
  • Husband’s car wouldn’t start
  • Had to clear snow off the car
  • Had to wait for a babysitter

Reason to Be Late That Starts With I:

  • Internet outage
  • Illness in the family
  • Impromptu doctor’s appointment
  • Inclement Weather
  • Important phone call
  • Injured on the way to work
  • In-laws visiting unexpectedly
  • Insomnia
  • Involved in a car accident
  • Insect infestation at home
  • In a long meeting
  • Injury during exercise
  • The insurance meeting ran late
  • Impromptu road construction
  • Invited to an impromptu event
  • Involved in a minor accident
  • Impromptu shopping trip
  • In the hospital
  • Involuntary overtime
  • Important client meeting

Reason to Be Late That Starts With J:

  • Just moved to a new city
  • Job interview ran late
  • Jetlagged
  • Jewelry got tangled
  • Jumpstarted a dead battery
  • Jammed printer
  • Jogging injury
  • Jury duty
  • Juggling multiple commitments
  • Juggling child care
  • Jolted by unexpected news
  • Just got a new pet
  • Just moved into a new home
  • Just finished running errands
  • Joined a new gym
  • Joint pain
  • Just got a new job
  • Joining a new club
  • Just got married
  • Just started a new project

Reason to Be Late That Starts With K:

  • Kitchen appliances malfunctioned
  • Kid missed the school bus
  • Key broke off in the lock
  • Kid’s school conference
  • Knocked over a coffee mug
  • Kid’s dental appointment
  • Kid’s field trip
  • Kicked out of a taxi
  • Kid’s doctor’s appointment
  • The key card stopped working
  • Key stuck in the ignition
  • Kids took a long time to get ready
  • Kid’s soccer practice
  • Kid’s birthday party
  • Kitchen fire
  • The key fob battery died
  • Kid’s playdate
  • Kid’s music lesson ran late
  • Kid’s carpool was delayed
  • Kid’s ballet recital

Reason to Be Late That Starts With L:

  • Lost my phone
  • Late-night work emergency
  • Lost my wallet
  • Lost track of time
  • The laptop wouldn’t turn on
  • Lost my house keys
  • Long line at the bank
  • Locked out of the car
  • Late for a dentist appointment
  • Late for a work meeting
  • Late for a doctor’s appointment
  • Late for a job interview
  • Late for a wedding
  • Late for a dinner reservation
  • Late for a flight
  • Late for a school event
  • Late for a party
  • Late for a concert
  • Late for a movie
  • Late for a meeting with a friend

Reason to Be Late That Starts With M:

  • Missed the bus
  • Migraine headache
  • Medical emergency
  • Missed a connecting flight
  • Mechanical problems with car
  • Meeting ran long
  • Misplaced my keys
  • Missed my alarm
  • Missed the train
  • Missed my bus stop
  • Misplaced my phone
  • Missing important documents
  • Memory lapse
  • Misunderstood the directions
  • Misplaced my wallet
  • Misplaced important paperwork
  • Misjudged the time
  • Miscommunication with a colleague
  • Missed a deadline
  • Missed an exit on the highway

Reason to Be Late That Starts With N:

  • Neighbor’s house on fire
  • Nasty cold or flu
  • Navigational issues
  • Needed to drop off a child
  • Needed to pick up a child
  • Need to walk the dog
  • Needed to drop off a pet
  • Needed to pick up a pet
  • No gas in the car
  • Network connectivity issues
  • No parking available
  • Not feeling well
  • Not enough sleep
  • No hot water
  • Needed to attend to an urgent matter
  • Not prepared for a presentation
  • No public transportation is available
  • Needed to attend a family function
  • No available seats on public transport
  • Need to fix a flat tire

Reason to Be Late That Starts With O:

  • Overslept
  • Office equipment malfunctioned
  • Out of gas
  • Overwhelming traffic
  • Overbooked schedule
  • Overscheduled day
  • Overextended work shift
  • Overload of work
  • Overwhelmed by personal issues
  • Overworked and exhausted
  • Operating system crashed
  • Other commitments ran long
  • Obligations with kids
  • Out-of-town guests
  • Ordered takeout
  • Out-of-town trip
  • Off-site work meeting
  • Overtime work
  • Out of coffee at home
  • Out of clean clothes to wear

