50 Common Adverbs List With Meaning & Example Sentences

In this useful lesson, we’ll go through a list of 50 common adverbs, their meanings, and example sentences. This is designed for English learners at any level who want to understand and use English better.

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, giving more detail about how something happens. This lesson aims to provide clear examples to make learning easier. If you’re looking to improve your understanding of English, this lesson is for you.

Most Common Adverbs List

1. Quickly

Means: Done in a short time.

Quickly she grabbed her keys.

2. Quietly

Means: In a low sound.

He quietly closed the door.

3. Clearly

Means: Easily understood.

She spoke clearly to the class.

4. Easily

Means: Without difficulty.

He easily solved the puzzle.

5. Well

Means: In a good manner.

She sings well for her age.

6. Fast

Means: Quick in movement.

He runs fast for his team.

7. Often

Means: Frequently; many times.

She visits often during summer.

8. Never

Means: At no time.

He never misses his workouts.

9. Always

Means: At all times.

She always carries an umbrella.

10. Rarely

Means: Not often.

They rarely eat out.

11. Sometimes

Means: Now and then.

He sometimes walks to work.

12. Quickly

Means: Done in a short time.

She quickly found her phone.

13. Quietly

Means: With little noise.

He quietly entered the room.

14. Clearly

Means: Easy to understand.

She explained it clearly.

15. Easily

Means: Without difficulty.

He easily passed the test.

16. Well

Means: In a good manner.

She performs well under pressure.

17. Fast

Means: Quick in speed.

He runs fast for the team.

18. Often

Means: Many times; frequently.

She often forgets her keys.

19. Never

Means: At no time; not ever.

He never shows up late.

20. Always

Means: At all times; constantly.

She always smiles brightly.

21. Rarely

Means: Not often; seldom.

They rarely see each other.

22. Sometimes

Means: Occasionally; now and then.

He sometimes skips breakfast.

23. Quite

Means: To a significant extent.

She was quite surprised.

24. Suddenly

Means: Abruptly; without warning.

It suddenly started raining.

25. Immediately

Means: Without delay.

He immediately apologized.

26. Eventually

Means: In the end; finally.

She eventually arrived.

27. Finally

Means: After a long wait.

He finally understood.

28. Lately

Means: Recently; not long ago.

She’s been tired lately.

29. Currently

Means: At the present time.

He’s currently studying.

30. Previously

Means: Before the present time.

She had previously called.

31. Specifically

Means: For a particular reason.

He asked specifically for you.

32. Generally

Means: Usually; in most cases.

It’s generally quite warm.

33. Naturally

Means: As you would expect.

She naturally excels.

34. Seriously

Means: In a sincere manner.

He took the news seriously.

35. Totally

Means: Entirely; completely.

She was totally amazed.

36. Absolutely

Means: With no qualification.

He agreed absolutely.

37. Completely

Means: To the full extent.

She was completely unaware.

38. Utterly

Means: Completely and without qualification.

He was utterly defeated.

39. Particularly

Means: To a higher degree than usual.

She was particularly careful.

40. Especially

Means: To a great extent; very much.

He’s especially talented.

41. Significantly

Means: In an important or noticeable way.

The costs have risen significantly.

42. Remarkably

Means: In a way that is worthy of attention.

She recovered remarkably fast.

43. Widely

Means: Over a large area or range.

His work is widely respected.

44. Greatly

Means: To a large extent.

She greatly appreciated the help.

45. Deeply

Means: To a great depth.

He was deeply moved.

46. Closely

Means: In close proximity.

They work closely together.

47. Directly

Means: Without intermediaries.

She reported directly to him.

48. Eagerly

Means: With keen interest.

She eagerly awaited the news.

49. Gently

Means: With a soft or mild manner.

He gently closed the door.

50. Rarely

Means: Not often; seldom.

They rarely argue.

50 Common Adverbs

50 most common adverbs of manner

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