5-Year-Old Vocabulary List (50 Basic Words)

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5-Year-Old Vocabulary List (50 Basic Words)

vocabulary for 5 years old A five-year old’s vocabulary list is a fascinating thing. Just by browsing through a few, you can see how their brain works and what they’re focusing on. Of course, it’s also hilarious to see some of the words they’ve picked up! Here are just a few of the more interesting ones we found.

List of Vocabulary for 5-Year-Old

1) Bag

This is my bag.

2) School.

My sister is in school.

3) Car

My car is red.

4) Bed

I have a bed.

5) Table

I put my toy on the table.

6) Baby

A baby is in the house.

7) Cat

I see a cat.

8) Dog

I see a dog.

9) Hat

I wear a hat.

10) Ball

I play with a ball.

11) House

This is my house.

12) Mom

My mom is in the house.

13) Dad

My dad is in the house.

14) Toothbrush

I brush my teeth with a toothbrush.

15) Sink

I wash my hands in the sink.

16) Mirror

I look in the mirror.

17) TV

I watch TV.

18) Book

I read a book.

19) Phone

I talk on the phone.

20) Door

I open the door.

21) Window

I can see out of the window.

22) Pencil

I write with a pencil.

23) Paper

I draw on paper.

24) Boy

A boy is in the house.

25) Girl

A girl is in the house.

26) Man

A man is in the house.

27) Woman

A woman is in the house.

28) Apple

I eat an apple.

29) Balloons

I see balloons.

30) Boat

I see a boat.

31) Bus

I see a bus.

32) Car

I see a car.

33) Dog

I see a dog.

34) Hat

I see a hat.

35) House

I see a house.

36) Man

I see a man.

37) Woman

I see a woman.

38) Money

I have money.

39) Pen

I have a pen.

40) Plate

I eat from a plate.

41) School

I go to school.

42) Table

I see a table.

43) TV

I see a TV.

44) Vase

I see a vase.

45) Window

I see a window.

46) Yo-Yo

I play with a yo-yo.

47) Zoo

I go to the zoo.

48) Cat

I see a cat.

49) Dog

I see a dog.

50) Hat

I see a hat.

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