Reason to Be Late That Starts With P:

  • Power outage
  • Public transportation delay
  • The printer ran out of ink
  • Personal illness
  • The parking lot was full
  • Personal emergency
  • Passport issues
  • A power surge caused damage
  • Procrastinated getting ready
  • Personal crisis
  • Phone call with a family member
  • The personal trainer session ran late
  • Power cord for the laptop was left behind
  • Poor road conditions
  • Personal appointment ran late
  • Personal errands took longer than expected
  • Personal tragedy
  • Pet had a medical emergency
  • The pet needs to go to the vet
  • Partner was late

Reason to Be Late That Starts With Q:

  • Quarantine
  • Quirky car trouble
  • Questioned route
  • Quality time with family
  • Quit job
  • Quota report due
  • A quick stop for breakfast
  • Quaint coffee shop
  • Quick power nap
  • Quarterly review meeting
  • Quizzical injury
  • Quick shopping trip
  • Quality control inspection
  • Quelled a family dispute
  • Quiet meditation session
  • Quirky wardrobe malfunction
  • Quick gym workout
  • Quashed a home intruder
  • A quick detour for gas
  • Quest for the perfect outfit

Reason to Be Late That Starts With R:

  • Road closure
  • Running late for school drop-off
  • Ran out of gas
  • Roadwork delays
  • Router issues
  • The roommate was running late
  • Realized left my phone at home
  • Repairman was running late
  • Realized left an important documents at home
  • Realized left my wallet at home
  • Ran into unexpected traffic
  • Rescheduled doctor’s appointment
  • Redirection by GPS
  • Ran into a long-lost friend
  • Required to stay late at work
  • Refueling the car took longer than expected
  • Required to attend a meeting last minute
  • Required to attend a mandatory training session
  • Rainstorm caused major delays
  • Restaurant was overcrowded

Reason to Be Late That Starts With S:

  • Sick child
  • Stuck in an elevator
  • Storm-caused a power outage
  • Sudden illness
  • Stuck in traffic
  • Server outage
  • Stuck on a train
  • Sick pet
  • Slept through alarm
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Sick family member
  • Stuck behind a slow driver
  • Spilled coffee on clothing
  • Stuck in a meeting
  • Sprained ankle
  • Stuck at a gas station
  • Shopping took longer than expected
  • Significant other was running late
  • School event ran late
  • Sick at home

Reason to Be Late That Starts With T:

  • Traffic accident
  • Traffic congestion
  • Train delay
  • Tire puncture
  • Technical difficulties
  • The thunderstorm caused a power outage
  • Toddler tantrum
  • Taking care of a sick child
  • Testing at the hospital
  • Took a wrong turn
  • Tornado Warning
  • Time zone mix-up
  • Terrible headache
  • Train cancellation
  • Tried on multiple outfits
  • Taking care of a sick pet
  • Time management issues
  • Traveling on a busy
  • Tied up in an unexpected phone call
  • Television interviews ran long

Reason to Be Late That Starts With U:

  • Unexpected illness
  • Unplanned doctor’s appointment
  • Unforeseen car problems
  • Unusual traffic conditions
  • Unplanned work emergency
  • Unable to find a parking spot
  • Unplanned family emergency
  • Unexpected delay at the airport
  • Unplanned shopping trip
  • Unexpected home repair
  • Unplanned car maintenance
  • Unforeseen personal issue
  • Unplanned home renovation
  • Unexpected delivery delay
  • Unplanned carpool arrangements
  • Unforeseen pet emergency
  • Unplanned school activity
  • Unexpected power outage
  • Unplanned meeting with a friend
  • Unplanned illness in the family

Reason to Be Late That Starts With V:

  • Vehicle breakdown
  • Vehicle inspection delayed
  • Vehicle maintenance issues
  • Victim of a car accident
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Vehicle warranty work
  • Violent storm conditions
  • Visit from out-of-town guests
  • Virus outbreak
  • Virtual meeting technical issues
  • Virtual meeting running late
  • Visiting family member running late
  • Vehicle was towed
  • Vandalism to car
  • Visa issues
  • Vehicle was stolen
  • Virtual appointments ran long
  • Virtual class technical issues
  • Visiting a sick relative
  • Virtual work technical issues

Reason to Be Late That Starts With W:

