20 Flowers names with Pictures, Flower names list

20 Flowers names with Pictures, Flower names list

20 Flowers names with Pictures

Flowers are beautiful, no matter what their name is. Here are 20 of the most popular flower names and their meanings.

Rose 20 flowers names

Rose: A rose means love and appreciation.

Lily 20 flowers names

Lily: A lily means innocence, purity, and new beginnings.

Daisy 20 flowers names

Daisy: A daisy means innocence and simplicity.

Orchid 20 flowers names

Orchid: An orchid means love, beauty, and luxury.

Chrysanthemum 20 flowers names

Chrysanthemum: The chrysanthemum represents eternal life and rebirth.

Aster 20 flowers names

Aster: A star means hope and beauty.

Sunflower 20 flowers names

Sunflower: The sunflower represents joy, happiness, and success.

Poppy 20 flowers names

Poppy: A poppies stands for victory over death.

Carnation 20 flowers names

Carnation: The carnation means friendship and happiness.

Bouquet 20 flowers names

Bouquet: A bouquet is a symbol of love, beauty, and romance.

Rosebud 20 flowers names

Rosebud: A rose bud means sweetness and innocence.

gardenia 20 flowers names

Gardenia: The gardenia represents peace, love, and joy.

Iris 20 flowers names

Iris: The iris represents friendship and loyalty.

Lily 20 flowers names

Lily: The lily represents beauty, purity and innocence.

Daffodils 20 flowers names

Daffodils: Daffodils mean good luck and happiness.

Succulent 20 flowers names

Succulent: A succulent is a symbol of long life and prosperity.

Artichoke 20 flowers names

Artichoke: The artichoke represents endurance, hatred, and power.

Leek 20 flowers names

Leek: The leek stands for longevity, luck, strength and longevity.

Passion 20 flowers names

Passion Flower: It stands for friendship, faithfulness, strength, and fortitude.

Rosemary 20 flowers names

Rosemary: The rosemary signifies remembrance of the dead.