20 Male Dog Names With Meanings

Finding the perfect dog name for your four-legged friend can be an overwhelming task, as there are countless options to choose from! Whether you’re bringing home a new fur baby or adding a rescue pup to your family, it’s important to pick something that is not only memorable and fun but will also reflect the unique personality of your pup. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite cute dog names—from classy and sassy monikers destined for the show ring to tongue twisters so funny they’ll make you chuckle.

Whatever route you choose to go down while deciding on what name is best suited for your pooch, this comprehensive guide showcasing cute puppy male names should help steer you in the right direction. So let’s get started!

Male Dog Names

Here are 20 Most Popular Male Dog names;

  1. Tank
  2. Ira
  3. Indy
  4. Rascal
  5. Spencer
  6. Jonas
  7. Archie
  8. Harold
  9. Pogo
  10. Murray
  11. Louis
  12. Huck
  13. Stanley
  14. Stuart
  15. Barry
  16. Cedric
  17. Corky
  18. Rex
  19. Ranger
  20. Socks

Male Dog names With meanings

Here are 20 Most Popular Male Dog names with meanings;

  1. Tank – A strong, sturdy dog that can bulldoze its way through obstacles
  2. Ira – A loyal dog that protects its family and home
  3. Indy – A quick and agile dog that loves to explore and go on adventures
  4. Rascal – A mischievous and playful dog that loves to have fun
  5. Spencer – A regal and sophisticated dog that exudes elegance and poise
  6. Jonas – A brave and faithful dog that will always stand by its owner’s side
  7. Archie – A friendly and affectionate dog that loves to cuddle and be loved
  8. Harold – A wise and seasoned dog that has seen it all and has a lot to teach
  9. Pogo – A bouncy and energetic dog that loves to jump and play
  10. Murray – A steady and reliable dog that is always there when you need him
  11. Louis – A refined and dignified dog that carries himself with grace and class
  12. Huck – A free-spirited dog that loves to roam and explore
  13. Stanley – A loyal and devoted dog that will always be by your side
  14. Stuart – A clever and intelligent dog that is quick to learn and eager to please
  15. Barry – A strong and determined dog that is always up for a challenge
  16. Cedric – A noble and dignified dog that commands respect and admiration
  17. Corky – A spunky and lively dog that is full of energy and enthusiasm
  18. Rex – A fierce and powerful dog that is the king of his domain
  19. Ranger – A brave and adventurous dog that loves to explore the great outdoors
  20. Socks – A playful and fun-loving dog that loves to chase and play with toys.

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