  • Work emergency
  • Winter storm conditions
  • Waited for a delivery
  • The work conference ran late
  • Work meetings ran long
  • Waited for public transportation
  • Work presentation preparations
  • Work crisis
  • The Workday started earlier than usual
  • Waited in a long line
  • Weather conditions caused a delay
  • Woke up with a fever
  • Work deadline approaching
  • Work project taking longer than expected
  • Work equipment malfunctioned
  • Waiting for an important call
  • Waiting for a ride
  • Work shift extended unexpectedly
  • Work computer malfunctioned
  • Waited for a colleague to finish work

Reason to Be Late That Starts With X:

  • X-ray appointment ran late
  • Xylophone lessons ran late
  • Xfinity internet issues
  • Xenophobic demonstration caused traffic delays
  • X-rated movie accidentally played in the background
  • X-treme weather conditions
  • Xanadu musical tickets delayed in the mail
  • Xylophone performance
  • X-mas shopping taking longer than expected
  • Xylophone rental delayed

Reason to Be Late That Starts With Y:

  • Yoga class ran late
  • Year-end report deadline approaching
  • Yielded to emergency vehicle
  • Yearbook committee meeting
  • Yesterday’s work overload spilled into today
  • Yielded to a funeral procession
  • Yellow jacket sting allergy reaction
  • Yelping dog outside caused a disturbance
  • Year-end review meeting
  • Yard work taking longer than expected

Reason to Be Late That Starts With Z:

  • Zumba class ran late
  • Zephyr winds causing delays
  • Zealot protester blocking the road
  • Zen meditation session ran late
  • Zoo visit with family ran long
  • Zero visibility due to fog
  • Zero gas in the car
  • Zipper broke on my coat
  • Zonal electricity failure
  • Zucchini bread burning in the oven
  • Zoo exhibit was overcrowded
  • Zoning committee meeting ran long
  • Zero balance in the bank account
  • Zonal parking regulations change
  • Zest allergy reaction to body wash
  • Zeroed out phone battery


Bad excuses for being late:

  1. I lost my keys again.
  2. My pet turtle ran away.
  3. I got stuck in traffic…on foot.
  4. My alarm clock didn’t go off.
  5. I had to rescue a cat.
  6. I forgot I had a job.
  7. I was abducted by aliens.
  8. I spilled coffee on my shirt.
  9. I got lost in my dreams.
  10. My car turned into a pumpkin.
  11. I had to save a spider.
  12. I was too busy playing video games.
  13. My shoes were too tight.
  14. My psychic told me to stay home.
  15. I was waiting for my horoscope.
  16. I couldn’t find matching socks.
  17. I was caught in a rainstorm.
  18. I had to finish a Netflix series.
  19. I was meditating to find myself.
  20. I had to catch a unicorn.

Excuses for being late to work:

  1. The train was delayed again.
  2. The car broke down on the highway.
  3. Had to drop off the kids.
  4. My babysitter didn’t show up.
  5. Had a doctor’s appointment.
  6. Got caught in unexpected traffic.
  7. Lost track of time at the gym.
  8. Had to take care of a sick pet.
  9. Overslept due to jet lag.
  10. The Internet was down at home.
  11. Weather caused transportation issues.
  12. Received an urgent call.
  13. Had to take care of a family emergency.
  14. Got stuck in a long line.
  15. Had to go to the bank.
  16. My shoes gave me blisters.
  17. Had to stop at a gas station.
  18. Got lost on the way.
  19. Forgot my laptop at home.
  20. Needed to take a mental health day.

Excuses for being late to school:

  1. Had a dentist’s appointment.
  2. Missed the bus.
  3. Forgot my backpack at home.
  4. Overslept due to studying.
  5. Had to take care of my younger sibling.
  6. Had a family emergency.
  7. My bike got a flat tire.
  8. Got caught in a rainstorm.
  9. Had to finish an assignment.
  10. Had to print out the project.
  11. Had to drop off school forms.
  12. Had a doctor’s appointment.
  13. Got lost on the way.
  14. My phone died so I couldn’t set an alarm.
  15. Forgot to charge the laptop.
  16. Needed to pick up school supplies.
  17. Overslept after a late-night activity.
  18. Was feeling unwell.
  19. Carpool was late.
  20. Had to wait for a ride.